My Top 10 Best Thrift Finds of All Time!

My Top 10 Best Thrift Finds of All Time!

Hey everybody, it is qcknd and welcome back to my channel welcome to the first video of 2020 I’m a little giddy. I have not been in front of the camera for like two weeks So a lot of people are getting into their new year’s resolutions And I thought it would be appropriate if I made a video about my top ten Thrifted items that I have found over the years. I know that there’s a lot of resolutions out there It was to shop less fast fashion if it is to reduce reuse recycle if it is So I wanted to cover a variety of topics and Potentially resolutions in this video and just show you some of the pieces I have loved in my wardrobe Some of these items are over 10 years old and it really just goes to show that if you find a timeless Amazing great quality piece second hand it can stay with you for a lifetime I get a lot of questions about some of the pieces in my wardrobe and trust me I will be covering them do not worry I’ll talk about the jacket So hang out with me today and I will show you my top 10 thrifted items. I have ever found that I love So narrowing this down to ten items was pretty tough so I will be throwing in some honorable mentions in this video like This dress that I thrifted to see joanna newsom in I love this dress. I think it is so so so perfect so Where do I even start I have to tell you? I was really shy to get in front of the camera taking in two week break for a winter was super awesome except I took a week off of Instagram and Like lost 400 followers like immediately. So if you’re not following me on Instagram Definitely show your support by checking out my page where I will post Some of these pictures as well if you want to check them out and maybe you were Unsubscribed because I was inactive. I don’t know how it works, but I was just like I Knew this would happen and then it did so jumping in. I been here for a while I think you’re going to personally be familiar with a lot of these pieces So it might you know stir up some memories for you some good feelings, but maybe answer some questions as well And the first piece I want to show is this turtleneck this is a very unique turtleneck that I got thrifting in West Philadelphia and It is this short Turtleneck and I maybe this is a mock neck. I’ve never sat down and googled the difference although I could have easily and could still but if this is what I believe to be a mock neck if it’s just like this and it Is this very unique color this color? It’s coming up true on the camera. It’s like this almost green almost mustard color and The sleeves just have like a little bit of detail to them and they have this great it has this braided detail Down the middle. I Have had this piece I would say for at least five to six years and every winter I cannot wait to wear it. The tag says annex casual I love the juxtaposition between me being this person and this turtleneck being like Professional and tidy and I when I wear them together I feel like it just is a statement and I think I originally paid like eight dollars for it and it is one of the like best finds I have ever ever found and Every year I wear this and bring it back. I love the color. It’s so unique and just I couldn’t believe I found this So this next find has been in my wardrobe for so many years, I think maybe I got these back in like 2010 I think that sounds right. I was thrifting with my grandmom and she paid for these items So it has to be at a time where I had I didn’t even have $10 as we do I went home for summer told my grandma I don’t have any shorts and she took me to a thrift store for like maybe seniors or I was shopping in the senior section and I found these shorts, I have had these shorts for at least 10 years and Every year I love them. I have never thought about giving these up. I have never thought about selling them I just they’re perfect. I’ve always had these three colors and what’s so amazing about these shorts Is they are American Apparel So these are American Apparel size large and when I bought them ten years ago I was worried that I wasn’t a size large and luckily I’ve aged into them But no matter what they’ve been so amazing. They are this like denim texture but they have this elastic waist and I’m really just like these have been such a staple in my closet for the last ten years I really can’t imagine life without them so I think whoever donated them maybe they were cleaning out their like seen daughter’s closet when she went away to college and Whoever at the thrift store was like oh these are bloomers I think they were like $2 each I remember my grandma gave me a 1000 we went to the third store and I got all three of these the pink is so amazing if you ever wanted to find these on deep hop, or second-hand these American Apparel like denim shorts are Perfect. Amazing. I know there’s this new American Apparel on Instagram like la Apparel can anyone in the comments talk about it? Cuz I Used to love American Apparel. Just absolutely and these Biggest like one of the biggest thrift finds I had ever found all three of them together all the same size all very like just beautiful So the next thing I’m going to talk about are these shoes? these shoes are quite amazing and I always get compliments or questions about them when I show them online and these I thrifted in West Philly and they are just these little I’m I want to say real leather Sandals with a tiny little heel and an elastic back strap I love the like mule shoes trend but I need a strap in the back. I don’t know. I just really need it I love that. This has a little elastic back and it is like the perfect brown shoe I’ve had these for again like five or six years. I believe I got these in beauty school. So maybe 2015 and These are just so perfect. They are perfect for my shoe size which is a five a six and Really? I’ve just never found anything else like these they’re perfect because in the summer just with like even this dress now they just add that like Grounding like natural tone to your your outfit. I love a brown shoe It’s like it’s always guarantee. I love a natural tone and These being real leather and getting them secondhand was nice and I know that they’re going to last forever The elastic like isn’t as stretchy as like always I think in this shoe particularly but Really? I love them so much so much of the shoe is covered that I don’t depend on the elastic But I love these they are such an awesome Spring fall. I’ve worn these with socks and they just like go crazy So to quickly talk about accessories as like one thing I have this belt and I love this belt This is a blue braided belt where? the Part of the belt can go through any Like any part of the belt belt belt and I got this affiliates thrift in Philadelphia when I was working on my stranger things lookbook 2015 right and I got this because I felt like it was 80s inspired and I believe I wore this for Nancy’s look But since I’ve loved this belt This is the belt. I use I was not a belt person before this belt and now I use it for everything I style everything with this belt. I guess this is vintage. I don’t know the tag is like But I love this piece so much like there are so many times where I want to say I’ve never found anything good at Philly Ames thrift, but then I think of this belt and I’d like can’t live without it Next and quickly. This is my luggage So you probably you know, haven’t seen this because one I’m not a jet centre by any means This has been my luggage if I travel I this is what I use for Joanna Newsom tour when I go to Pittsburgh This is my like if I’m going to go in an airplane, this is my luggage bag I mean, I love it. It kind of just like has everything You know The text inside is in Japanese and I found this at a thrift store while I was still in high school But I was scared to use it as my backpack but realize that I had like found something really unique and special So I held onto this and as I got older If I travel if I’m doing like a photo shoot or something like that Like I’ve been to something that’s bigger than a backpack or like needs to be sturdier than a backpack because it has these feet I feel like I can fold clothes nicely and laying this is my Suitcase, but I don’t go anywhere so it works for me next I wanted to mention this shirt and it is because I I don’t wear it anymore But I used to wear it like a uniform I used to wear it every every every single day and I’m mentioning it in this video because I love thrifting graphic t-shirts I love thrifting band t-shirts. I love thrifting anime t-shirts. I wanted to mention this because one Thrifting can be like a lucrative enterprise if you believe in it to be that way This is a piece in my wardrobe that Actually turned to be worth a lot of money and it is this Viva Hate Morrissey t-shirt So, like I said, I don’t wear this anymore Last I checked on eBay this shirt is worth $800 and Lucky for me. I didn’t cut the sleeves off or like poke holes in it or anything like that My other Morrissey shirts that I have that are vintage I cut the sleeves off for a video or they got a hole in them and I made it bigger Some shirts like this if they’re original if they are hard to find Okay are worth a lot of money. So this is a shirt. I just wanted to mention in this video because Even if it’s something I don’t wear anymore the shirt that I thrifted that is now worth $800 should be in my top 10 video because of the value and you know, I at one point love this shirt, so 7 I believe number 7 is this Shirt, I love this shirt, and I cannot deny it I have actively worn this shirt for the last 10 years. I got this shirt 2010 I believe um, and it is this white School uniform button-up shirt you guys might recognize this if not, I can tell you I wear this all the time as Recently as my Robert Smith Halloween costume this was the shirt. This was my shirt Um, when I wore that Maude dress, I wore it underneath and it is a school uniform shirt That I got in Boston So I bought this in Boston thrifting in other states or other places is always really fun It’s affordable. It’s unique to the area. I think thrifting in other places You can find something that might not necessarily reflect the region that you’re from or the weather where you’re from or even just like, you know, the old thing if you Thrift in the suburbs or in a rich area you might find something nicer I’ve had friends who made like full-time careers out of like driving up to Vermont and just thrifting like all l.l.bean stuff, but I digress I got this in Boston and it was quite a weekend, but I’m so Thankful That I got away with this shirt. This is so so so cool. This shirt has held up like I said for the last 10 years and I actively wear it because it is some unique with the like Scalloped collar. I think that’s super fun. But it is just like a great white t-shirt I bring this out all the time. I dress it up. I dress it down and make it Punk. I make it mud It’s just like such a sick staple and it has been with me for so long and I you know bought it freely two dollars Next you probably know this iconic flannel This was my uniform forever as well and it is this scratchy Wool petal ttan flannel over jacket And this is thrifted in Philadelphia This was given to me because it was wool and it shrunk So I wear it and it used to be much bigger on me. Of course. This is a dryclean only piece and I Don’t I’ve never done that. So yeah, this gets washed with my laundry has a little cousins collective pin on it But I I love this. I love this Jacket so much. I wear it as a top layer I’ll wear it as like an inner layer to like keep the heat in and I never thought I would wear like a scratchy Wolf like jacket with any sort of gusto, but I love this piece. I’ve lent it to friends I’ve just like I’ve had it for so many years and it’s just like such a staple in my wardrobe There it says dryclean only it’s not happening. I love this piece It has been with me for years and years and years and years and for me is timeless I love a red plaid and it has that high function that it is wool, and I’m Appreciating it and giving it is true proper life in Philadelphia it is here for every cold winter and like I said, I Without a doubt wear this to the maximum and it has been so nice. I think I’ve had this since 2014 and One so if that wasn’t eight I’m just gonna say that was number eight because number nine is actually this dress right here I haven’t had this for many years. I thrifted this to see John Mulaney his stand-up special in Allentown Pennsylvania, and it is this beautiful blue silk dress The tag says a hundred percent silk and I did buy this from a consignment shop So I did pay like market value for this so maybe like 30 40 dollars but I can’t imagine like At one point the full price of this garment may have been a hundred dollars, you know But a hundred percent silk its size 16, so it might be four But I find the most success with clothes that fit my body shape in thrifting traditional shopping I mean things are more narrowed down because you can kind of gauge what your size might be in Different brands and stores in thrifting I’m always surprised that I can find something. That is highly Flattering to my body type like the dress that I got for Thanksgiving fit Amazingly like I couldn’t search online for something like that. It’s something you have to Find and when you find it, it just makes sense. So this dress has a tie in the back that gives waist and It doesn’t have a very deep neckline So if you don’t really need the cleavage So this dress when I found it just fit me and it was amazing I do pull it out for special occasions because I think it’s very beautiful You might notice right now. It’s kind of wrinkled. I don’t want to mess with it unless I need to wear it because I know that this is a very Important piece and I do not want to mess it up at all I believe I steamed it once and I can kind of see where my first Steamed market is like over here never again. I’ll spruce it up when I’m about to wear it. So excuse-excuse the link a Wrinkle nosov it but this dress is so absolutely beautiful. I can start crying I turned hands at John Mulaney I wore this for Christmas party. It’s really nice to have that dress and it is a thinner fabric So I think this spring I can really bust it out But for the winter party, I dressed it up with like a fur jacket and it’s just a timeless It’s blue. It really just fits amazingly in thrifting Particularly, I have found things that just absolutely fit My shape I feel like looks good in a button-down but my attitude is like large smelly t-shirt Finally before we get into my favorite thrift fun or like number 10 Where I guess reverse number one I do want to give some honorable mention to some of my pieces in my wardrobe. I love Thrifting I love some of these pieces and you know, some of these things I’ve had for years and years I have literally put out a bunch of pieces on the floor that I knew I wanted to mention and then I just mentioned like something else like I Really wanted to mention this like American Apparel skirt this like what is it even made of this like Silky like this this sound help you Identify this material this skirt ice rifted this and it has a cigarette burn in it. I have to find it I love it has this like cigarette burn in it, and I predicted this for like $8, but it it’s beautiful I love the fit it fits right high-waisted and the length is just perfect for Someone with some extra cake who wants coverage and look at it look Circle skirts circle skirts became popular which are flattering for my fit, but I had this like two or three years before circle skirts really came into Fashion and like I couldn’t give this up for the life of me when I started my deep up a few years ago I was like this one’s worth money and I was like no Stars keep it if you are interested in starting thrifting or starting to reduce your waist or become zero waste or Shop less fast fashion or no fast fashion or no buy. I hope that you enjoyed this video This is the framework for a no buy lifestyle If you buy these great pieces if you know what shape flatters you or you know? If you have these pieces these nice brown shoes this nice blue belt. You really can just go on forever. So challenged me to a capsule wardrobe video if you please I Want to make more fashion videos this year It’s something I have a passion for passion Um, it’s something that I am interested in but I’m more of a hobbyist, but also I have to wear clothes every day Finally, it’s here this jacket So this jacket I thrifted a couple years ago in a village thrift in Camden New Jersey and It is just one of the most beautiful and unique and interesting pieces I have ever thrifted and I thrifted it on a whim almost but then this jacket is just so Amazing. So this is a blue This is not denim quilted print Blue jacket with a quarterly collar and the inside of the jacket shows this like man Hunting with this horse, and he has like a hunting dog Sometimes he’s He’s with all of his dogs You know, I don’t know if this is a reversible jacket. I like have never considered that honestly because It seems like it would go crazy, but now that I’m looking at it Why why not? So this jacket? This is a Tallmadge jacket that I thrifted and I believe I thrifted it Out of season or like end of season because I think it was like 16 dollars. I Have never shopped at Talbots. I don’t know if just like a nice Upper-middle class woman had donated in her closet or what have you but this jacket was brand-new not worn I’ve never shopped the Talbots before but I think that I would thoroughly enjoy it because I love this piece It has these pockets which are currently full of tissue. So one moment, please they are the only pocket on the jacket there’s not like another little But the thing about these pockets is they actually go like – all the way to the seam so they are kind of deep and they have this corner oi trim and Nothing is like cheaped out like everything is like higher-end, etc. Etc. I don’t know what to expect from Talbots I always kind of thought it was like similar to the gap, you know in style and quality and customer base But I don’t know. I’ve never been there if your mom works there, please Let me know and hook me up with a discount but if their clothes are that high quality, you know, it’s amazing like no detail of this jacket is like Unthought-of but this jacket is also my winter jacket. It’s not very long. Um, Sometimes I like a little bootie coverage For those cold cold nights, but it even has these like snaps on the side I thought my camera was turned off and I was just gushing about my jacket this whole time, but I quite love this jacket I get compliments on it every single year. It’s a really nice timeless piece and the pockets are good enough for me My phone doesn’t fit in them. But like, you know, that’s pretty normal and I like I don’t know the story of this jacket. It doesn’t have a rent like a ring So I don’t even know it wasn’t supposed to be a jacket. Is it just like some I don’t know the two weeks between fall and winter where it’s chilly kind of jacket, but I love this piece and I will love it forever and I really just found it completely on accident and it just goes off and I love it so much So if you’ve always been wearing wondering about this jacket, let me know. If I am I reversing this bad boy I’d have to take the tag out that has been my top 10 thrifted pieces that I have ever purchased in my Entire life that I still own. I have a flap skirt from like high school that I Lost and I wish I had it with me, but regardless That’s just how thrifting and collecting clothes can be sometimes if you would like to see more fashion oriented videos from me Definitely leave your suggestions in the comments below I would love to see them and definitely please leave a like on this video. I’ve shaved my legs for it You know, that doesn’t earn a heart. What else does let me know what you thought and what your favorite thrifted pieces are I love a good thrift story. I could tell mine clearly for hours. I will have to cut a lot out in this video I filled an entire memory card, but thank you guys So so so much happy new year and if this aligns with any of your goals, I’m so happy to share my story with you Again, don’t forget to hit subscribe and follow me over on Instagram. It would really help me out because Four hundred people were like she hasn’t posted in three days. I gotta go. I’m gonna get so much and until next time. Bye

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