Motorcycle Gear Store: Wolf Tec Tour Suit Review

Motorcycle Gear Store: Wolf Tec Tour Suit Review

I need to go for a ride. My boots have holes in them. It’s going to get very wet. It’s November. It’s Cold. It’s Wet. I’ve got about a thousand miles to ride today. Let’s go! Morning folks. It is twenty to three in the morning. And I’m on the road. I’ve got to fire up to Scotland for my mate Chutney’s surprise 40th birthday party. So I thought i would tie in trip to Glasgow to see my son Ellis and my brother from another mother, Webby. And while I was doing it I thought, well I’ve been meaning to do a review of this Wolf ‘Tech-Tour’ suit for ages. I’ve had it since, May I think I got it. But I wanted to do a really good comprehensive review on it, I wanted to test it in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I’ve pretty much done that now, Winter’s the final one. Bearing in mind it’s supposed to be down to about -5 in places So I left at twenty past 2 this morning I want to try and get to John’O’Groats We’ll see how we do. Well, I am 230 miles into the trip. It’s got down to 2 degrees I was falling asleep on the bike, I was so excited last night about the prospect of going on a long trip I couldn’t sleep. So I got up about a half twelve. Then by about four o’clock, I was so tired I was falling asleep I had to stop at services and i ended up crashing out and falling asleep for an hour and a half at a Costa’s! So I’m now back on the road I’m a couple hours behind schedule I don’t think I’m going to be able to get to John’O’Groats at this rate ’cause I’ve got to get back to Glasgow by sort of six o’clock But, I’ll see. My feet are absolutely frozen. But that’s go nothing to do with the suit and everything to do with my holey boots! But ah well let’s hit the road It’s actually getting a little bit warmer now. It’s popped back up to five My feet are like blocks of ice. I cannot wait to get my new boots. These Sidi’s have been great, but they’ve done well over a hundred thousand miles over the last couple years These are the boots are got to do my around the world trip, and I went through one set in about 80,000 miles, but i was wearing them every single day. This second set, that’s probably done a bit more, about 120 thousand I think now, but I’ve worn holes through the soles and in the toes. They were great, they are the sort of top-of-the-range Sidi Goretex ones, sort of £300 things. Brilliant boots but they’ve had their day now I’m afraid. So when I was at the bike show, my lovely wife said she get me a set of boots for Christmas, and I saw a lovely pair of Daytonas, but I’m not allowed them until Xmas. So, I’m wearing my holey boots, got my feet in carrier bags, but they are like blocks of ice! Down the outer arms here, that’s what I’m feeling the cold in the suit, that’s about the only place actually. And, to be fair, I only have a Halverssons base layer and a t-shirt on underneath. Considering I’m riding at motorways speeds, at two degrees during the night, I’d say it’s done not too bad! Blimey, salt spreading, that’s going to eat my bike! Oh yeah, you can feel the temperature dropped there. It’s gone down to three degrees! Look! One degree You see? My feet The rest isn’t too bad, I’ve got to say. I tell you what, these Urbano muffs, Wow what a difference they make! I’ve actually had to turn the heated grips down because they’re too hot and every now and then I have to switch them off completely! Yes ladies and gentlemen that is snow Wow, up in the lake district now. Nearly in God’s Country. It’s -1! BRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr I can’t really feel my feet anymore. Who’s idea was this?! just as minus 2 It is -2. Good God! -4 bloody hell, can it get any colder?! Owwwwwww my feet! Everything else is not too bad. My hands are toasty warm. I could probably get away with no gloves to be… I wouldn’t ever not wear gloves, but with these muffs you could probably get away with none. Suit wise, yep everything else is bearable It’s cold but like I said I’ve only got a base layer and a t-shirt on underneath this and a pair of pants! The only issue with the suit, is the waterproof-ness… is that a word? It’s the waterproofing. It’s not a 100% waterproof as we discussed, but then for this amount of money, it’s not bad. It’s 3/4 of the way there. Oh God my feet! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet but my feet are freezing! Nearly in God’s country Gretna Green. Which means we must be in Scotland. Just got to check my bags. Isn’t this typical! I come all this way. I do like 600 miles, ha ha ha… And it’s foggy! I’m afraid the rain killed my mic there folks So here’s a wee montage as we arrive to the top of Loch Lomond. Enjoy! Pretty special eh? Right I’m going to try and grab a bowl of soup and we’ll have a chat about the suit. Are you enjoying it? Right bloody hell! The things I do for you. I’ve got the slidy’est boots in the world. How in the hell am I going to do this? Oh Jesus Christ! It’s like walking on ice with these things! Right. Wow, now this is all right isn’t it! This was worth it. Look at that Ok so the Wolf ‘Tech-Tour’ Suit. What do we think? Well it’s priced at about £250, £250 for the trousers and similar for their jacket, I think it’s a little bit more for the jacket. So you’re talking around the £550-£600 mark, that’s going to get you a fairly decent i would say mid spec mid to upper spec textile suit. It’s not a 100% waterproof it does let water in, you’ve probably up to about an hour of heavy, heavy rain. After that it gets in. The trouser waterproof lining that split, the cut of these is quite tight around my calves and around my thighs. Hence when I’m trying to throw my leg over the bike it popped the crotch and then that lets water in unfortunately. Other things, let me try and show you… Right, if you look down here, these parts here, draw by Now these velcro off and back on again. That’s obviously to give the fit, obviously to give the shape, Ooooh like that… It’s to give a nice shape to the jacket, which it does do but when you’re a bit of a lardy lump like me, when you’re on the bike that sits right around your gut and it’s quite annoying to be honest. I thought the zip quality was pretty poor when i first got it and I thought they would go quite quickly but I’ve had the jacket six seven months now wearing it pretty much every single day and have not gone yet. So pleasantly surprised there, I take that back zip seem to be well up to the the job. There’s loads of ventilation I wore the jacket in Spain with temperatures almost hitting 40 degrees, it’s hot when you’re stationary but as soon as you start moving with the vents open and things like that, there’s plenty of air gets round. So it does a real good job of ventilating. It’s warm. I have a very thin underlayer with a t-shirt on underneath this and a pair of boxer shorts. I was feeling the cold but it was -5. and I’ve been on the bike since two o’clock this morning, I’ve done a good 9 hours, 10 hours in the saddle today. So i would say I was quite happy with the warmth provided by the jacket anything else I’d say that’s about it all in really good versatile mid to upper range jacket for a cracking price. Wolf you’ve done a good job there. Spot on. Now it’s time for the pub. OK folks I hope you’ve enjoyed this week remember to subscribe, wherever it is? I think it’s up that way?! Remember to subscribe, follow us on Facebook, Twitter @teapotone Instagram TeapotOneInsta and keep your Q&A’s coming. Contact me on any of those platforms, send in your Q’s, questions, and I’ll get them answered. Live your Life

20 thoughts on “Motorcycle Gear Store: Wolf Tec Tour Suit Review

  1. I haven't summoned the stamina to blat up to Scotland on my bike yet, but I really want too (your RTW experience obviously has stood you in good stead for these long days in the saddle).  Did you do the A1 or M1/M6??  Might have to brave this whilst I'm not working and have the time….what was the total saddle time??  Loved the video, looked amazeballs up there…

  2. lol, funny as always Bruce. I'll be back on mine next week. Won't be like it is up there yeah its getting chilly. Good luck with the Channel mate! (Otto).

  3. Hi there, I noticed you use fitted ear plugs/phones. I've been looking for something with better noise isolation than normal earbuds with silicone or foam tips when using a communicator. Any recommendations? Cheers.

  4. Hiya I'm just wondering if you had any issues with doing the zip all the way up on the jacket and getting the velcro to stick together? It just doesn't seem to happen for me!! I'm short in stature, but stocky in build so went for the XL Jacket and the neck circumference just doesn't seem big enough…. might have to take a trip to the tailors!!

  5. I just found your channel and you've got some awesome videos!

    I've got to ask, if you've got a proper touring bike, why'd you go all those miles on the Gixxer?

  6. Shap fell in winter not fun. I remember going over there many years ago in the snow on a honda 250 RS. Had a belstaff wax cotton suite very evry cold

  7. Good vid as usual! I always try to buy British when possible looks ok I’ll check it out. Don’t know why British companies don’t seem to push the fact that they are British, Cheers Bruce

  8. I've had my Wolf jacket & trousers getting on 4yrs now. The fit can be a bit hit and miss, jacket had to be returned for the next size up. As you said in the video not great in persistent rain, but a set of lightweight waterproofs deal with that issue. Ventilation is great in the summer.
    Value for money a great bit of kit.

  9. Buy some Rukka gear mate. I bought mine 3 years ago (cosmic pants and jacket) and waterproof gloves. When I bought it, they told me 'if you ever get wet wearing this gear any time in the next 5 years send it back to us as it is broken'. I have ridden 6 hours in pouring rain and didn't get the least bit wet. I also like their gloves too. They are garenteed waterproof for 2 years. Mine are now 3 years old and still waterproof…… out standing gear. You will probably have to sell a kidney on the black market to afford it, but its well worth the money

  10. Hi Bruce great review on the Wolf Tech tour suit. I purchased the same suit a few weeks back and agree with your comments. It’s a great mid range suit which fits snug so went for a size up ( I have 3XL bottoms and 4XL Jacket). I did try the Rukka range but,just couldn’t stretch the budget to over a grand for the jacket alone. I have just subscribed to your great channel and love the videos. I currently ride an oldish Tiger 955i which does for me. Thanks Adrian.

  11. Hey Bruce,, Couple of years down the line maybe but how did the Wolf jacket fair up,,Prices have come down so im considering a purchase of one.

  12. You the only other person Ive seen putting the milk in first. Personally I think it taste nicer that way…not as watery if that makes sense lol. Great video much appreciated, ps my wife's now decided to do a CBT stating she wants a bike as I don't take her out on mine enough! 😂

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