Most YO-KAI Watch Toys on YouTube + Real Life Whisper! ✳ TottyChoCho

Most YO-KAI Watch Toys on YouTube + Real Life Whisper!  ✳ TottyChoCho

Hi my name is Sammy from TottyChoCho and today we are checking out the most Yo-Kai stuff in the world! Where’s all my Yo-Kai toys,
all I see is this grey ball… Let’s open up this ball and see what happens! What’s up Sammy? I’m Whisper. I’m here to help you open your Yo-Kai toys. But where are they? Where are they? You can’t see them? Of course you can’t see them,
not without THIS. It’s a Yo-Kai watch. It enables you to see Yo-Kai toys
if you put it on. Press the button and point it at the toys. Yea, it’s a Yo-Kai Watch! That’s right, go ahead and unbox it! Don’t be afraid. Check it out, it’s a Yo-Kai Watch. Whisper, why is the watch so big? Never mind why it’s so big… One size fits all! Now Sammy, press the button and point it in
front of you. Do you see the Yo-Kai toys? Yes I do! Awesome. Let’s unbox them! This is Tattletell. Medal Moments collectable figures. Unbox it. Now that’s the figure called Tattletell,
let’s see what the medal says. Let’s check out Komasan. Put the medal in the watch, let’s hear it! Now let’s check out Jibanyan! Yea pop Oh it’s me, it’s Whisper! Let’s check out how cool I am. Why don’t you pop that open and put my medal
in your watch. I guarantee my medal’s going to be awesome. That’s it, you can do it. You should be an unboxing expert by now. Don’t forget to click the LIKE button, and
SUBSCRIBE! This is Noko. Let’s free him from his eternal container
and check out his cool medal. You’re doing a great job Sammy. That watch looks really awesome on you. I think when you go to Grade 1, your teacher
will really appreciate it! Noko! Noko Noko Noko! Here is all the medal moments collectable
figures. You can fit the medals onto the figures to
hold them. They should have one from every tribe! but
they don’t. This poster comes with the watch too, you
can hang it onto your wall. Here is a converting figure. Komasan changes to Businessman. I’m going to put the Yo-Kai medal in. This is Komasan converting figure. How do you make him become a businessman? Which do you prefer, Komasan, or Businessman? Komasan… me too. Would you like to see another converting figure? check it out Sammy! Jibanyan changes to Baddinyan. I want to put his medal in. This is Jibanyan converted to Baddinyan, I’m
going to convert him back to Jibanyan. Should we check out some more toys Sammy? These are called Yo-Kai Watch Dog Tags. We opened up all the dog tags
and this is what’s in them This is Blazion, Tattletell and Whisper. These are the three stickers, and three tattoos,
and they came with each dog tag. This is the front of the card, this is the
back of the cards and it shows you that you can collect all the dog tags. This is my favourite – Blazion. What’s your faourite dog tag, Blazion, Tattletell
or Whisper. Tell us in the comments below. Yo-Kai Medallium Collection Book. We should open this. Yes, we will need this. It comes with an exclusive medal of course. We opened up everything
and put it in the book. Here it is. There are eight Yo-Kai tribes, this shows
you the eight types here. There is Slippery, Brave, and Mysterious. There’s Tough, Charming, and Heartfull. Shady, and Eerie. You can tell because the symbols are here
in the medals. These pages are for holding the medals. 44 medals in series 1 bags. Here are the Yo-Kai stickers, and it has another
Human Faced Dog – the HFD. Where is the Human Faced Dog? Right here, his name is Dan Doodle. Here is the medal it came with and now i’m
going to put it into my Yo-Kai Watch (Kyubi). These are extra Yo-Kai Watch pages and it
comes with an exclusive Beetall medal and I’m going to put it in the Yo-Kai Watch Are you ready to check out more Yo-Kai stuff Sammy? Whisper I’m thirsty. You’re thirsty? No problem, check this out, it’s a Yo-Kai
water bottle, now take a drink. This is going to be cool for school. This is a Yo-Kai Watch Pad and it’s only available
from Toys R Us. It comes with a Whisper Medal Moments and
another exclusive medal. It comes with 15 medals too. “Hi I am Whisper, at your service.” Let’s put the Whisper medal in and see if
it’s any different. No, it’s the same. This is how this Medal Moments figure looks. This is the Yo-Kai Pad. It’s the same one that Whisper holds. This is how you open it, you press the button
and you open the Medal Pad. This can hold 40 Medals here. All we have left areis these blind bags. That’s right and if you would like to see
us open these blind bags, check out our next Yo-Kai episode, we’re going to open up these
blind bags and much more! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to LIKE
and SUBSCRIBE. We’ll see you soon. Thanks for watching, kids. Bye Bye.

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