MOST DANGEROUS Spiders In The World – TOP 10

MOST DANGEROUS Spiders In The World – TOP 10

The worlds most dangerous spiders
They are scary, sometimes pretty, small but pack a big bite. 10: Hobo Spider
The hobo spider, more commonly referred to as the aggressive house spider is on this
list based on a toxicology study on rabbits where necrosis type lesions appeared on them
after being bitten. This study proposes that in some parts of
the U.S. Most bites attributed to the brown recluse
spider are in fact a hobo spider’s bite. While arachnologists continue to debate whether
or not the hobo spider bite actually causes necrosis, the CDC cites the study to say that
it does. While the hobo spider bites are not known
to be fatal to healthy humans, the wound can take months to heal 09: Mouse Spider
There are 17 known species of mouse spiders with all but one found living in Australia. This spider gets its name from an old legend
that the spiders would dig deep burrows like a mouse. The female mouse spider is all black, with
male spiders having species specific colouration. The male eastern mouse spider has a blue patch
and the male red-headed mouse spider has is brown or blue black in color with bright red
jaws. This spider is on the list because its bite
produces serious symptoms much like the Australian Funnel spider. There is some good news though. While the mouse spider bite can be serious,
most don’t require the use of antivenom or induce serious symptoms. In fact, the mouse spiders isn’t very aggressive
towards human and may often give what is referred to as dry bites where no venom is injected
at all. 08: Yellow Sac Spider
The yellow Sac Spider also known as the black-footed spider is a relatively small spider about
� inch long. They are usually a pale beige or yellowish
color. While they usually feed on other spiders and
your usually suspects of garden insects, they are attracted to the smell of gasoline, so
be careful when reaching for that gas can in the garage. These spiders are quite common in North America
have very jaws and the fangs can penetrate human skin very easily. While there are no records of a yellow sac
spider bite being fatal, their venom is purportedly a necrotic which means it kills living tissue
and could cause a skin lesion. This could lead to a MRSA infection which
is an antiboitic resistant staph infection while not often fatal become extremely difficult
to treat. 07: Fringed ornamental Tarantula
The fringed ornamental tarantula can be found living communally in the holes of trees in
Sri Lanka. They subsist mainly on flying insects which
they paralyze with their venom. While there are no recorded deaths from any
tarantula bite, the fringed ornamental tarantula’ is considered to have a medically significant
bite with reports from spider handlers stating that the venom caused intense pain and extreme
muscle cramping. This species of spiders also moves very rapidly
and because of its potential speed and venom they are not recommended as a beginners tarantula. 06 Brown Widow Spider
The Brown Widow S pider is a cousin of the Black Widow and Red Back Spider. The brown widow is usually lighter than the
black widow, but may come in a variety of colors from tan, to grey to black. The brown widow’s hourglass marking is usually
a vivd orange or yellowish color. While they are usually found in tropical areas
they have been found in many areas including South Africa, the US Australia even China. These spiders inject a neurotoxic venom that
is as venomous as that of a black widow’s however because a brown widow can’t inject
as much venom as its cousin the bite is much less dangerous. Regardless sympoms of a brown widow spider
bite are unpleasant to say the least. They include pain, muscle rigidity, vomiting
and sweating. 05: Six-eyed Sand Spider
The six-eyed sand spider also known as the six eyed spider crab is found in the deserts
of southern Africa It is an ambush spider, meaning it buries
itself just under the sand to catch unsuspecting prey instead of using a web. While bites to humans have never been proven,
the two suspected cases on file the spider was never identified. One victim lost his arm to massive necrosis,
the other victim died of massive hemorrhaging. The six-eyed sand spider’s venom has been
demonstrated to be extremely potent in toxicology studies, killing rabbits within 5-12 hours. The venom has a very powerful hemolytic and
necrotoxic effect that causes blood vessal leakage, thinning of the blood and skin tissue
destruction Currently there is no anti-venom for this
spider’s bite. 04: Black Widow Spider
The black widow spider is part of the family of spiders known as widow spiders which consists
of 31 recotnized species. You can find these widow spiders all over
the world with the females usually being dark colored and having a red shaped hourglass
marking on the abdomen. The female of the species usually participates
in what is known as sexual cannibalism a behavior where the female eats the male after mating. This may be done to increase the survival
odds of any offspring. The black widow bites are highly venomous
and about 15x’s as toxic as the venom from a rattlesnake. A bite can result in systemic effects which
may include severe muscle pain, abdominal cramps, excessive sweating, increased heart
rate and muscle spasm. The symptoms can last anywhere from 3-7 days
or even several weeks. About 2,200 people are bitten by a black widow
each year but most victims are treated and recover within 24 hours. In 2013 over 1800 black widow bites were reported
to the American association of Poison control centers and only 14 of those resulted in severe
symptoms, zero resulted in death. While death is rarely an occurrence for a
healthy adult, children and the elderly are still vulnerable. 03: Brown Recluse
The brown recluse is another one of the more infamous spiders on our list. Also known as the fiddleback spider due to
hits violin shaped markings on its dorsal side. This is exactly how I identified the one crawling
on my arm one night while watching a football game with my dad. The brown recluse is not an aggressive spider
it in fact will attempt to retreat from danger and if cornered it may even play dead. They have a necrotic venom and it is considered
medically significant. If bitten by a brown recluse you may not even
notice it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t serious. While most bites are minor, some bites produce
severe dermonecrotic lesions where an open sore develops and the skin around it dies. Healing can sometimes take months. 02: Brazilian Wandering Spider
The Brazilian Wandering spider is not only aggressive, but highly venomous. Also known as banana spiders because they
have been found in shipments of bananas through out the world. These rather large spiders will exhibit a
defensive posture of raised legs when approached. And while they do hold the reputation as one
of the world’s deadliest spiders, studies suggest that they only inject venom in approximately
one third of their bites. Their venom is a neurotoxin and at deadly
concentrations causes breathing problems, loss of muscle control, paralysis and eventual
asphyxiation. One strange fact about this spider, is that
it can also result in a painful erection that can last for many hours and ultimately lead
to impotence. I don’t know what to make of that. I’m stunned. 01: Sydney Funnel Web
This last spider on our list the Sydney Funnel Web Spider is considered to be the most dangerous
spider in the world because its venom can kill a human within 15 minutes of a bite. You can find this venomous beast where all
things deadly seem to migrate, Australia. The spiders venom is extremely toxic for humans. What makes the sydney funnel web spider even
more dangerous is that when biting, they usually deliver what is termed as a full envenomation
meaning they dump as much venom into the bite as they can. They are also highly defensive and will strike
repeatedly with their extremely large fangs and in some cases the spider once it becomes
attached it won’t release itself and must be dislodged by shaking or knocking it off. Once you are bitten, you have about an average
of 28 minutes before the onset of symptoms begins, that is if you’re a healthy adult. Children made up 42% of all Sydney funnel
web spider bite cases with one child dying within 15 minutes of being bitten. Symptoms include hyotension, circulatory failure,
respiratory failure, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, pulmonary edema and pain. Victims are treated with anit-venom. In February of 2017, this 10 year old boy
was given 12 vials of anti-venom, which is a record for most ever used on a patient.

100 thoughts on “MOST DANGEROUS Spiders In The World – TOP 10

  1. Why would you use a colbalt blue spider for part of the video? It's not a deadly spider infact it's a tarantula you can buy in pet stores..

  2. The Fringed Ornamental, much like others in its genus, are super shy. They are more likely to run and hide then to bite. Also with the Six Eyed Sand Spider, they are so timid the likelihood of a bit is super rare. There's an example of a youtuber poking one in the mouth with the tip of a glove and it never once tried to bite, it instead pretended to be dead or acted like it was still hidden in the sand waiting for it to go away.

    Also I got over my fear of large spiders once I got into keeping Tarantulas as pets. Currently over 20 species in my collection and counting.

  3. A new species of spider has been discovered in the Equatorial belts of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Having only seven legs and an aprox length of 4mm, E.S.R have been cited as saying its bite would result in a mortality rate of 100 percent.

    Its venom contains a chemical known as Esnesnon Etelpmoc which is incredibly toxic.

    Not good.

  4. Calling bullshit on number 7, since you can buy them as pets from most certified tarantula stores. Just gonna put that out there.

  5. I have SERIOUS ARACHNOPHOBIA! I am so freaked by spiders. Ugh! I shake out my bedding at night b4 I get in especially after finding a venomous spider in my comforter. I check my room, the corners and any other places one of them might be. I have a cat, but he is more scared than I am. If he does come across a spider he swats at it, then hisses and runs away! The Ungrateful beast! Strangely, I am not afraid of snakes or other reptiles.

  6. I have a Grammostola rosea.. Thanks god a Tarantula bite can be almost like a bee sting. Even then, the GR is one of the best beginner species. So I won't have many problems.

  7. The Sydney funnel Web spider is a very nasty beast, they are found all across Australia nowadays due to them hiding amongst freight items. The male spider of this species has toxicity rating of up to 8 times more potent than the female and he is approximately only 1/4 of the females size. Another nasty spider we have here in Australia is the White tail spider, it's bite causes skin and tissue necrosis, it's food is the Australian Red back spider ( member of the black widow spider family).

  8. Australia for the win again. But in all seriousness, having a funnel web spider on the loose inside means you aren't sleeping till you find it, and they don't like being cornered. Harder to do when drunk though

  9. What happens to the damn blue click bait spider ๐Ÿ˜  once again another dumbass using click bait of course he have to , otherwise no one will see his video , therefore I dislike the video

  10. I am deathly scared of spiders now, but as a child I had a rose hair tarantula which died within a couple months of having it. I never handled it or anything. Later when I had turned 20 year's old I got bit on the butt by a brown recluse. It burned so bad that it felt like I had a cigar put out on my butt. As soon as I felt it I leaned back which killed the spider before it could inject more venom in me. I had a place on my butt that started to turn black and it seemed like my skin was rotting off. Luckily it was the size of a silver dollar and it healed up without a huge scar, thank God… After that experience I have been extremely scared of spiders. All spiders scare the life out of me. If I came across a funnel web spider I would probably have a heart attack.

  11. Yellow sac spider, beautiful. No to your question. We have spiders living in our plants pots. Huge web, 2 of them. My brother has tarantulas, when they shed their skin, he takes the old skin out of the tank and pins them in the strangest of places to scare the shit out of visitors ๐Ÿ˜‚.

  12. I got my first tarantula last year, a mexican red knee, i def want to get several more. I dont think i will ever get any old world species though they are really nothing to mess with. Unfortunate because some of the most desirable species are old world gooty, baboon, etc. But man they are nothing to mess with…if they ever got loose in your place, would you sleep? Fun story, my red knee got loose for two days after i got it, i found it by my bathtub 48 hours later. They are escape artists. It was just a sling the size of a dime but it made me realize what exotic spider keeping was all about. I was honestly more sad i even slept but i was so happy and in disbelief when i finally found it…my eyes would NOT stop scanning for it. Nobody could believe that i found it. It was really something. Ill never forget the chills that ran up my spine and that creepy, spider piano sound that i heard in my head when i woke up thr next morning and realized it was out of its cage and loose. I was SO grateful that i didnt get a jungle/ or African species. Crazy.

  13. If they're tiny then thats ok

    In my house I saw a medium sized house spider that only feeds on insects. They have a huge fear of humans

  14. The hobo spider is a brown recluse, isn't it? Widow spiders hide in dark areas outside and don't usually bother humans, they run away

  15. seen a male and female mouse spider in the perth hills very aggressive like the funnel web they stand up on there back legs when threatened

  16. filipino kids can handle any kind of spiders ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    That's my childhood memories ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Kinda I love spiders cause of Lucas the spider to calm people down about spiders I am calm cause I have a spider itโ€™s a black widow

  18. So if a black widow bite rarely causes death, why do people fear that particularly spider the most?
    And i always thought the Brazilian wandering spider was the most dangerous???

  19. I had a brother who caused me problems at work all the time. I worked outside and found black widows every day. I must have put 20 black widows in his desk and he never got bit. It was the snake I put in his desk that got him.

  20. I'm so afraid of all spiders that, if I hadn't gotten promotion at work I would have had to quit because my phobia of spiders is bad enough to cause panic attacks and has caused me to crash my work vehicle not once but twice, I've also ended up i'n the E.R. because they've drop on me and it messed with my heart. I think my phobia stems from when my older sister got bit by a Black Widow when she was 10 and ended up in Hospital for 5 days. Anyway thanks for reading and go ahead an laugh at my fear, it happens so often that I'm use to it.
    These videos do help me deal with my fear of spiders, so thanks to everyone who makes them.

  21. I've often wondered how you could have a garden workshop in Sydney like I do here in Wellington NZ. I leave the doors and windows open all day. Biggest things that come in after rain are medium sized Huntsman and the Weta.
    I also wondered if you were a professional gardener/landscaper in Sydney if you got paid danger money ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿœ

  22. The wandering spider is by far the most aggressive spider and extremely dangerous…obviously number one…are you going to trust "studies" as to whether it will inject.. I'm sure there are 3rd world people dying in the jungle from them all the time that aren't in the studies ….

  23. Love them they kill so many unwanted insects and pests like ticks and mosquitoes that can kill us

  24. I've had 2 recluse bites in the past. The one caused lymphangitus from the bite to one of the lymph glands in my chest. It took about 4-weeks for everything to heal. I put sticky pads around the interior walls in our house and in a few weeks, they're hairy with dead recluses.

  25. Arachnaphobes, spiders aren't out to get you, they're actually super terrified of you! Except those boner spiders or huntsman spiders, you can kill those cunts, they can crawl back to hell where they belong.

  26. When I heard we have the hobo spiders ๐Ÿ˜
    When I found out it was poisonous
    ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ซI threw my phone nooooo

  27. #10 and 8 cause necrosis due to secondary infection, not due to their venom. #7, which I have 2, is from the genus poecilotheria, which have the strongest venom among tarantulas. #6 is not agressive and most bites are dry, just like black widows. #5 would also flee way before trying to bite. #4 is, most the time, not dangerous. They tend to not bite even if you try hard, and usually use try bites. Unless you live in Australia, of course. Nobody has died for about a hundred years except an idiot that had several dozens of bites.

    #3 is true. Piece of shit, that recluse. Venom is very necrotic in many cases. Not fun. #2, also true. Do NOT handle… #1 is famously true as well.

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