MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds In The World!

MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds In The World!

From dogs bred to travel miles in the ice
and snow to a breed that can take down bears, here are the most dangerous dogs in the world: 17. Akita This dog breed is very broad and impressive
when it’s full-grown. They range from twenty-four to twenty-eight
inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh as much as one hundred thirty pounds. Akitas are cautious and careful around people
and dogs they don’t know. However, they do thoroughly enjoy human companionship. This breed can be quirky and fun around familiar
people. But, they can be quite dangerous if they aren’t
raised correctly. Akitas have to be socialized from puppyhood
to get along with others. Keep in mind that these pups were originally
bred in Japan for hunting. They used to work in packs to take down deer,
wild boar, and even the Yezo brown bear. 16. Great Dane These dogs are quite imposing by their size
alone. They stand twenty-eight to thirty-two inches
at the shoulder and can weigh up to one hundred seventy-five pounds. Great Danes were originally bred to hunt down
wild boar, and today they are well-known as excellent protectors. Their coats come in different patterns and
colors, but the most widely recognized one is harlequin, which is white with large black
spots around the body. Like we stated before, Great Danes are very
attentive guard dogs. So, if someone tries sneaking into a house
with one of these giants around… things could end badly. However, this breed also makes wonderful family
pets as they are good with kids and are generally friendly. 15. Chow Chow This breed dates back to before the Han Dynasty
in China. They were initially companion dogs for Chinese
noblemen. Throughout the centuries, Chows became protectors,
hunters, and were used for transporting things. It’s even said that these animals were once
a food source, as the name “Chow” apparently comes from the word meaning “edible” in
Cantonese. However, the more common origin story of this
pup’s name is that “chow chow” was a pidgin-English phrase meaning “etcetera,”
and the dogs were shipped under the “chow chow” manifest when British traders brought
them home via boat from China. These dogs grow up to twenty inches tall at
the shoulders and can weigh up to seventy pounds. Chows need to be well-socialized when they’re
young, or else they can be dangerous. However, they are very loyal and loving to
the people they know. 14. Pakistani Bulldog Also known as the Gull Dong or Bully Gull
Terr, this dog is loyal to its family but can pose a threat to strangers and those who
aren’t suited to raise a hard-headed pup. The Pakistani Bulldog weighs up to one hundred
forty pounds and can reach a height of forty-two inches at its shoulders. They come in various colors, including black,
grey, white, and brindle. These dogs require significant training from
the time they’re puppies, and they need unyielding owners. So, these guys aren’t recommended as family
pets. The Gull Dong is fairly common in Pakistan
but isn’t seen in many other places. 13. Doberman Pinscher This dog’s purpose was initially to assist
the nineteenth-century German dog-breeder and taxman, Louis Dobermann, during his tax-collecting
appointments. Why? Well, because people weren’t too fond of
giving their money to the government, and having a large pooch by his side helped protect
him. The Doberman Pinscher eventually got a reputation
as an excellent addition to police and military forces. They reach heights of twenty-four to twenty-eight
inches at the shoulder and can weigh up to one hundred pounds. Considering their origin, it isn’t surprising
that the Doberman is a powerful breed. They learn quickly but can pose problems to
owners that aren’t prepared to train them properly. Dobermans should be socialized when they’re
puppies to avoid potentially dangerous outcomes. 12. Siberian Husky These dogs look really sweet, but they can
be a handful if they aren’t raised with care. The Siberian Husky can get up to twenty-three
and a half inches tall at its shoulders and weighs up to sixty pounds. They were originally bred as companion and
sled dogs and could transport light cargo over long distances in freezing weather. Huskies are pack animals and are generally
friendly with other dogs. However, they are very energetic considering
their roots and need to get a lot of exercise. These puppies also hate being left alone;
so, people who work full-time jobs should stay away from this breed. Without proper training and attention, Huskies
will prove to be stubborn, which can result in perilous behavior. 11. American Bulldog This breed stems from the Old English Bulldogs
that were brought to the southern United States by immigrants. They are built to hunt down Razorbacks or
catch pigs that have escaped from farms. However, they are also great watchdogs, and
people often get them as family pets. They can grow up to twenty-six inches tall
at their shoulders and weigh as much as one hundred twenty pounds. American Bulldogs require a lot of attention
because they’re very emotional and have strong bonds with their owners. These dogs also need to be trained and socialized
from puppyhood. Their athletic abilities and muscularity can
prove dangerous if they aren’t taken care of correctly. 10. Boxer This breed stems from war dogs that date all
the way back to 2,500 B.C. However, the Boxers we recognize nowadays
were bred down from the Bullenbeissers of Germany. They can reach heights of twenty-one to twenty-five
inches at the shoulder and weigh up to eighty pounds. Boxers’ coats are either brindle or fawn,
and they have white markings. Like many of the other dogs on this list,
Boxers need to be socialized and trained from the time they’re puppies. They are very protective of their family and
are good with children, but they won’t think twice about taking on an enemy. 9. Saint Bernard The Saint Bernard gets as tall as thirty inches
at the shoulder and can weigh up to one hundred eighty pounds. These dogs were initially bred by monks to
find and rescue lost travelers in the Alps. So, they had to be massive and powerful. Since the Saint Bernard is a robust breed,
they have to be socialized and trained at an early age. They can be dangerous simply because of their
size, so teaching them not to jump on people is essential. This breed is generally friendly, and they
want to please their owners. Saint Bernards can even make great companions
for children. They also require regular attention, and adverse
behavior can result from being left alone for long periods of time. 8. Bull Terrier These dogs stem from Bulldogs, which were
originally bred for fighting in Britain in the thirteenth century. Since Bulldogs were slow, they began cross-breeding
them with terriers to make better opponents in the ring. Nowadays, Bull Terriers make wonderful, loving,
and loyal companions. But, like other dogs, they need a lot of socialization
and training from puppyhood. Without proper care, these pups can be dangerous…
unsurprising considering their roots. However, their spunky personalities make them
really great pets. Bull Terriers reach up to twenty-two inches
tall at the shoulder and weigh as much as seventy pounds. 7. German Shepherd German Shepherds were bred as herding dogs
and began gaining popularity in the United States in the 1900s. These pups can grow from twenty-two to twenty-six
inches tall at the shoulder and weigh up to ninety pounds. They are very courageous, loyal, and confident
but need regular training and socialization. German Shepherds are very connected to their
families and want to please their owners. Their athletic ability and willingness to
protect their loved ones can be dangerous if they’re allowed to run wild. German Shepherds also don’t make friends
quickly with new people; so, be cautious when meeting one for the first time. 6. Caucasian Shepherd As you probably figured out by its name, this
breed started out protecting livestock and property from predators around the Kavkaz
mountain range in Eastern Europe. They stand at about thirty inches tall and
weigh up to one hundred seventy pounds. Caucasian Shepherds are companions and watchdogs
in the present-day. These pups need a lot of training because
they are highly intelligent and independent. They are also extremely protective of their
owners and their territory, which isn’t shocking since they were bred to be that way. However, it’s probably not the best idea
to let people come into your house if you own a Caucasian Shepherd. 5. Wolfdog Wolfdogs are the results of domesticated pooches
breeding with wolves. Their behavior is often unpredictable because
they have a wide variety of genetic characteristics. One example is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog,
which is very independent and dominant and was initially bred for border patrol in Czechoslovakia. They’re wary of all strangers and can be
very dangerous if they’re not strictly trained. They grow up to twenty-five and a half inches
tall and weigh up to fifty-seven pounds. They look very similar to regular wolves,
and it’s best not to approach one that isn’t your own. 4. Bullmastiff These dogs grow up to twenty-seven inches
tall and weigh up to one hundred thirty pounds, and their coats can be red, brindle, or fawn. They were initially bred to guard gamekeepers’
preserves in nineteenth-century England. They had to be intelligent, trainable, and
strong enough to pin a poacher or intruder to the ground, and this breed did the job
perfectly. Bullmastiffs make wonderful guardians and
companions. But, training them while they’re young is
critical. When these dogs are full-grown, they’re
difficult to control if they haven’t been taught to obey their owners. Bullmastiffs can be stubborn as well, which
can lead to adverse outcomes if the proper precautions aren’t taken. 3. Perro de Presa Canario This breed’s name means “The Canary Dog
of Prey”; they were thought to have either existed or to have been brought by Spanish
Conquistadors to the Canary Islands. The Perro de Presa Canario was originally
bred for the safekeeping of farms and cattle as well as exterminating stray and wild dogs. These became fighting dogs later on, but their
numbers started dwindling after the Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, and Great Dane
breeds were introduced. They stand up to twenty-six inches tall and
weigh as much as one hundred ten pounds. They require a lot of training but are loyal
to their masters. However, strangers beware; this dog can be
dangerous around people it doesn’t know. 2. Rottweiler Rottweilers got their name when Romans brought
their cattle dogs to the town of Rottweil. They were used to protect livestock against
thieves when they were being moved from the pasture to the market. Since then, they’ve become essential to
police forces and make for excellent watchdogs. They stand up to twenty-seven inches tall
and weigh as much as one hundred thirty-five pounds. They need socialization and strict training
to prevent them from becoming aggressive. Rottweilers also require a lot of time with
their owners and don’t do well being alone for too long. 1. Pit Bulls These dogs were originally bred for fighting,
but many people have them as pets nowadays. They get a bad reputation because they’re
often the ones behind severe bite wounds. In 2018, there have been thirty-five reported
fatalities in the United States as the result of dogs, and twenty-one of them were caused
by Pit Bulls. However, this breed isn’t necessarily inherently
dangerous. If Pit Bulls are responsibly trained from
the time they’re puppies, then they can make great companions and pets. But, they can be threatening if the proper
care isn’t taken in raising them. Pit Bulls grow up to nineteen inches tall
and can weigh up to sixty-five pounds. Do you believe some dog breeds are more dangerous
than others, or is it all in how they are raised? Let us know in the comments below!

100 thoughts on “MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds In The World!

  1. I've never heard of a Chihuahua sending a grown man to the hospital, but they are known to bite. Size does matter. Mine have been socialized but will still attack strangers. I've know several people sent to the hospital by Pit Bulls. I was attacked in my own yard. For some reason he went for a cast on my arm, he tore the cast off and destroyed my wrist joint. Only thing that stopped him–I put a 9mm between his eyes. The dog never tried to attack me before, but I've known several to snap and attack their owners & family members. Guy I worked with told me I was full of crap, he never had any problems with his two he had raised for years. They snapped , attacked, and ripped his face, taking one eye out. Luckily.. he had 6 family members that killed the dogs before they could do more damage. Pit Bulls are deadly dogs !!!

  2. I had a Pit Bull puppy when I was a child. I was Play fighting with it like our other dogs. My father had to pry it off my face. My neighbors have a female that's passive, the male that's not, they pinned my wife and I against my truck, I had to throw rocks at them to get it out of my yard. We have had four cats go missing since the neighbors got these Dogs. I had to shoot the ground several times to stop them from attacking my dogs and cats. I had to throw rocks at them while mowing my yard. I have had to start carrying my gun around with me when I walk my Golden Retriever. I think because people use them to fight and as weapons, they should be banned. Every couple of months I hear on the News of some one being attacked for no reason. Pet Bull dogs will turn on there owners given the right set of circumstances. I am sorry for the people that love these Dogs, they are just to untruest worthy to have in a neighbor hood. When they get loose there is usually an accident. What is more important a Person's life or a pet? Give me a break, have some compassion for your fellow man. 🙂

  3. It doesn't matter how you train them…or the owner . They're animals if they decide to bite or if they're annoyed that day then they will. Just like tigers or bears or hamsters raised from babies with nice caring trainers …have turned on their owners. ANY ANIMAL CAN ATTACK IF THEY WANT NO MATTER HOW THEY WERE RAISED!!!!! THEY'RE ANIMALS WITH MINDS OF THEIR OWN!

  4. It's both nature and nurture. My niece's pit is extremely hard to train; not because she's less than bright, but she's terribly stubborn and wants to be alpha. It is a trait bred into the breed. My niece has had her since early puppyhood and she's consistent in her training.
    The dog is a tyrant/bully, too, towards other animals and weaker people.

  5. What does "pitbull" mean? There are a ton of different breeds of dog that care referred to as pitbulls. The only straight answer I've ever gotten was the American Bull Terrier. But then where does that leave Staffordshire Bull Terriers? Are they to be stigmatized as well knowing their natural loving nature?

  6. 35 reported fatalities caused by dogs in the US, how many fatal shootings has there been in the US in the same year?

  7. I have a pit bull and it’s very dangerous! It’s so dangerous beware! It’ll lick you to death!😂😂 Yes they normally require a lot of attention, but if not given that attention they won’t be trained right and could lead to being vicious around other dogs, they do have to be socialized from a young age,but are they vicious no!

  8. This is kinda messed up bc I have a full blood pit and he is not dangerous in any way but some how there #1 but it's the ppl that make it that way like if you agree

  9. the pakistani bulldog: aggressive when in packs but cowardly when alone, also have an attraction towards underage bitches.

  10. If you look at the list of most reported dog bites in the US you will find the Dachshund at the top of that list. A dogs frequency to be "dangerous" is not based on its size. I'm not sure what the basis of this list is.

  11. If you are an owner of any breed of dog and choose to mutilate them by cropping the ears or tail you are inherently a bad dog owner and a scumbag. In my opinion anyway. There is just no need for it EVEN if you have working dogs there are alternatives to docking. Far to many images of beautiful dogs that have been mutilated in this vid for my liking.

  12. This is really great. i am a lover of dogs. i didnt see the boerboel dogs and also the Kangal. where do u rank them

  13. The dumb thing is people r making people think that pit bulls and other dog breeds r soooooooo dangerous I mean like for real for real it depends on how u train them or how u take care of them it’s not bc of the breed of dog like u all r stupid

  14. Same dogs make these lists. It is time to rethink the dogs based in more than original breeding purpose and bite statistics.

  15. All dogs are capable of biting my mums little rat dog bit me on the hand an drew blood but wasnt bad so wasnt reported had that been a powerful pit it would of been a statistic and also iv owned 2 boxers they are defo not dangerous they are clowns that take the p!$$ an rip bin bags open lol

  16. Pitbull is the best dog you'll ever own loyal trustworthy and will forever show love. They give love even when you don't have any. Hand's down or up wherever you want to put them it's truly the dog that will love you endlessly ❤️💕❤️❤️💕😘

  17. Punnish the deed not the breed. Pitbulls usually attract the wrong crowd, that's why they don't get proper care. People just make them mean. They try to act all bad saying "look at me I got a pitbull".

  18. i am on number 15, and what I have seen, is pure … lie.. or not educated comment.. .. I would say total bulshit, just trying to be polite here

  19. Whoever made this Video needs to recheck their facts, I agree with Darrell Terry, the only Bad dog is one that a piss poor human that has there head where the sun doesn't shine. I have 2 Pitbulls One Pitbull Terrier and One Pitbull Bully, they are friendly loving and Loyal to a fault, So Sit on that and think a while and do your own research but be responsible. Get Over the fairy tales People Grow Up.

  20. American pitbull terrier and American Staffordshire terriers are the most amazing dogs on the planet. imo pitbull is its own breed, bulldog and terrier makes a pitbull, other breeds have been mixed and given there own breed name, so its no different. I have lived with pitbulls for 25 years and out of all the dogs i have owned the pitbull is the only breed that hasnt tryed to bite my family. This "breed" can do anything, there super intelligent, easy to train, very very loyal, very amazing with children, they make great search and rescue dogs they can track so well. Some aggression with other animals but you cant blame them humans trained them to be that way for many many years. This "breed" will not only defend and protect family or people they love, but wont think twice about giving there life to keep there loved ones safe. And pitbulls dont average 60lbs anymore, try 70-120lbs average, my current female ApbT is 110 lbs, my last male rednose was 120 lbs (Even tho he had alot of serious muscle, he was chubby lol) i had a 70lbs female pitbull once and a 140 lbs male rottie and my pit would outpower and outmaneuver him every single time the wrestled around, pits can outpower most animals double or even triple there own weight, i have seen it happen many times, pits are extremely powerful animals.

  21. Obviously this video is going by size, weight. A Fila, de Bordeaux or Corso, as well as a few others should be listed if that's the basis. So add in popularity. If this dogs 'lose it' then the damage is severe. However, the no. 1 'biting' dog in America for decades was the Cocker Spaniel. Add Dachshunds, terriers like the rat & jack russell, they attack & bite (dogs, other pets & people) more than most dog breeds but the damage is not as severe. You have to KNOW the dog breed your dealing with and train, always train. ie. Akita's are a one person dog generally so don't put it in an environment where 5 kids are home alone with it every day. Boxers, which I breed & show, are sweethearts but like Great Danes sometimes clueless to their size thus injuries occur. It's simple know your dog breed, know your dog, know your environment & train.

  22. all dogs are the same it how people bring the dog up. wrong people with any dog its a Danger to people and other dogs. all dogs are only one step away from been a wolf.

  23. Its all how there raised iv owned nothing but pitbulls an there the most loving loyal an sweetest dogs u can get

  24. I rescued a stafiture bull terrier at around 1 year old I have had dogs all my life from nopolian bull mastiff to ridgeback and I can say it is a discussing how people some people think thes dogs are dangerous it is the owner to blame in my eyes some idiots get thes dogs to look tough,it took aprons 18 months for my staffy to stop being timid and afraid of his own shadow if I even raised my voice to him at around 2 1/2 years old he would pee his self thankfully through teaching him he is safe and loved he is now the most loyal friendly and loving dog I have ever had including with people and outher dogs so again it’s down to the owner not the dog thanks

  25. My pit is a big baby. Follows me everywhere. Wouldn't hurt a fly. People train these dogs to make themselves feel like a bad ass. Bad owners, not bad dogs.

  26. You guys need to stop pushing this Narrative of dogs are bad based on their breed a damn Chihuahua can try to kill you if they are pushed to they protect them selfs and their owners as a human would

  27. I have owned K-9 Security Company for 48 years, and have owned several thousand attack dogs. I have found it is not the breed of dog, but the individual dogs personality. Many of my dogs have come from really good homes, but for what ever reason they turned vicious.

  28. I believe dogs can sense a good soul and bad soul….. they attack when they sense someone who has bad intentions. Over all dogs are mans best friend.

  29. Can’t love, train, or change an animals hard wired instincts. Some breeds are clearly more dangerous because of it. And with those dogs you play Russian Roulette.

  30. No 4.that's – a -ma – boys! ( glad you missed out our other boys, the Boerboels….the less asshats know about them the better )

  31. I hate ppl who call out breeds as dangerous, when i was attacked by a dog at 11 yrs old, it was a chiwawa… My Italian mastiff isn't dangerous

  32. Humans that neglect and don't take proper care of a dog are the most dangerous dogs in the world. I have 2 pits and they are both the sweetest dog! One isn't fond of new people or dogs cause she was a bait dog. But shes just a lover. Has never bit a single Human! But will protect their momma when necessary. I am never having a dog that isnt a protection breed again. best dogs ever.

  33. I own a pitbull/Mix and he goes to a disability place and makes the people happy…I do have a Blue Nose that was abused pretty bad and he is very protective of me but not as asocial as my other one…He has gone towards someone barking and growling but as long the person does not run he did not attack.. Both my dogs are loving and loyal

  34. I call bullshit, I've had 4 pitbulls & they've all been great dogs. They're by far my favorite breed of dog. The only reason they're hated is because of people who want to hurt & fight them all for money. Treat them with love & not hate. It's all how they're raised.

  35. Bruh we get it if we raise it right it’ll be a good dog gee I swear if she says another time that u have to raise it up rite and have social crap from a young age WE GET IT GEEE

  36. I think that it's mostly the inherent characteristics of the breed but any dog can be vicious if it is treated and/or raised poorly.

  37. yall some fuckin haters pitbulls aint top of list i own 6 pitbulls n they aint mean its how u the owner is 2 them to make them b mean stupid fuckin reres

  38. In the video it showed images of the Akita. There's an Akita (the larger breed), then there's an Akita Inu. Very similar but different breeds. The latter being more docile. What makes a well-behaved dog depends on how they are socialized as puppies, continued socialization, trained, and raised in a good environment.

  39. It how you raise a pit bull I have 4 pit bull and 3 American bully and they get along great and they loyal and will proctect you

  40. Unfortunately, it is not all in the way a dog is raised. I wish that were true, but genetics plays a really big part. Dogs that have been bred to guard or fight are genetically more aggressive and that is very sad for the dogs and their unsuspecting owners. Any dog can be dangerous but the ones that have been selectively bred to fight and guard, in my opinion, should not become family dogs. Some may turn out very gentle but why take the chance where kids are involved. Also always buy from a reputable breeder if you do insist on one of these dogs. They know their dogs and their temperaments and will be able to help you choose a good family dog from a litter. The other suggestion is to learn about training dogs and work with your dog from a puppy And notice I said, "from a puppy". That will give the dog and the family a chance to really know and teach the dog from a young age.

  41. Yet more misinformed media blaming dogs. Most of these breeds , if raised right, will be loving members of their family.

  42. I think you need to do some more research they were originally used for nanny dogs because of how good they were with kids and their protective nature all dogs can be dangerous if the wrong human gets a hold of them

  43. This video  is very uneducated. do your research  because your wrong about many of the breeds and didn't even call out main  traits of certain breeds. Also pitbulls were not bred for fighting  again do your research .SMH at videos like this just to get attention

  44. A lot of Bully type dogs are called Pitbulls. They are just like other dogs described here, with the difference that a lot of idiots choose this dog because of its reputation, therewith enforcing this reputation. Even Pitbulls that were used for fighting have been known to make excellent family dogs after their rescue.

  45. i belive all dogs have different tendacies just as humans however if you do youre job you can make any dog safe or otherwise i trully belive it also is in the way you aproach them so if you have no control over your self energy and are not contected to it they can smell it ive been bit by a wolfdog however it turned my relationsh with dogs to a good thing

  46. The only threat to the world is humans … if the WRONG human get a hold of a dog, it certainly can be dangerous … any dog

  47. This is a stupid stupid video name . Just like said In the video ITS HOW THEY ARE RAISED so why put more stigmas towards these beautiful animals by saying dangerous breeds !!!!! I love my pits never had better dogs

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