MONSTER BUG WARS | Quick and the Deadly | S1E3

MONSTER BUG WARS | Quick and the Deadly | S1E3

A world of monster bugs… Is a war zone hkk

100 thoughts on “MONSTER BUG WARS | Quick and the Deadly | S1E3

  1. "Evolutionarily modified"; suggests, … "Evolution" is an intelligent thinker. Yet "Evolution" doesn't really happen at all.

  2. Y they kerp putting mantis up agaist bugs that are twice there size…. It always the same. Doesnt mater if its a fucking cricket. A spider. A cockroach or a scorpion. Bigger wins. Doesnt matter how badass or lame it is.

  3. Scorpion should win because the ants are cheating they are much more than the scorpion i will not subscribe idiots

  4. I legit put my money on the wrong choice twice in this episode.  The cricket and the spitting spider surprised me.

  5. In the human world, stalking is a crime

    In a bug's world, it's a necessary skill that puts food on the table….


  6. Maybe I'm just dreaming this happened so I must ask. Did anyone else see a cricket just kill a tarantula with next to no issue? It said its grace, then ate the tarantula up.

  7. No matter how good the content is, anytime I see more than 10 ads on a 30 minute video, that video gets thumbs down.

  8. friend; is that a little cricket? can we see your lizard eat it
    me: toss a bug and watch the cricket pounce on it and tear it apart

  9. Видео отличное, но много рекламы, которая очень отвлекает!

  10. Found a spider in my truck today and stopped in the intersection and tried to flick it off my window it fell in my lap and i used my notebook to smash it and somehow it jumped and i had to get out of my truck to get it off me. I thought oh my god dont let it crawl into my pants and bite me.

  11. What frightens me the most are the gleeful interjections made by those female "scientists" describing, with such admiration, the web casting, paralysis producing tactics of these spiders, brings to mind metoo, false sexual assault tactics human females use on human males, trapping, ensnaring and destroying them.

  12. Anyone else think they put the two insects on a branch and watch them go at it? Idk how they stumble upon these and film it

  13. Spider: has gigantic eyes
    Editor: "Yeah let's just zoom in on those a whole bunch, that won't be unsettling at all."

  14. …HOOLY SH*T!… I've always thought about cricketts as …well!…basically HARMLESS animals, but that "BULLDOG-CRICKETT" !?!? …WTF???…i've never seen such "AFTER-PARTY-MESS" on this show! The fucker DISMAMBERED HER TO BITS in less than a second … chasing her out of her own hole in the ground! XD 😀 hahaha! XD 😀 SHE attacked him FIRST – lost a leg and he FOLLOWED HER – EVICTED HER and then TURNED HER TO SHREDS leaving pieces all around! 😀 They say animals "don't kill for pleasure"! Seems to me that nasty bastard LOVED IT! He left more of her scattered on the ground than actually ate her! 🙂

  15. I keep finding myself checking my surroundings for any creepy crawlers while I watch these. I understand just about none of these creatures could possibly be near me – but you try explaining that to my dumb brain.

  16. The sound effects was the downfall this TV show I'm sure.

    These bugs sound like lions and gorillas..

    Cool show ruined by ridiculous sound effects

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