MONSTER BUG WARS | Blood on the Forest Floor | S2E2

MONSTER BUG WARS | Blood on the Forest Floor | S2E2

The bug world is not for the feet-hearted. From the shadows, assassins strike without warning. They’re fast and they’re deadly. You can be impaled, clubbed or torn limb from limb. It’s no exaggeration beside that, this is the insect equivalent of sharp jaws. Death can be instant or drawn out. But it’s coming. (Music) The bug world is full of spies. With a license to kill. In this deadly game of high sticks espionage, any branch or leaf might be. Bug. When a hooded mantis and the Brazilian wandering spider go for the jug-killer. It’s all cloak and dagger. In the jungles of Central America, some of the deadliest predators are masters of the skies. From above or behind, the hooded mantis looks just like a leaf but if you’re a prey and it’s whirring above you, about ready to strike, it looks more like a king cobra, and its bite is just as deadly. Not only is it invisible, the hooded mantis makes other bugs disappear. Like all good spies, the hooded mantis excelles and surveillance. Two huge compound eyes, if the mantis stirious scopic vision and excellent view to a kill. It also deploys two extra long antennae, each lined with tens of thousands of highly sensitive kilo receptors. Free of debris, they pick up the fatest and the transmission. The antennae are consolated detecting chemical and physical information especially when the mantis is sizing up an opponent or prey. This is particularly important when it reaches that stage for the mantis can’t risk taking her eyes off the opponent in case they suddenly launch an attack them their own.

100 thoughts on “MONSTER BUG WARS | Blood on the Forest Floor | S2E2

  1. Hey, MBW, are we ever gonna get to see more wasp colonies in action? Or maybe bees? Ants are cool but we’ve seen them again and again and I like the ones with colonies. It’s time to take that into the air more.

  2. I love the naked sensationalism of this show, because the science behind it all is solid, and it's sinfully entertaining.

    It's like mixing the encyclopedia with Marvel Comics, and Toho Kaiju.

  3. Army ants are the most organized creatures on planet earth.They all work as a team to subdue there prey, ( If only we had this in our work force. ( team players() Cool Video)

  4. Insects and crustaceans are some 0f the most similar species lobsters and crabs are actual underwater incects


  6. #aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Jeez, all these spiders always being able to detect the slightest change in the air.
    I can't imagine how they'd react if someone suddenly turned fan onto full blast behind them.

  8. Lmao when I hear Mantis vs Spider I'm like oh automatic spider win because it's just not possible to beat a spider with just arms they got 8 legs and two steak knives to top it all off web slingers iv not seen once a Mantis win a fight against one unless the spider is tiny af but on this show never seen it

  9. Oh also another automatic win is the ant because it's a no brainer who wins the only thing that can win is an ant eater or humans with poisons and fire but only for a short time

  10. You know this is not actually wildlife right? They zoom in on a big tank and make it look like it’s in the wild but honestly if u say at the beginning of the video it showed trees and sky they took that shot and then took the tank again u seriously think the cameraman is gonna wait probably 5 hours for hooded mantis and wandering spider to come together and even decide to fight at all they just catch the bugs and put dem together

    Like if didn’t know if or if agree plz

  11. All ive learned from Bug Wars is that ants arent to be fucked with, and exoskeletons dont mean shit in the bug kingdom

  12. It allways looks like a good and even match until you see the two opponents next to each other and you see that one is actually like double the size of the other. Also when ever it comes to ants, its either a single ant (in which case the ant will probably loose) or an ant nest (in wich case the ants allmost certainly win – except against other antnests maybe)

  13. Okay.. you kinda kicked it with the poor caterpillar last episode but now you kill that crab by putting it in the middle of thousands of ants ? Common you some sick producers

  14. I had a pet praying Mantis named rosy and dang she was a killer. We gave her grasshoppers and crickets when she caught them she went full murder mode and ripped them apart. We let her go when winter was over (she was out in the fall. We got pet crickets and grasshoppers from a shop) we then let her go during spring! She was a nice mantis and laid eggs and they hatched….which was cute i guess? But now i wonder if i doomed my town…..

  15. Wow I never knew that elephants ate bugs like that, I guess they need to do that for the babies back home.

  16. AMPYGIDS are also known as whip spiders and that aint no fully grown whip spider an adult can reach 6.5 inches long and 13 inches wide and unless thats one in human age would be 9 10 or 11 years old thats no whip spider and by the way whip spiders are not eating by spiders unless there a very large bird eating turantula or a fishing spider but i still love your videos i just disagree that is a whip spider.

  17. Man crabs are just screwed no matter what, they die on land and in the water they just can't win anywhere, no wonder their called crabs I would be pissed off too.

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