Mike Rowe reacts to op-ed calling on him to run for governor of California

Mike Rowe reacts to op-ed calling on him to run for governor of California

100 thoughts on “Mike Rowe reacts to op-ed calling on him to run for governor of California

  1. States that are overly left leaning do worse than those who are Conservative? Imagine my shock!
    These states are run by people who vehemently resist anything Conservative and run their states in a way that they believe is best. News flash – it's not. They are running their states to the ground and the President cannot directly overrule the state policies, nothing from the Conservatives manage to trickle into these states.

    Basically, left-wing states don't experience the growth in the same way as others do simply because they reject everything Trump does.

  2. Bloomburg is an idiot. Washington state has 15$ an hr minimum wage for years. EVERYTHING has risen sharply in cost, especially housing in the seattle area. Didnt help anyone.

  3. To be 100% honest. He’s probably one of the qualified and can speak for a LOT of Americans and knows what it’s like to be a regular American. He has his old show to prove it

  4. I love Mike but that a**** that you had talking before mike northam, de Blasio, and a few others need assassinating. I can dream can't I.

  5. yeah right California is doing good. Fox news is bunch of smug people that dont know anything about California. California is doing the best when it comes to economy wise.

  6. Californians might be stupid enough( Mike's cool btw) to elect him, but they would hate him. He's sensible, honest and has a real sense of what hard work is. He would be as hated as Trump 2 days after the election.

  7. Bloomberg is nuts. I have more money in my pocket and have saved thousands since President Trump took office and I'm not in a high paying job. My best raises since the 90's have been in the last 2 years as well.

  8. I am all for Mike Rowe running for office, I just feel a Governor office would not suit him, Mr. Rowe needs to be in the White House. He has seen what dirty jobs are, as we all know politics may be one of the dirtiest. I say this to your Mr. Rowe, some dirty jobs people don't do because they are dirty. Some dirty jobs some do because its nothing else to do. Some dirty jobs do need to be done on as selfless service.

  9. Yes Mike, run and bring it back to it’s sanity!!! You will win! And it will be a fight you can win, trust your gut we see it, believe in you we see it.

  10. If Mike goes for it, he gets my vote as long he is not a Democrat. I am hoping he is going to turn our dying state around from the madness we have now. He is also going to need all the support he can get to clean the ultimate dirty job he will ever take on.

  11. I hate raining on people's parade, but he's still just a very rich actor. He is selling an image to the naive. Never did Mike have a real "worker" job. He started in drama and earned his fortune acting. Neither his parents were tradesmen, nor workers.

  12. I’m leaving California next year, taking my family we won’t look back. I gave CA 37yr’s one more an I’m done 👋

  13. I’m leaving California next year, taking my family we won’t look back. I gave CA 37yr’s one more an I’m done 👋

  14. Bloomberg for President? What kind of idiots do you take us for? This guy is a little full of himself. How many actors and Elitests are you going to shove down our throats? You guys not only think we are idiots…you think we trust you paid off assholes!

  15. It's easy for him to lie cuz there in California and they're all living on the Democrats plan not Trump's plan so Bloom group can blame it on Trump. People are stupid

  16. Guys minimum wage has nothing to do with how we get paid minimum wage is for kids that start at work and trying to do jobs that value of money that's what it always represented. I don't know if I said that right teaching kids the value of money for hard work

  17. as much as I love Mike Rowe, NOBODY can help (save) california. close the roads and let the next wildfire runs its course.

  18. Under Michael Bloomberg's mayoral ship New York City workers went over 7 years without renewal to workers contracts. Don't believe he's serious about workers.

  19. If Mike becomes governor of California and held that office for two terms, I believe there would be a massive movement in that state to make it a better place.

  20. Id vote for him. There are a few interviews here on youtube and I like the way he thinks. Heck, I'd vote for a hamster over that human filth Newsome.

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