Miele Range, What You Need To Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

Miele Range, What You Need To Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

Looking to bring restaurant quality cooking,
performance and precision into your kitchen? Look no
further than Miele ranges. In this video we’ll cover what makes Miele
ranges unique while giving you all the information you need to select
the best one for your home. Hi this is John with Designer Appliances. We’ve partnered with Miele at our Bedminster
New Jersey showroom to bring you the Miele Innovation
Center, New Jersey and New York’s best way to
experience how Miele appliances can improve the functionality and design of your home. For years,
we’ve had the pleasure of selling and installing Miele’s high quality dishwashers, laundry
and built-in wall ovens and cooktops. However, Miele was always lacking a pro-style
range in their appliance lineup. Fortunately with their newest addition of
American style ranges, Miele has become a powerhouse when it comes to the cooking category. As with shopping for most appliances, trying
to figure out which model to select can be daunting. Miele offers many different range sizes and
configurations, so first we’ll talk about the features that all of their ranges have
in common, and then we’ll highlight the differences in
different models. First, Miele’s main advantage is their thoughtful
modern design. With the introduction of their pro-style range
lineup, Miele has made a bold statement. Their ranges
appear sleek, refined and more contemporary than other high-end ranges. Appointed with a
beautiful, brushed stainless steel finish and black glass door, Miele seamlessly integrates
technology and modernity, creating a statement piece
found in well-appointed homes rather than in commercial
kitchen settings. Miele has addressed every detail with the
design of their ranges. For starters, Miele follows a fleet
design paradigm across their entire appliance lineup. If you have more than one Miele appliance,
all of your appliances will share similar design
elements creating a seamless modern aesthetic throughout your kitchen. The clean- touch stainless steel is fingerprint
resistant which makes cleaning a breeze. Miele ranges feature a soft close and soft
open door for a high quality feel. As for
the knobs, they are also stainless steel and offer precision control whether you are in
simmer mode or high power mode. The circular LED backlit accents are a nice,
high-end touch to complete the modern look of the range. Next – Miele has designed their ranges for
optimal cooking performance and control. For the stovetop, their dual stacked burners
can reach all the way up to 19,500 BTUs for searing or
high heat wok cooking, while also having the versatility to maintain a low simmer at about
700 BTUs for delicate sauces or melting chocolate. When thinking about BTU output, our customers
are typically looking for the highest and lowest
numbers. We stress that BTUs are not the most important
thing to think about. You also need to consider the shape of the
flame and distance from the burner. Miele has optimized for both and ensures maximum
heat transfer when cooking at high heat, and minimal transfer at low heat. Miele offers their ranges with optional griddle
or char-grill configurations giving you the versatility of various cooking methods, whether you want
to make pancakes or burgers. Thanks to the infrared
ceramic burners that power these options, using the griddle or chargrill, even at the
lowest temperatures, gives you perfectly even cooking
with no hot spots. Miele gives you a stainless sleek
stainless steel cover, always leaving your range looking fresh when not in use. Down below, the oven’s preheat times are
significantly faster than most competitors thanks to
Miele’s Rapid Pro-Heat feature. When you pre-heat you oven, all elements will
turn on to help you quickly reach your desired temperature. The 30 and 36 inch ranges come with TwinFan
convection blowers, whereas the 48 inch ranges come with
a powerful single convection fan, excellent for
baking. Next – Miele’s ranges are designed from
top-to-bottom with cleaning in mind, which is a critical
component if you have a busy household or cook a lot, and can quickly become a nuisance
if poorly executed. To start, the entire range top is a sealed
surface which means there are no areas for grease to hide
and build up over time like in competitor ranges. The range also has high sides so liquids are
never in danger of spilling over the edge, ruining
your floor or burning your feet. The cooking grates are
dishwasher safe, which is super convenient and will save you tons of time not having
wash them by hand. Certain Miele dishwashers even have special
programs designed to specifically clean grates and racks. All Miele ranges include a self clean mode
(even their all-gas ranges) and Miele is actually the only brand that allows you to
leave the racks inside the oven during its self clean mode,
which will make your life easier since these racks tend to be heavy and difficult to maneuver
and store. So that covers the standard features across
the entire Miele range lineup. As with any other high
end ranges on the market, choosing a Miele range is an investment, so you’ll want to
make sure you’re choosing the right model for your
kitchen and lifestyle. To make it easy, we will cover three factors
you’ll want to consider when shopping for the perfect
Miele range for your kitchen: Fuel Type, Basic vs. Deluxe Features, and Size
The first decision you’ll need to make when selecting a Miele range is Fuel Type – Miele
offers their ranges in all-gas, dual fuel, electric
and induction. All gas simply means both the cooktop and
oven are powered by gas. The is the typical type of
range you’ll see in most kitchen. Dual fuel ranges offer the best of both worlds…
they have a gas powered cooktop but the oven is powered by
electricity. This gives you the instant control of gas
on the cooktop with the more consistent heating
capability of electric in the oven, which is optimal for
baking. We almost always recommend the dual fuel version
of these ranges, since the oven performance is much more consistent, especially
for baking. Just remember, for dual fuel you will
need a dedicated 240v electric line run to power the oven in addition to a gas line to
power the cooktop, so you if you don’t have one already
you’ll need to have one run by an electrician. Induction ranges have an electric induction
cooktop and electric oven, which is convenient if you
don’t have access to gas at home. Induction gives you the responsiveness of
gas while being more efficient, quicker to heat, easier to clean,
and safer. If you are open to new technologies, induction
should be something on your radar. The only drawback is you’ll need induction
capable cookware so if you have a favorite set of pots and
pans you are unwilling to say goodbye to, you may want to
steer clear of induction. And finally Miele offers a standard electric
smoothtop range, which also has an electric cooktop and oven, but lacks the
benefits of induction we discussed. Next, Miele offers their ranges with a basic
or deluxe feature set The basic feature set includes Miele’s Direct
Select control configuration for the oven, which is
essentially two knobs. The first knob controls the cooking mode (bake,
convection bake, broil, convection broil, and self clean), and the
second knob controls the oven temperature (from 150
degress to 500 degrees). There is also a simple digital clock that
can also function as a timer. You
can also use the digital screen to set a start time and end time for turning your oven on
and off. With basic, you’ll get two oven racks. One is a standard roasting rack while the
second is a smoothly gliding rack. With the deluxe feature set, you’ll get
the best Miele has to offer. Stick with us here as we
have a lot to cover. The standout feature is Miele’s gorgeous
M-Touch display that is extremely user-friendly, almost
like a smartphone interface. The control panel tilts out at an angle to
make it easy for you to program or monitor your progress. You can do everything from setting basic cooking
modes and temperatures to selecting pre-programmed cooking programs
for specific food items. Deluxe ranges include a wireless cooking probe
that never needs to be charged. The probe can be
inserted into whatever you are cooking and you can monitor the internal temperature directly
from the m-touch display. Since it’s wireless you don’t need to
deal with the hassle of plugging in a probe wire. Traditional probes take measurements from
their tip and if you miss the correct location, you will get
incorrect results leaving you with undercooked food. Miele’s probe takes measurements from 4
different spots on the metal needle, giving you the peace of mind of accurate measurements
even if you place in a non-favorable area. You’ll also get Miele’s moisture plus
feature. In order to utilize this feature you’ll
need to connect a water line to your range. We promise the results it provides are worth
the added installation complexity. Moisture plus gives you total control over
the humidity in the oven cavity. This is great for baking
breads. Another cool feature that is exclusive to
Miele is their built-in cooking assistant called Master Chef. Master Chef boasts hundreds of pre-programmed
recipes and cooking programs to give you the most
control and versatility when cooking or baking. From complex bread baking programs to the
simplest pizza bake. No need to program the mode, temperature or
duration – MasterChef does it all for you. Specific details such as browning level for
meat can be adjusted based on your preferences. Or if you
have your own recipe, you can add it yourself. This cooking assistant takes full advantage
of the wireless cooking probe and moisture steam
feature, giving you perfect restaurant quality results every
time. Unlike any other range, you can also stack
these programs if you have more complicated cooking
tasks such as roasting a tenderloin or turkey. For example, you can stack a high temperature
bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes and then automatically
change to 350 degrees for an additional 30 minutes. The temperature range on the deluxe range
is extremely versatile. You can cook from 75 degrees all
the way up to 575 degrees. The deluxe ranges feature a unique swivel
handle that adds another level of comfort during use and
you’ll get an additional smooth gliding rack over the basic range for a total of 3
racks. And lastly, deluxe ranges offer a catalyzer
function that removes grease and odors from vapors
created while you cook. It can be customized based on what you’re
cooking whether you want to eliminate the smell of salmon or maximize
the smell of your chocolate chip cookies. That covers basic vs. deluxe, as you can see
deluxe offers a ton of great features and if you
have the budget we highly recommend upgrading for the additional features we mentioned
And lastly, Miele offers their ranges in 3 different sizes designed to fit in any kitchen
– 30, 36 and 48 inches. Each are available with different cooktop
configurations when it comes to the burners, griddle and
grill. The 30 inch comes in all three fuel types
whereas the 36 inch comes in only gas or dual fuel. The 48 inch only comes in dual fuel and has
the works when it comes to all the features we
discussed in this video, including a 3 door concept that includes a convection oven, speed
oven and warming drawer all in one. With all that said, you can’t go wrong with
a Miele range – their core values as a family-owned company guarantee an unparalleled level of
quality and customer service. Match that with their
dependable long lasting quality from knob to burner and you will feel confident with
your next purchase. We hope this video has given you a starting
point when it comes to selecting the best Miele range for
your home. As always, if you have any questions, and
you’re in the New Jersey area, feel free to
give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to our channel where we provide
tips and advice that will make you an educated appliance shopper.

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  2. Thank you for the video, it's very informative! Quick question: Are grill and griddle interchangeable? If I buy a Miele range with a grill, can I use a griddle on it?

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