Miele Coffee Maker – Brewing & Aromatics for Perfect Results

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances.
I’m here today in Bedminster New Jersey inside our brand new Miele Innovation
Center. Today we’re gonna be taking an in-depth look at the different drinks
you can make with a Miele built-in coffee system as well as how Miele’s
managed to perfect the brewing process. The most convenient aspect of the Miele
built-in coffee system is its ability to make coffee shop style beverages with a
touch of just one button. As you can see in the menu here you have instant access
to a few different drink options which include espresso, coffee, a Longo or large
coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, cafe latte. You can also dispense milk froth
or hot milk, and you have a coffee pot option which will actually brew a full
coffee pot with eight servings of coffee. And there’s also a hot water setting. One
of the best examples of the OneTouch system is brewing a complicated milk
beverage like a latte macchiato, which involves 3 separate steps. So in the
first step we’re gonna install the milk flask which easily slides into place. Then we’ll place our cup and select the macchiato. First the machine will dispense hot milk. Then the machine will freshly grind coffee beans to make
a strong expresso. The result is extremely impressive and each drink is
perfectly brewed every time. So that was the latte macchiato but the Miele coffee system is capable of brewing a few other different drinks and
we have them all laid out here on the counter. We have a cappuccino, here’s the
latte macchiato we just brewed, here’s a cafe latte, just a regular
cup of coffee, an expresso and then as we mentioned there is a hot water spout so
you are able to make a hot tea or any other sort of hot water beverage. One of
the nicest features of the Miele coffee system is the ability to brew two of the
same drinks at the same time. This process is super easy and all you
need to do is press the double cup icon on top of the regular drink, and the
system will automatically dispense two of the same beverages. Miele has managed to maximize the flavor in the coffee using their aromatic system. So first of all the Miela coffee
system can use whole coffee beans or ground coffee. So you just swing open the
easy access door and now I’m gonna pull out the container so you can see. But
here inside the containers were thee whole bean coffee sits and this will fit
about a 16 ounce bag of coffee beans. There is a spot – right here – a little
access door that flips open where you can put tablespoons of ground coffee but
you have to do that one cup at a time. Another setting that Miele gives you
access to is the coarseness of the grind. You’re able to adjust either how fine
the grind is or how coarse the grind is which depending upon what coffee are
using will determine the flavor you’re able to extract. Then comes brewing
temperature Miela provides you with the option to use their default settings or
you can choose your own temperature from minimum, low, medium, high or max. You can also control the brewing time. The pre brewing setting determines the amount of
time that the water sits in the chamber before dispensing. And lastly you can
directly control the portion size. The Miele built-in coffee system is one
of our favorite appliances here at Designer Appliances between our staff
and our customers everyone enjoys the chance they get to drink freshly brewed
coffee all throughout the day. Since the maintenance on this machine is mostly
automatic it makes caring for it pretty pain-free. If you enjoy coffee or you
love to entertain we highly recommend the Miele built-in coffee system. So if
you have any questions about the Miele built-in coffee system or you’re looking
to make a purchase, we do offer free shipping nationwide and if you have any
questions we’d be more than happy to help.

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