Microwave Installation

Microwave Installation

Hi, my names Tim, and I’m going to show you how to put in a range top microwave, right here above the oven. I’m going to take this thing down, I guess.. and put in the microwave. since I have to do it anyway I figure I may as well make a video about how to do it. let’s see how I do. One of the first things you might want to consider when putting in a new microwave is what brand you might like to get. we had Emerson before it worked well for a couple of years and
then before we went and bought the new one, it malfunctioned. when I shut the door it was making a humming noise there was no fan, there was no light it sounded like something was running though, so I put a cup of ice in there and pulled it out a few minutes later, it was hot! so the thing, even though the timers expired and there’s no other indication that it’s running it’s always running whenever the door is closed, so Emerson’s a good cheap model that you can buy if you need to get something inexpensive it might last for a while but, you better keep your eye on them ’cause they might be dangerous, and you’ll see that if you look at the customer reviews online. the site Consumer Reports did some
research on different brands and models and Whirlpool scores very high, there’s a lot of customer satisfaction and a lot of people liked it, so that’s why we ended up with Whirlpool! when you’re considering the dimensions of the microwave, most of them come in two standard sizes; 30 inches wide or 36 inches wide. This one’s about 30 inches wide, in fact it’s 29 and 3/4 inches wide and that’s a standard size. one thing interesting about most microwaves is that they’re on average they’re 15 to 17 inches deep, and most of the cabinetry we see is 12 inches deep, so that means it sticks out 4 inches farther than the cabinetry does and that’s standard, it’s really fine. You might be able to look and find something low profile, but most of them are like this. Now this is okay ’cause it has the ventilation up here, it vents out the top, so if it was underneath, it wouldn’t vent as well. Another important thing to keep in mind, is you want to have a certain amount of distance between your range top and the bottom of the microwave The recommended distance is 18 to 24 inches mines at 21 inches, so at this height I can put a large stock pot here if I were cooking I could still see inside I can take the lid off without banging into anything and I can also reach and see all the controls at the back of the stove so that’s ideal. When you get down to 18 inches… and I could just barely kind of see the top of the stove so it’s still okay, but you get lower than that you might have trouble seeing the controls or looking into your pot or stirring you might even have trouble with it getting too hot and causing damage. depending on whether or not you actually have ventilation leading out you kitchen, or not, from the stove the installation will vary actually all the microwaves that I looked at come already pre-assembled for vent exhaust, so it’s not designed to actually have exhaust that actually leaves the house, I suppose it’s less common to have that system. You can just look above and see in the cabinets above that I don’t have any ventilation so I was able to take it out of the box and just install it this way, The vent works, the light works, everything’s ready to go, no special installation required actually what I meant to say is the microwaves that I saw are dual purpose, they come already configured to do either type of installation if you have an exhaust vent that runs out of your house you remove a little screw on the back and you hook up the ventilation on the top of the microwave, and there may be some other kind of adjustment I didn’t have to do that on mine since mines just a filter and it exhausts right out the top on the front of the microwave it comes ready to go like that and in most cases I think that’s just the way it is probably that’s what you’re looking at and lucky for you, it’s going to be easy to do! so here’s the microwave already been unboxed whatever uh… parts and pieces that came with it are scattered around, but I’ll take care of that later so I’ve got the stove and the range top over there and I’m going to read the instructions
I’ll be right back of course reading the instructions is just a figure of speech real men don’t read instructions I may just glance over them and look at the pictures and see if there’s anything that stands out. The instructions say to tape the door closed so it doesn’t swing open unexpectedly while you’re doing the installation “The wind is going to blow that one open?” not anymore ’cause I got some tape on there “you got purple one?” yep okay the first thing I need to do is remove the existing ventilation, or hood, whatever it’s called There’s no instructions in the manual for that, so I’ll just have to wing it! although the hammer probably would have worked probably a drill will work better, let’s give it a shot that turns out our cabinets had all this wood or frames on the front that had to be taken out, because the top of the microwave has a cord that needs to go through the hole, and that holes not in the right place so I have to drill a new hole and also the microwave is going to bolt to the shelf right there with all the braces and stuff the bolts weren’t really long enough, and I didn’t want to use a bolt that long>>there we go. so I had to run to the store again, it turns out my wall only has three-quarters of an inch of drywall and then I hit solid steel seems like, I can’t drill any further I measured with a nail, that’s all I have is 3/4 of an inch to work with so I can’t use the screws that were provided I had to go to the hardware store and look for something else so I found these, they’re supposed to hold up to 159 pounds each the microwave only weighs about 70, so I guess I could just stick one of these things, in there, and I’m good! (Just Kidding) so, for the installation one hole was already in place here but, it was in the wrong location so I ended up drilling one more hole where the cord will go through and there’s 2 other small holes here the bolts that are going to mount the microwave go through there all the hardware’s already up here ready to go, there’s a bolt over there, one over here, I’ve got the screwdriver ready to go. you can see the mounting bracket already on
the wall there so the instructions came actually with a a big piece of paper that had kind of a guide or map of where all the holes should go and where you could mark everything so if I had two people it would have been a lot
easier I could have one person hold that paper on the top and I could just marked the holes where it should have been holes where they should have been uh… since I was doing it myself I just taped the paper up there in the best I could have been kind of scooted it back and forth ’till I got it just right and then I marked the holes with a uhh, uhh ice pick where I was going to drill the holes, and went ahead and drilled those same thing on the back wall, I just kind of put the paper up there, made little marks where the holed were supposed to be and it says you know I’m
instructions it’ll tell you the dimensions how low it should be from the cabinet and how far apart the holes should be and all that stuff so I just got the tape measure and verify that
everything was fine all that’s going to happen is this microwave is going to hang on the bracket and I’m going to lean it up run those bolts through I’m going to run the cable through there, put those bolts through and tighten them up, then it will be installed. so it shouldn’t be very hard. alright the microwave weighs some seventy something pounds so its recommended that you have somebody strong to help you hang one up a couple of strong people to put it up there I don’t have that luxury so I’m going to do it myself it’s still not that difficult, I’m going to show you how to do it. I just have something that I measured that pretty much fills the gap between the space where the microwave is going to end up hanging and the top of the stove. And I’m going to put that there to give me a helping hand. So here’s the microwave, I’ll just throw it up there Just run the cable through the new hole that we made What we need to do is hang the hook on the back of the microwave on the wall bracket. Let’s see if I can get it up there. Okay, there we go, so I got these bolts started. Now to plug it in. So there it is. In the end, installing the range over microwave was pretty easy. All I had to do was remove the existing hardware. There were a few pieced of wood that it was mounted to that came down by just removing the screws and pulling the boards down. I had to drill 3 holes one for the quick go through and two for
mounting screws that one down into the microwave from above. Other than that it was just a matter of hanging the bracket on the wall muscling the microwave up onto the bracket leaning it up toward the cabinet, putting the cord up through there and putting the 2 screws down through the top to hold the whole thing up. It couldn’t be much easier. if I had uhh studs in the house, it would have been a lot easier. I ended up making a few trips to the store to get specialized screws and stuff so I could deal with the problem of not having studs in the wall If I had studs I don’t think the whole thing would have taken even 30 minutes By the time I got the bracket on the wall, it was less than 10 minutes. Just stick the microwave up, running the cable through, and screwing the bolts in. I’m glad I didn’t pay for installation. If you’re handy at all, and you’re thinking about doing it yourself, you can probably do it yourself too. Good Luck!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to check the clearance… I would have only had 10" to cook with. guess I have to get a counter top one

  2. Yeah, the bolts were pretty long and the process took longer than it should. At the time, I thought speeding up the footage would be nice so people wouldn’t feel like they missed anything, but really there wasn’t anything to miss was there? I should have just used a jump cut to the end.

  3. There are 2 standard exhaust methods. Mine simply vents out the front of the microwave back into the kitchen (this is the default configuration) the other method involves venting into a pipe to exit the house. For venting out there is one bolt to remove on the fan housing that will allow it to be removed and replaced in the opposite direction to direct the flow of air up.

  4. thank you, we put in the micro yesterday, your video was very helpful……. Many Blessings to you & yours Don de in TC, Mi

  5. Thanks for the video, Tim. Our 12-year-old GE microwave died, so we got a deeply-discounted GE floor model yesterday. Only problem was it was missing its mounting plate. Old plate had four tabs, new microwave only had two slots, so I just bent the extra tabs out of the way and pretty much followed the rest of your steps. Feels good to do stuff like this myself; thanks for the confidence builder! 🙂

  6. The music was unintentional, but good… I tried to remove it as best I could after the fact in order to avoid any copyright issue. I hope you let us know how the installation went.

  7. Thanks, I was nervous about doing this, but not now! I will do it in a few days…after my new cabinets are installed.

  8. You made it look easy. When we installed ours a few years back, the two bolt holes in the top were just a fraction of an inch off and it made it much harder. You have to make sure those two holes are EXACTLY right or you'll regret it.

  9. Do all microwave brands bolts line up, I have an old one that stop working. The same size do they all line up on the top

  10. i hate the bracket that hangs on the wall. it's so cheap, i bought an L shape bracket to put in the wall to support the microwave. Way more sturdy.

  11. As to getting the two top holes exactly right, one trick it to use a paddle drill bit or 1/2 inch drill bit to make the holes a lot larger. Then use a big washer with your bolts.  this helps you line up better if one or both are slightly off.  This also helps keep you from sledge hammering the new microwave because the bolts won't line up. 🙂

  12. Good job. I installed one just like this today. I decided to search here for microwave installations to see if I installed mine correctly. 

  13. Hi Tomlins, thanks for posting this installation video. I am still debating whether to install mine myself or have someone come out and do it for me. how many days did it take you to install? i noticed from start to finish of your video clip you wore 3-4 different shirts, did this take days?

  14. What did the top screws screw into? I have same microwave but it came out of box no instructions no hardware. I bought a bracket and hardware but can't figure out what the screw go into?!

  15. TomlinsTE My range hood has wires coming from it and going into the wall instead of a plug like yours does, what do i do about that?

  16. thanks I been a bit skeptical about doing this myself …but after watching your video and a trip to Lowes I think I'll be fine …thanks again !

  17. I hate these guys who want to be a movie star and go on and on about not
    ing much pertinent to the video. Blah. Blah. Blah.

  18. Great video for me, TomlinsTE!! I'm a do-it-yourselfer and just bought an OTR microwave. I freaked out a little on the first vid I watched because he showed how to properly ventilate it and I don't have outside ventalation to my current vent-a-hood, so YOUR video gave me just the info I needed. Great idea on putting the little seat thing on the stove to hold the micro while installing too! Love your vid, great job! And entertaining too 🙂

  19. It had a really thick power cord and while this might seem silly to some people, for those of us who live in areas where we battle mice on regular basis this is important.>>>ur2.pl/1202 If you have never lost an appliance of any kind due to a hungry mouse chewing through the cord you are indeed a blessed person. This microwave oven works great and looks good, doesn't take up much space either – exactly what I needed.

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