Mfeng UX Kit 200w – bộ VAPE siêu khói vị đến từ nhà sói trắng Snow Wolf/ Sigelei

Mfeng UX Kit 200w – bộ VAPE siêu khói vị đến từ nhà sói trắng Snow Wolf/ Sigelei

Welcome back to 4Zero Vape’s Youtube Channel I’m Duy from 4Zero Vape A week has passed I look forward to making a Video Clip for you You see everything is very new, isn’t it? We spent 1 week to set up a new STUDIO room And this is the result of the efforts of all the brothers in 4Zero Vape has created a great room So we can review the product Today the product I want to introduce to you It is an extremely popular product That is Mfeng from Snow Wolf Very easy to identify product images On the market there is only 1 firm There is a logo of a wolf – Snow Wolf All of their products are excellent Today we have an extremely beautiful full kit occ – coil sucks up a very tasty and smoky flavor This is a great product Ok, let’s go to the Product Details Review section So we can admire its beauty! Let’s go! Thanks for watching! Today I have a new studio 10 times more excited OK .. on the table are 5 color versions of the Mfeng UX Kit 200w And you can choose the color always from outside the box We will have many colors and very beautiful There are white, red, black These 3 colors will alternate between yellow and the main color And here are 2 color versions turquoise and blue 2 colors are not the same so you do not worry about being confused So beautiful!! And I will Choose black to open the box This is UX Mfeng’s box 200w from the Snow Wolf house We will have a very simple box Behind the box is where we can read through some of the details they write down what are the specs and what’s in the box We will see the channel to be able to contact them This is the Black Gold color and we will open the box together !! This is the inside part and we’ll see each part This is a USB-Micro charging cable case Wow, the charger is so nice !!! Since taking this product on When I tested the device, I still had not opened the charging cable box And today I was very surprised when there’s a charging cable Absolutely genuine We will see it below first Below we have more 1 user manual and we will understand because everything is printed as images and you can fix everything yourself Very great We also have another QC Pass and raise waranty card This product will be circulated in 7 countries !!! Very much This is the main product of today And this is the body of my UX Feng 200w Everyone can look over her appearance Very sleek and beautiful The segment that manufacturers target is the luxury and luxury reviews to any segment anyone can use this product Wolf’s face is also very shiny The first time I saw this product I can only say those two words: Too great!!! Because I’m a person who likes perfection and splendor but have to complete it too Very nice and perfect to every corner because this is a product with a monolithic metal body Very firm grip in the previous section will be 1 large screen display Along with that is a button to increase or decrease the capacity and port for plugging the cord But I don’t think it’s necessary Right hand side there will be buttons and brand positioning Snow Wolf Very good button Very sure. The left side will be a yellow border The back will be cruel wolf We can open the lid here This is the inside The battery section will be here and clearly marked with the positive and negative symbol On the lid will be a number of warnings and origins I will install the battery later when I’m done Listening to the noise of one noise is very certain And here is the contact leg to mount the tank in With this product, you can see gold everywhere It looks like a vertu of vape industry And now we will learn about the UX tank head a place that produces great smoke and taste for you guys This is the Mfeng UX Tank The box is also very beautiful when they have filled it all out What parameters, details and in the box and also a warning In the above section, we will have a stamp to check the code I’ll open the box too and that coil is the coil mesh Coil mesh is a kind of coil wire give us a lot of taste and smoke This is the inside of the Tank UX box will have 1 main Tank head have 1 spare glass and 1 occ core I will take each one out to see First will be spare glass and even more substitutes This is a spare glass so that if your glass breaks, your period will be replaced 1 pc occ WOW !!!! 1 occ is extremely loud This occ will be 0.13 Ohm is equal to the ohm of a fuse set that we go to build coil will have ohm numbers from 0.11 to 0.13ohm This will be a great Ohm number This will be our tank top Is the top of the silver tank The lower part we will have 2 air holes This will be the exposed part and the contact pin will be gold plated to absolute about discharge Part of the air hole is customizable feel the screw to make the air holes smooth and still strong This is the upper part of the tank can be pushed over to open the lid When you see an arrow, push aside This is a really smart part when you don’t need to open the lid to pour juice With regular RTA tanks, it is difficult to open the lid With tanl UX, you just have to push it to pour juice We will open this tank together !! You will remove the occ instead This is the place all the ideas should develop this tank head All emotions are expressed thanks to this occ core 1 great burning core !!! This is the exposed part of the occ below we also have 5 extra air holes The inner core will be coil mesh The cotton is wrapped very thick now we will Experience the product together I’ll put it in and pour the essential oil too And now we will Insert the battery and experience the product You will turn on the side to install the battery Very gentle We will mount the anode first Mounting the battery is extremely easy without the need for cords I sat and talked while inserting the battery is very simple This will be the main display screen It’s like a watch of large distribution vehicles And there will still be basic capabilities like pressing the button 5 times to be able to shutdown 3 times to be able to lock the device and when adjusting the mode will hold 2 buttons to increase capacity And this will be the setting screen The first mode will be the walt correction mode to Ni, Ti and temperature control The second part will be the screen adjustment Display means you can adjust the screen to a different format The next section will be the Setup section In setup mode there will be 3 small parts The first will be the chill lock section That’s the child lock And this is a great part for me to show you We will click on the chill lock section And here we can set the password by 3 any numbers and want to be on the computer, you must enter the password and this is something I really like when avoiding the situation of smoking You will press OK to set the password and adjust the password Here, I left the password is 888 We can adjust each number When finished, the button will keep burning And now will lock the device to try the password press 3 times to lock the device and the device is locked When we open the device, we need it You need to enter the correct password It’s like an insurance safe and when finished importing we will hold down the button to open the machine very easy We can adjust the walt at 2 small buttons screen walt panel Looks very funny and likes the eyes When you press and hold the walt will adjust faster It runs wildly crazy And that would be some basic functionality I want to show you how We will pour the essential oil to experience it together this occ I already poured the essential oil OK, I’ll make you one more time A lot of people ask me to suck this baby in high walt what would it be like and I’m going to fix that 80W Standard statistic for 0.13ohm Let’s go The amount of smoke is very much, according to you, it will taste like It was absolutely delicious and I can guarantee this With a large amount of vaporization, the taste is also great Let’s test this product together If you don’t believe me, cut off my head. Just now I have finished the product review clip Mfeng UX full kit And this is a product Rare on the market differentiated from all Design of products on the market today And when holding the product in hand I have asked a lot of questions All things related to the machine And this is a product to meet the needs that you are in need You want to play 1 box of 2 compact battery but still have to be sure, Mfeng will do it You want a tank full of smoke many of you don’t need too much hygienic but just smoking When it burns, you put the old occ instead This is a product that I think It will hit every segment from beginners, long players middle-aged people, young people or old people Everyone can use this product with extremely large capacity You can adjust it accordingly most with yourself Thanks to a very good deal that you will be able to buy products at extremely cheap prices If you already have a tank, you can buy a box to combine it with your tank top Or if you already have a box, you can buy the tank head to use Or you haven’t got anything yet If you buy the full set, we will give you two batteries Amazing, isn’t it? As usual, this clip I will update on the website, youtube You give yourself 1 like, 1 subscribe and remember to press the bell button to receive notifications when I release a new clip and if there are any comments Please respond and I will take note of all your opinions and I will try to improve myself to have better clips, better quality Hi guys !!!! Thank you very much for watching
the clip !!!! I love you soo much

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  1. Sau em chỉnh chất lượng hình ảnh lên đến 360p là hết r thường thường lên đến 720p lận mà ah

  2. MFENG UX Kit By Sigelei – Bộ Vape đầy đủ đầy cuốn hút cho mọi anh em VAPER.

    Ông lớn SnowWolf tiếp tục gây mưa làm bão với cộng đồng Vaper sau khi trình làng với toàn thể Vaper toàn thế giới mẫu box mới nhất, thiết kế hiện đại nhưng không thiếu phần thanh lịch… Xin giới thiệu với anh em, siêu phẩm Box Mod 2020.

    Dành cho những ai đã từng và đang yêu Snow Wolf, thì với Mfeng UX vẫn giữ nguyên dòng Chip Set do hãng tự tay nào nặn, bao gồm công suất siêu khủng 200W. Bổ sung thêm một số tính năng bảo vệ mới, cụ thể hơn là DÙNG PASS MỞ KHOÁ, nếu mở khoá sai 5 lần thì máy sẽ tự động xoá dữ liệu và cảnh báo tới tài khoản iCloud của bạn… ( mình đùa chút thôi =)))) ). Bạn có thể tự điều chỉnh thông qua thư mục Menu của máy và tuỳ chỉnh 3 số tuỳ thích của chính mình để phòng chống những kẻ bú chùa chứ không riêng gì tụi nhỏ.

    Phía sau của Mfeng chính là Logo sói trắng thần thánh của hãng, được in nổi bật trên lớp kính Mika tinh tế và vô cùng đẳng cấp. Cùng với màn hình LCD 1,3 inch công nghệ TFT trực quan hoá dữ liệu Vaping cần thiết khi hiển thị chế độ đầu ra và chỉ số điện trở chính xác tuyệt đối.

    Mầu sắc đa dạng, 4zero Vape luôn muốn khách hàng có lựa chọn riêng của chính mình.

    Thông số kĩ thuật :
    • Chip SnowWolf :
    1. Đầu ra : 5W – 200W.
    2. Điện áp đầu vào : 6.4V – 8.4V.
    3. Chỉ số ohm thích hợp : 0.05 – 3.0.
    4. Hỗ trợ dây coil đặc biệt : Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel ( 304-316-317 ).
    • 3 nút bấm cơ bản : 2 nút tăng giảm công suất + 1 nút đốt.
    • Màn hình 1.3 Inch TFT hiện thị :
    1. Chuyển đổi giao diện.
    2. Công suất đầu ra.
    3. Nhiệt độ đầu ra.
    4. Chỉ số ohm.
    5. Khoá trẻ em ( bú chùa ).
    • Pin : sử dụng 2 pin 18650

    Trong hộp Mfeng bao gồm :
    1 SnowWolf Mfeng UX MOD.
    1 Cáp sạc USB.
    1 Sách hướng dẫn sử dụng.

    Đầu hút khuyên dùng Mfeng UX Tank :
    Link sp Mfeng UX Kit :

    Anh em vui lòng Inbox page để được tư vấn và đặt hàng nhanh nhất:


    – Call/Zalo/Imess: 094.759.2188
    – ĐC: 106B, E9 TT Thành Công, HN

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