McConnell praises Trump’s Soleimani strike on Senate floor

McConnell praises Trump’s Soleimani strike on Senate floor

100 thoughts on “McConnell praises Trump’s Soleimani strike on Senate floor

  1. Johnson "IF YOU BELIEVE EVERYTHING OUR GOVERNMENT IS SAYING…about Soleimani. then he is a legitimate target". Well many of us don't. Imminent threat? Doubtful. Who provided the intelligence, was it the USA , Saudi's or another? And considering you've spent the last three years bashing the intelligence services it is a bit rich to suddenly rely on it now.
    You mistake people requiring the upholding of the rule of law for support of Soleimani or the Iranians. All you do is play party political games and your hatred of each other is sucking the world into your petty fights. It's time to stop. All politicians disgust me.

  2. Trumps action required NO blessing from congress, because by time they would have wasted procrastinating, the mission would have failed! That’s why the military calls these strikes SURPRISE ATTACKS, and this is the tactic which makes them succeed!

  3. When Obama took out Osama bin Laden the left sang his praises! What a bunch of hypocrites that are filled with hate. Hate for our country and our President.

  4. Democrats go on and on about how this makes it less safe for the USA in the short term. Well, of course it does.
    But its the long term that matters and in the long term it makes the USA much safer.
    I would go so far as to say that if this actually did trigger a direct confrontation with the USA and Iran, its long term for the good.
    Because the USA and Iran were always headed for conflict, and bad news doesn't get better with age.
    Better to do it now before Iran manages to develop a nuke or the idiots in Russia gift them a few.

  5. About time!!!!! USA strength is based on doing what is right and this was absolutely right, taking out this dog was long over due. The dems defending salami are they themselves weakening the USA. I say bring it iran we will put you on the express train to allah and its about time we did and got some payback. Semper Fi.

  6. Its time to rid , permanently, the anti American politicians, in my world that's called treason, and they should be charged and punished for treason

  7. Look at this sneaky, snake wicked man!!! he needs a drink. Defending this is so embarrassing. Globally society is saying really what's happen to the great USA we once knew??? Who are these clowns dressed in suits and ties following this train wreck. As always Fox to the rescue. There is no good coming from this. Trying to be tough, act tough, talk tough can't hide the truth of who he really is. Americans now know and they do regret voting for this clown. Some of you will not admit this but go along to get along with false defense. Our great deserves better.

  8. Estados Unidos es un país de asesinos. Solo en Irak ya mataron, en tiempos de Bush a 1´750,000 seres humanos. Y todo por petróleo y riqueza ajena. Estados Unidos miente al mundo, se llena de excusas, para invadir naciones inocentes, pero ricas en recursos naturales. Ahora, una vez más, como en Libia, Siria, Libano, Yugoslavia, Ucrania, etc., a asesinado a un general iraní sin que Estados Unidos hubiera sido atacado por Irán. Que Dios condene a Estados Unidos.

  9. Yet we have our stupid Hollywood celebrities begging for forgiveness ….. why is it the stupid uneducated people that have the millions lol!!!

  10. Trump is so divisive. With his every move he divides the traitors from the patriots. This kind of divisiveness has got to stop. Why don't the Democrats impeach him now?

  11. If President Trump brief the Democrat before there a strike, they would have sent John Kerry to brief the Iranian before the strike,

  12. Is it true Eric Trump tweeted about the killing of Soleimani before it happened? Did Donald tell Eric about the killing at Mar-a-Lago?

  13. At this point if your a democrat your anti-American plain and simple. The mask has come off. Politics stops at the waters edge. Like it did on the Obama years.

  14. The dirty Democrats are pissed off because they can't work with Iran they got caught with their pants down hallelujah praise the lord

  15. So Democrats want to vote a resolution to limit or stop Trump from being able to have military action to do what is best for our country. What are they planning to do if Iran starts bombing America if they stop Trump from doing his job for America?

  16. Democrat distate?… correction, it is hate for the president. And their hate is leading them to failure again, and again.

  17. One soldier removed from the battlefield and the size of the battlefield multiplied by a thousand ???? When the dead start to arrive, dont everybody look surprised !!!

  18. What’s up with Mitch he’s not following the US constitution when it come to impeachment. It’s a trial you are not suppose to take direction from the president he’s the person on trial what an idiot.

  19. But many liberal left medias are trying to stir fear by talking about Iran threats. Like Iran making the President a target. Well, that would be a really really bad idea to try to take out the U.S. President.

  20. Dems are inciting violence. Criticizing (speaking) before knowing the facts is a sign of an ill informed, overly emotional ignoramus. You would think our elected officials would represent some of our wisest citizens. Apparently we need a new innovative way to inform voters prior to elections. Maybe an app laying out incumbents congressional voting records, past quotes shining light on political beliefs and alignments constitutionally. What these politicians are getting away with borders on treason. The people must take this country back. Most politicians have lost their way. They no longer speak for the majority of Americans.

  21. Unfortunately our allies won't be quick to follow the US lead this time around. Further fractioning our delacate alliances. Huge win for KGB commander Putin

  22. Pelosi is connected to Solami and so is Strozk. And more on a pipeline out of Iran. Ukraine is small potatoes compared to the dealings with Iran. Treason abounds within our government .

  23. If the reaction of democrats doesn’t show you how out of touch with reality they are then you are so deep into TDS you need mental health treatment.

  24. If they had know about it the only thing the dems would have done is warn their friends and family in Iran! All Demo-Nazis care about is hurting Americans and destroying the Constitution!

  25. I'm sorry fir Soleimani's family and children.! No matter who you are…its hard to lose a loved one.! But…look at who/how he was.! Imagine…what GOD can do to him.!


  27. "We are Americans first" fall on deaf ears with Democrats. They've already expressed openly being American equates to being Satan himself.

  28. History has shown the USa (United snakes of aipac) political culture its began and involved with assassination and infringement .

  29. All demo in Washington need to go to front line without all your bodyguards or protection of any kind…then maybe you will come back with a ounce of common sense and praise our President Trump for swift action he deemed necessary…he can not tell the Washington swamp anything…no honesty or decency left in them… proven by way they strong armed the impeachment hearings… then crying like babies because can’t strong arm the Senate or the best PRESIDENT EVER FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE INNOCENT PEOPLE OF THE WORLD…Evil people need to be handled swiftly and appropriately🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸GOD BLESS PROTECT AND GUIDE OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP HUS ADMINISTRATION AND ALL OUR MILITARY, in JESUS NAME AMEN 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. Our congress is SUPPOSED to be OUR leadership…….NOT IRANS.

    Deport these unhappy congressmen and women to iran to work for their congress.

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