Maria Bartiromo warns against knee-jerk reactions to market selloff

Maria Bartiromo warns against knee-jerk reactions to market selloff

50 thoughts on “Maria Bartiromo warns against knee-jerk reactions to market selloff

  1. Gold? I heard it was a sham. Tell us of the impending doom after Trump 2020? He will hold off the recession best he can but after he leaves the grid will collapse the banking system will fail and we will plummet into an ice age. Talk about it. Don't hide don't lie. Let's prepare.

  2. The economy will collapse and Trump will not get re-elected because people will blame him. Bernie can then seize the country. BERNIE 2020

  3. While it may be Too Late …
    I would move to Cash or Strong USA to allow Sit Back / See how Corona Things Plan Out …

    So what it you "may" lose a little $$ to some market movement ( I don't Think so ) .. … if you Hold … you will See your positions Drop to extent that it will take 8-14 mo to Recover to your Present Position .. and then ..the upTick will be Slow

  4. Once again, we need Cell Phones, Smart devices and Computer Devices MADE IN THE USA!! Our National Security is at risk.

  5. She's talking like a Never Trumper!She doesn't know His plans or possess His amount of knowledge!!!
    Trump 2020 and beyond! Remove all people not in line and make this a one party system! Loyalty to the Republican Party and it's Leader for life!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  6. You know what happens when the market goes down you can buy in and get a better deal, then the market will go back up!!!!

  7. Looks like the feds going to have to inject the stock market again this month with more free taxpayer US Treasury money

  8. WHO is lead by bunch of corrupt incompete globalists who are acting as Chinese mouthpiece. Never trust these clowns even for a single minutes.

  9. MariaB is a serious journalist. That being said, today Wall Street has rolled out everyone from Warren Buffett to Jim Cramer … and even Trump … to try to talk down a market free-fall. And when you watch Cramer & Buffett talk, they are so scared they stutter & stumble through incomplete thoughts during their entire interviews.

  10. I never panic but I do wish I had held back investing my bonus money until today, would have picked up some amazing deals !!

  11. hope we learn something from this give them lo was business all the word depend on them hope no more let start Bach our companies a Nd mama and papa Po a small business.ok.

  12. Its ridiculous how US stock market over reacts to almost any Globalist issue.. Why MADE in USA NOT DESIGNED in the USA is more important then ever to get back.

  13. Leave things as they are, you cannot "time" the market and it will rebound much faster than you'll be able to get back in. This will end as soon as the virus comes under control.

  14. I don’t understand this. I mean, if Cancer is known to cause multi-deaths around the world and is considered normal, how many coronavirus deaths does it take to call it a pandemic.

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