Man Found Dead Covered In Spiders

Man Found Dead Covered In Spiders

You don’t know it, but while you sleep, they
scurry across your body, their tiny legs tickling your skin as they search for food or shelter. Bugs find their way everywhere, and you can
bet while you’re peacefully enjoying your slumber, your body is nothing but another
obstacle for them to climb upon. And climb upon, they do… Grossed out yet? Well, we’re just preparing you for this unsettling
episode we have in store for you tonight. We’re going full “creepy crawly” on you with
these three hair-raising tales of insect interactions. Dying from an Egyptian curse, being covered
in spiders and eating a sandwich full of bees. It’s time for you to decide what is fact..
and fiction. The line that divides the factual from the
unreal has long since blurred, the tales we once thought fantastical now implanted as
truth. To decipher verity from the imagined, you
must break from the ordinary and consider a universe where the outlandish prevails. Can you expand your mind to see beyond our
perceived reality? Can you decide what’s fact or fiction? Are you cautious as to what goes into your
mouth? Andria Upchurch enjoyed a good meal as much
as the next person, but she was also a very picky eater. Well, she had to be picky, being allergic
to so many different things. During a peaceful lunch in the park one day,
she discovered she had yet another allergy. Story # 1: A Light Lunch
It was simply something that Andria needed – a quiet lunch away from the office in the
serenity of her favorite park. She didn’t do it often, but this stressful
day, she opted for a longer lunch, hoping to enjoy the quiet and temperate weather of
spring. She only planned to spend a small sliver of
her 2-hour lunch break to actually eat, and the rest meandering around the greenery admiring
the local wildlife. Her lunch option that day was light and, as
always, fit within the diet she has to stick to. Being allergic to gluten, nuts, most seafood,
egg, dairy, and a host of other foods, most of her meals required a lot of planning. Today, it was a simple cucumber salad. She took bite after bite, enjoying the warm
air against her skin. The day’s nonsense started to melt away as
she grew accustomed to the beauty of nature. In the distance, a small dog barked as it
chased a wandering frisbee, but that was the extent of any distractions that day. That was, of course, until Andria let out
a screeching yelp. After a bite of salad, something sharp seemed
to pierce the inside of her throat. It was a noticeable pain that lingered as
if a foreign object had been in her salad and cut the inside of her esophagus. She took two large drinks from her water bottle
before it finally dislodged. Before she could make sense of what she swallowed,
she could feel her throat closing up and her mouth swelling. Before panic set in, Andria was confused as
to what she was reacting to. She carefully made her salad and was sure
to include her usual assortment of ingredients. As her breathing grew shallow, she had a fleeting
thought that someone at the office slipped something in. Andria tried to dial 911, but in her panic,
she only fumbled with the buttons. Her head grew light and the world started
to spin, and just as she was about to black out, she felt a firm grip on her shoulder. When she woke, she wasn’t met by the beauty
of the sun, but by a bright fluorescent light shining above her. A nurse was at her side, fiddling with whatever
medical equipment she had been hooked up to. The hour that past, Andria attempted to piece
together what happened with the doctor and nurses. During their conversation, she learned of
her savior, the man with the dog, who saw her struggling and called 911. The doctor also advised her of the very strange
way she came to find she was also allergic to bees: by swallowing one. Well, that was unbelievable. More-so for Andria, of course. Do you think she could have swallowed a bee
without realizing it? It could have snuck into her salad, but – and
I shudder to even say this out loud – wouldn’t she have chewed it up or even felt it in her
mouth? While you mull over this story, let us know
what you think in the comment section and vote now using the on-screen poll. Now, put Andria in the back of your mind for
a moment because it’s time to introduce you to Jack Vanis, an eclectic man if there ever
was one. Jack mostly kept to himself and was passionate
about aquariums full of different wildlife. He even owned a personal pet shop, but as
he would find, these pets were better off in the wild. Story # 2: Feed Your Pets
His parents had always hated his obsession with exotic insects, but when he moved out,
Jack was quick to start his collection. He never intended it to get as large as it
did, but over the years he amassed quite the collection of lizards, insects, and eight-legged
creatures. To the very few people that ever entered his
home, it was a veritable horror show. For Jack, it was a soothing escape from the
dullards he was forced to work with. On that particular day, he needed their company
the most. He felt he had a connection to all of them,
but one fascinated him the most: a black widow that was fairly new to his collection. As much as he loved to feel his snakes coiling
around his body or the rough skin of his bearded dragon under his fingers, he thought the tickling
of the widow’s legs was especially comforting. He was still growing accustomed to the widow,
so he stuck his hand in her container slowly. She was especially active that day and moved
from the floor to his finger rather quickly. He to moved quick to follow her motions and
didn’t lose sight of her as she sped up his knuckle, across his palm, and to his wrist. She seemed to stop dead in her tracks to contemplate
the little bump at the center of his wrist. Jack watched her and admired the smooth black
husk and the red marking. He was fascinated by her, but his trance was
broken by the ring of his phone. As the ringing cut the dead silence where
he kept his collection, he jerked his hand, startled, causing the widow to strike. The bite wasn’t immediately painful, just
a light burning that, over the seconds that followed, seemed to grow worse. The spider had fallen from his wrist and scurried
away, but Jack was too busy looking at the growing red spot on his body. He hadn’t researched black widow bites much,
but he recalled reading how they weren’t fatal. So, he tended to the wound and tried to ignore
the throbbing pain that radiated from it. In the minutes that followed, the pain intensified,
but Jack still referred back to the article he had read. He tried to distract himself with some of
his other living collectibles. He let his snake coil around his arm and a
gecko climb up the back of his neck. Nothing could distract him, though. Jack started to lose track of himself. As the pain worsened, it coursed further up
his arm, and, as it reached near his chest, he started to move absentmindedly. His mind was in a haze, his thoughts clouded
and unclear. He grew delirious and started to open every
cage around him, letting out his amassed collection of oddities. Then, as the pain hit his chest, he came to
realize that just maybe, he had misread that article. Maybe it was that black widow bites were rarely
deadly. It was a fleeting thought as he slumped over
the sofa, his hand clenching from the intense pain near his heart. That, at least, is one version of the death
of Jack Vanis that goes around. There was no real indication of what happened
in his final moments as his body succumbed to the black widow bite. All the reports could say for sure is that,
when police arrived after responding to complaints of an unpleasant odor, they found Jack covered
in webbing, his body partially devoured by the exotic collection of insects, spiders,
and lizards that were set loose. This sounds like a tale fit for a horror story. Do you think Jack’s own zoo of insects and
lizards would turn him into a feast? Black widow spiders aren’t known for being
deadly to humans, but a reaction could have wound up killing him. Are we tangling you in a web of falsities
or did this story really happen? Vote now using the on-screen poll and prepare
yourself for our third tragic story of Greggory George, a man whose own lust for exploration
led to his untimely demise. An archaeologist with a thirst for the unknown,
Greggory uncovered a prized possession, only to have his joy unexpectedly ripped away from
him. Story # 3: King Tut’s Curse
The year was 1881 and the place was the Valley of the Kings in the East Valley of Thebes. Greggory George’s expedition had been hard
at work in the desert sun, struggling against the loose sand that continued to blow into
their faces. Even Greggory, a man of optimism, was growing
weary that they’d find anything. Though hope was starting to dwindle and the
desire to continue fighting the heat and the elements wained, the excited cries of one
of George’s workers brought life back to the expedition. It was the tomb of Ramesses II, Pharaoh of
Egypt, Successor of Seti I. During the 19th dynasty, Ramesses II, or Ozymandias
to the Greeks, ruled over Egypt and reasserted control over Canaan. He fought sea pirates, bartered with the Hittites,
and marched into Libya. The discovery of his tomb would do wonders
for George’s career. Unfortunately, his excitement would be short-lived. They called it the Curse of Ramesses. After his discovery, Greggory George earned
world fame. As far as Egyptologists go, he struck gold
and would be able to ride this until his retirement. While he hoped to fully enjoy the fame that
his find gave him, in the weeks after the discovery, he started to grow ill. Within a month, his body was weak and was
barely able to return to the site of the tomb. His discovery awaited his return and he was
anxious to get back to the Valley of the Kings to further explore his career-defining tomb. His illness forced him to remain in Cairo,
however, some 393-miles from Ramesses II’s tomb. Greggory frustratingly waited for his health
to improve so he could return to his discovery, but two months after the excitement started,
he met his demise. The legacy of Greggory was intertwined with
Ramesses II’s tomb forever, with some believing he fell victim to a curse put upon the crypt. Medical professionals had a reason more rooted
in logic and science: Greggory had been bitten by a mosquito and, while shaving one day,
broke the skin and spread the infection of erysipelas. Was it really an infection caused by a mosquito
that killed him? Or was Greggory and his team cursed by the
tomb? It all seems very coincidental, no? Well, then, maybe this is just a fabrication
of our imaginations? Are you starting to itch from all these stories
about bugs? Worry not, it’s time for the moment you’ve
been waiting for, the reveal. Are you ready to find out if you can decipher
between fact or fiction? Let’s look back at tonight’s three stories
and find out which were born from reality and which were fabrications of the imagination. We started this segment with the story of
Andria Upchurch and the deadly sandwich. It’s a gross way to find out you’re allergic
to bees, but did it actually happen? While there have been cases of people accidentally
swallowing bees, the exact events in our story were not cited from any articles and are entirely
fictional. The story of Jack Vanis is a horrific one,
so appalling that it must have been conceived by a demented mind. Though we’d love to take credit for it, we
happened upon this story a while back while scouring the internet. The unfortunate man in question was Mark Voegle,
and the name is pretty much all that was changed. He did allegedly die from a black widow bite
and was found partially consumed by his exotic collection. There was no report as to the Dortmund, Germany
resident’s final moments, but he was found covered in more than 200 spiders, a collection
of snakes, and even thousands of termites. Finally, we have Greggory George, archaeologist,
Egyptologist, and an unfortunate casualty of strange circumstances. Did he succumb to the Curse of Ramesses II? Not quite, but this story is based on true
events. The man this story is based on is George Herbert,
5th Earl of Carnarvon. While he did die shortly after opening an
Egyptian tomb, it was that of Tutankhamun. His death was believed to have started with
blood poisoning caused by shaving a mosquito bite that was infected by erysipelas, a skin
bacteria. How well did you do in tonight’s video? Did you look past the deception of our world
and define the oft-blurred line that struggles to separate lies from the truth? Let us all know in the comment section below
and should you find the urge to test your perceptions again, be sure to subscribe and
join us next time when we ask you to decide what’s fact… or fiction.

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  1. Once woke up to something on my hand, it was a very Large Wolf spider, i shook it off to the ground, it scurried away…I went back to sleep.
    Insects are Everywhere.

  2. About 2 years ago I was walking past my house until i stepped on something and it was what looked like a Huntsman Spider. A few days later thier were 3 more of them in my bathtub, so…i chaught them so my 3 year old sister wasn't scared of getting a bath.

  3. I love all creatures so i honestly don't care if they crawl on me while i sleep. Im not squeamish i dont know why people think they are disgusting tbh

  4. I'm the 555th viewer. XD
    I think I have already read the 2nd story somewhere. Though it could also have been among urban legends.

  5. Jonathan Frakes would be proud of you jim. ๐Ÿ‘ If you can incorporate supernatural, cryptid and extraordinary / mysterious encounters in to this series, I'll be a die hard fan.๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ•ต๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ˜ˆ = ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  6. The internet has so warped my sense of humor that the phrase "a sandwich full of bees" cannot be anything except hilarious to me.

  7. Here we go! >:o

    1st is FICTION! 2nd FACT and 3rd FACT! ๐Ÿ˜€

    HUZAAH!!! VICTORY! HAAH! Excellent! ;P Thanks, Jim!

  8. The middle story is false. Looks like Fact or Fiction got fooled. Itโ€™s an urban legend. Google โ€œmedia watch: spider baitโ€ for proof

  9. … and lizards, but none of the lizards mentioned eat flesh… The closest you get is bearded dragons being able to consume infant mice… Lizards aren't monsters! At least usually the ones that don't get heavier than 6 lbs which would apply to the gila monster and komodo dragon.

  10. It would take a special kind of stupid to have a black widow as a pet. Only the dreaded Brown Recluse is more terrifying.

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