Lone Wolf No Club

Lone Wolf No Club

My Ghosts in this episode we talk about lone wolfs independent bikers that rep no club that wear patches that rep not being in a club and i give you my opinion on this episode of Demons Row TV and Oh yea we Ghostin baby! My Ghosts welcome to Demons Row TV the holy grail of MC Culture were we cover everything motorcycle club involved im Chopper Sosa im your host for the evening and today were gonna talk about the lone wolfs the independants wearing patches that resemble MC colors first things first shout to all my new subscribers i wanna welcome you to the row in the comments give me your name and your state and what affiliation if your in a motorcycle club or your a lone wolf hit me with that in the comments so i could welcome you to the row we turn it into a timeline so once the video drops we just all start chattin it up and start talking about the topic so the first thing ima tell you is to hit me with that #ghostin and they lets me know your alive and well sittin on 2s doin what you do now lets get into it my lone wolfs my independents to be alone means that its just you we all agree on that right so if its just you why would you represent a patch that 1000s of people rep how are you alone then you got more people with you then not with you so my whole theory on the lone wolf thing is just basically that its a oxymoron if your an individual then you should be wearing individual shit like you should be wearing maybe something that represents you yourself as a person something that fits your character your style and this is to the people that are very anti club because its funny because alot of people that wear the lone wolf stuff are very anti club but your portraying a MC your wearing patches that Mcs wear this MC shit your trying to portray the image of a MC and alot yall get on the leo Mcs and you know cop club stuff but its the same thing the portrayal of something else its not authentic if you dont earn something you dont put it on your back how do you earn a lone wolf patch and how are you truly a lone wolf if your wearing a patch that 1000s 100s i dont know how many people wear them cuz i dont personally see them but i need to pay attention more because sometimes im not were in different spots when were partying then like lone wolves would be at like lone wolfs usually dont hang out at spots were 1%ers are at you know what i mean why would you throw on some ship you didnt earn thats just my thing my major thing like how as a grown man do you go to a store and say i wanna buy this rocker im gonna put this here and then you know what i mean like as a grown man you should know like everything is earned nothing is given so why would you just put some ship on and then try to look cool and try to be tuff and look like your in a club no my opinion is if you wanna look like a MC join a MC put the work in nobody wants to prospect anymore thats the problem and thats were the little hate shit that i always see in the comments it always comes from a disgruntled lone wolf

100 thoughts on “Lone Wolf No Club

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  2. I was in the military 20 years. On my I have the Marine Corps pitch over tip of it says U.S Marine. And under it has my home town on the right side is the years I served left side tell my m.o. I have had so called lone wolfs approach me say I didn't deserve to have that on.my back they found out real fast who didn't deserve anything on there back

  3. I agree mate my leather is clear as I ride alone , I'm an old bloke I guess don't have a need to be patching for the sake of it .
    I leave that to the people who do that ,none of my business ….cause I'm a loner it just is .
    I don't really hang about where MC blokes are , but feel I get it when they get pissed off with people who do silly shit, again none of my business though when it comes to it full stop.
    Respect mate from Australia.

  4. Call it what you want but a vest can hold some shit! Patches just say some shit! If you have to call yourself something… The term of Lone wolf works well for most people that can’t join a club. And that is what they are saying bu having the patch. When you have a patch, whether three piece or just some Harley logo, you’re making a statement. Straight up some people are not smart enough to know what they are saying! That is the biggest issue!! I’m not in a club. I love to ride!
    When you have a sons of anarchy cut on a Honda rebel…. that says a lot! But if you are stupid enough to put a 1% diamond next to a Lonewolf patch…. then you deserve what you get!

    Dig the videos. I ride in la. Different coast but same rules.

  5. It's so fucking stupid. Nothing can ruin my mood then someone pointing out one of those idiots wearing that joke. I go out of my way to punk them.

  6. I ride my way, where I want when I want to. It's none of my business what others do or how they do it. I expect the same. Nice bit dude, respect.

  7. #Ghostin I ride solo most of the time. I don’t see any need to put on a cut and pretend to be something I’m not. For those who do, it’s as simple as join a MC , RC or even a MM.

  8. So I don't ride but I'm a veteran. If someone is wearing their units patch on their back is that considered wrong? Because that was definitely earned.

  9. Ride legal, no club, no affiliation. No patch, or badge. Recognise everyone, ride a 1100, wave to a 50. We all share the road. Anyone on two wheels that doesn't drive like a dickhead, gets my respect .

  10. I don't belong to an M.C. and I rock all my earned Military related patches including a 3 piece denoting the unit I belonged to.Ive only had 1 lady give me grief saying that H.A. was gonna whoop my ass if they ever saw what I was wearing. All other clubs I've approached have given me a thumbs up and have told me that true 1% M.C.s don't fuck with Veterans.That being said, even if 1%M.C.s don't fuck with Veterans,I still do my best to mind my P's and Q's around an M.C. as respect goes both ways.

  11. I'm a 53 year old motorcycle mechanic and painter, ride nothing but my bikes,no car for 35 years, have been asked to join clubs a few times,1% and otherwise, I'm not interested , I wear my independent patch so when I go to rallies to look at bikes people stop asking me what club do I belong to. .period.

  12. Man I always ride solo nd if someone wants to ride with or along then let's go nd chill if not it don't bother me none ….don't fake the funk cause you can or will be hurt…#ghosten

  13. Will someone explain to me why guys are fighting over a territory they don't own or why it is disrespectful to fly colors in an area you did not get permission? I have been in the military 20 years and currently on my third tour (second time in Iraq) I have seen what war and deconstruction does to people. I would like to join a club but I want the real insides and out before doing so. People talk about prospecting as if it is boot camp. To me, willing to die for your country is one thing, but dying just to ride is another. I am looking for a positive brotherhood. Sorry for hijacking your blog brother, but i just wanted to know, with all sincerity. #Ghostin #Iraq #stop the violence, all of it….

  14. Been a lone wolf for 16 years now never had any trouble because I don't wear a vest or any MC apparel. I wear regular clothes. It's like what you said You Didn't Earn It You Don't Wear It PERIOD

  15. I am a independent, period. From Florida. I agree with you in earning your patches and not broadcasting your self. What do you have to prove, nothing. If you are not in a club then don’t try to Imamate.

  16. People can’t even wear patches now that get them in trouble ..most bikers cruise in there car now.. I’m not a biker just watch the news

  17. My back says INDEPENDANT!!! I'm a gang of one!! Done the club shit for to long and got shit on. Enjoy your life, I'll do mine!!!

  18. Only patches I rock are the roads I've rode. My brother wanted me to bring him a patch from the dragon and I told him he had to earn it first.

  19. I love the lone wolfs that belong to a fb group that are all for lone wolfs, but try to meet up with other lone wolfs to ride with to show they are a group of lone wolfs. These fuckers just need a ass kicking.

  20. Can u do a show on how Harley is the main brand and why… Any bike culbs thats not Harley?. Does a mc have to be Harley?

  21. If all goes good for me I will buying my first bike soon. If so I am looking at becoming a lone wolf so this video is extremely helpful. I never planned on wearing any MC colors/patches cause I am not stupid. With that said is there anymore advice to make sure that 1) I never cross any boundaries that would insult any MC club 2) be able to just ride around my new bike. Thank you in advance.

  22. greetings choppersosa from england we dont have 3 piece patches saying lone wolf we have a single rectangle patch which is placed on the front of a leather waist coat or jacket about shoulder high and the name of the person wearing it on the opposite side could i use my internet name on a patch on the front of my jacket i have had this name since 2005 as i was broadcasting movies tv shows and music i think ive earned my patch im known all over the world

  23. Spud 81 Nanaimo. New to channel

    A lone wolf is a plan black vest. End of story.
    The lone wolf patch is a fake non club club.
    I see a lone wolf patch it goes the Burn Burrell….
    You don’t wear anything you didn’t earn.

  24. Stolen valor!!!! The buffalo soldiers wanted me in there club. Can't do it never served. So when I ride withthenfrom time to time when people say thanks for your service I say I never served. I do belong to a club that fits me.

  25. No problem with clubs.
    I dont prospect because I'm 56, supporting kids, other people's kids, grandkids. I cant devote the time to a club.

  26. Lone wolf or independent. I don't wear anything that looks like a cut. Don't need the potential drama and don't want any of it. I just want to ride when I can and where I can.

  27. No patches on my back as I am not a member of a club and don't wish to confuse the issue. I have a patch on the front of my vest that says "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Earned Veteran status in 2004 as a member of the California Air National Guard serving at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. OIF = Good Times. My Motorcycle = Good Times. #Ghostin

  28. There is no need to wear lone wolf or independent patches if you ain't with or support a club don't wear patches full stop , keep it simple and don't offend anyone , I'm a lone wolf but still respect those who choose to go the club route

  29. What's up I'm throttle president of the Freedom Riders motorcycle ministry in rapid city, sd. We are not a club just a ministry.

  30. #Ghostin as an independent I go bare bones… As a disabled vet I don't need any drama on the streets… What could I rock without showing disrespect or to lessen unwanted attention?

  31. If you're a lone wolf in the motorcycle world it means you are not a part of a club and you don't not portray yourself to be a club member you do not wear apparel that would give off your parents that you are a member of a club which includes patches me personally I wouldn't even wear a leather cut. I personally I have a cut but it's mostly with just metal bands that I support in our fan of nothing more nothing less. Ask for the Tough Top the gun talk with it be over the Internet or face-to-face everybody's tough until they get punched in the mouth or a gun in they face so me I stay in the civilians place they can have that gangster shit

  32. Ghost living in Pennsylvania. Lone Wolf. No patches at all. I do have a question. How do others feel about the biker code patch and how do they feel about the dilligaf patch if not in a club?

  33. Strange that some people want to be known as a lone wolf, wolves are pack animals And survive from their place in a pack ,wolves that lose their place die alone .

  34. I ride alone with no patches. In my opinion most people want to belong to something. They do not like going alone so they find other like minded people to be with. In this case motorcycle clubs. In my opinion those individuals who wear lone wolf patches want to belong but for whatever reason cannot. They are not trying to disrespect patched club members they are trying to be like you but just do not know how. A true lone wolf does not need to advertise they just go and do their own thing.

  35. I live for my self and andswer to nobody,have my ex-brit Army patch thats it.
    As for joining a MC i had my chance also one of the big five worldwide ,BUT i have done enough order taking for 2 lifespans.

  36. Question…. I don't ride with a club. I have nothing on my back. On my front I have a tactical American flag and a tactical Colorado flag. I have a name badge with my nickname and a side rocker with my last name. Thoughts?

  37. I don't get why all you big bad "bikers" drive harley's. They are junk. Oil dripping low horse power crap. I think some of you may have watch soa a little too much.

  38. Hey Mr. Chopper Sosa! I would like to ask? I have a vest with a small one-piece patch in the front which has the Wolf logo on the front. I wear it as a statement just to say I don't belong to a club just ride. It is no way that looks like a cut (No way). do you think it's okay? ( I know you can't speak for everyone, and would never -ever want to disrespect) Thank you! Love the channel!

  39. I concur with the ideology that people who wear lone wolf patches are tryna look cool. Patches create uniformity……..but the objective behind being a lone wolf is to maintain individuality.

  40. #ghostin
    Smooth , Chicagoland area!
    Former club member, life took me in a different direction. Not anti club just can’t commit to a club anymore. I don’t wear any kind of patch!

  41. @Demons Row
    Not tryin to ask any stupid questions so please bear with me. If I ride with my denim vest that has band patches all over it front and back, no MC stuff or disrespectful shit do you think I’ll have any problems? Local area has no clubs at all. There’s a Bandidos chapter 90 miles away. I know I’m in Bandido territory even if they don’t ride out here. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m truly a loner, not a wannabe soa type dude I just love metal music and bobbers.

  42. What's with H.O.G.? What's with biker who more look like Hip Hop guys? many biker use the iron cross ,(They never served in the German army.They still use it and it came from the German templars).???

  43. Can we please talk about these car clubs and social clubs rocking 3 peace patches trying to portray a MC club.. why are the 1% not enforcing this.

  44. I respect your opinion. I will even say you are right if you are making generalizations. I appreciate your respect as a biker. Some of us EARNED our "lone wolf" . Some of us chose it above all else. My cut…. MY CUT, no one elses, bears my rocker and patches and what nots. My top rocker is lone wolf… and it means something to me. I ride black…. respect to clubs overall. just thought you might appreciate some of us get it. Some of us come from that, some of us could have been that, and just because,,, some of us chose not to. Wheels down and be safe man.

  45. Hello mate, as you say, a lone wolf is the same as buying from E bay, is that correct ish 😳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  46. It would be great to get a real opinion on 1% chaplains or independent Chaplain. I could let you in on what i do for the metro NY area and how i got here.and you can tell me what youve seen. Respect!!!DON PREACHER-MAN

  47. I’ve personally seen a non affiliated individual go toe to toe/hands to hands with a 1%er member and woop this members ass to only be jump on and get beat the fuck down by a few other members. No honor in that. It’s that gang mentality toughness that these MC’s carry. More respect to a lone wolf than a guy who’s tough cause he has 50 other members behind him. This day and age many average looking dudes be training to fight and will put it down on a lot of these MC members while standing alone. So a patch won’t make you a bad ass but the 50 guys behind you will give that confidence. Much respect to all who respect all.

  48. Lol I can name three top 1% clubs that I have personally seen people not prospect. NO 💩… but the same damn clubs make a few or is known for long prospect times and hard clubs to get into. Bty I rode for two 1% clubs in my time . Only prospected for one

  49. Love the video. But I dont love that you assume all patched members are “tough guys” KEEP UP THE GREAT CONTENT @choppersosa

  50. Hey Sosa I have patches one that says my last name n the other one that says In Gods Hands. Can I stich them on to my cut? I'm a solo rider

  51. I don't ride with an MC, only patches on my vest r the Texas and American flags. The only 2 things I need to represent.

  52. I see dudes wearing stuff that say Lone Wolf and stuff always have stuff like "DILLIGAF" and all of these other supposedly bad ass slogans. It just looks like they are trying to hard.

  53. I've been riding a long time. I have a cut with my military colors and branch of service. I'm pretty sure I've earned it……………

  54. I'm a lone wolf. I only put patches on my vest of places I've been and things I've done and miles I've ridden. Example: " I rode mine Sturgis" patches and " Iron butt" patches

  55. I’m a Christian ministry biker how can’t join a Christian MCs because I was a Correctional Officer in my past. How do you all feel about this subject.

  56. Yeah, back patches that aren't club patches just don;t seem right. When I was with a club, I wore a patch. Now that I'm not, I don't. Just doesn't feel right to wear anything on my back without being affiliated with a club. Just my opinion.
    I don't know, maybe these guys with their lone wolf Amazon patches are just trying to look cool, but maybe they just don't really get it. I don't think they really understand the difference.

  57. No patches, pins, support shirts etc. I love motorcycles, if your life is clubs so be it. It's hard to find real brotherhood now days. Just catch a federal charge. You can't win, they got you, the difference is how long you want to sit. Would your brothers do ten for you? So the Feds will offer you long or shorter time. Something certainly to weigh out. The Feds hold all the cards.

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