Lone Wolf: Firing Pin Assembly and Breakdown for Glock

Lone Wolf: Firing Pin Assembly and Breakdown for Glock

To disassemble and reassemble your firing
pin assembly, you will need only the following item: a pair of safety glasses. With the cover
plate removed, release spring tension on the spacer sleeve. Then remove the firing pin
assembly and turn it over, re-inserting it into the firing pin channel with the spacer
sleeve down. Spin the assembly so the lug on the firing pin rests on the end of the
slide, to hold it in place while you compress the firing pin spring. Grip the upper end
of the firing pin spring firmly, and pull it down until the firing pin spring cups become
loose. Grip the firing pin spring cups carefully and lift them upward away from the firing
pin spring, then release the spring. Caution: the firing pin spring is under tension. Release
it slowly to prevent injury. Now remove the firing pin spring from the firing pin. Finally,
lift the firing pin and the spacer sleeve from the slide, grip the spacer sleeve, and
remove the spacer sleeve from the firing pin. The disassembly is now complete. You may also
use the following assembly procedure to replace your firing pin, spring cups, spacer sleeve,
or firing pin spring. First, replace the spacer sleeve on the firing pin, and pull the firing
pin lug up to the top of the slot in the spacer sleeve. Next, lower the firing pin and spacer
sleeve into the slide, with the firing pin lug resting on the upper edge of the slide
as shown. Now slide the firing pin spring into position on the firing pin, then carefully
compress it against the spacer sleeve and hold it firmly in place. With the spring compressed,
carefully place each spring cup into position at the top of the spring. Be sure to orient
the cups so they do not meet at the end of the spring. With both spring cups in the correct
position, slowly release tension on the firing pin spring until the spring cups are tightly
held in place against the “step” on the firing pin as shown. Next, remove the firing pin
assembly from the slide, turn it over and re-insert it carefully into the firing pin
channel. The reassembly is now complete. For more information about this or other products,
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One thought on “Lone Wolf: Firing Pin Assembly and Breakdown for Glock

  1. I have to comment as I have purchased three lonewolfdist.com skeletonized titanium striker pins in the past. Two have snapped in the same way with minimal use to include during dry fire one of those times. The company by now must know their skeletonized titanium strikers are a defective design but the company still sells them. I usually don't believe in lawsuits but I think a class action lawsuit may be in order as I have read many complaints of the exact same breakage and still no recall? After my first one
    broke I returned it and www.lonewolfdist.com send me a defective replacement pin (same defective design).

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