Live Edge Wood Staircase in a Rustic Log Cabin | Working Alone

Live Edge Wood Staircase in a Rustic Log Cabin | Working Alone

(gentle guitar music) – There you are, chasing squirrels? What’s up? You get ’em? I’m cleaning off the roof because we’ve had a couple of
days of warm weather, including rain, like
scattered showers today. So all that snow on the
roof is starting to melt and compress and get
heavier as it absorbs water. And because the section of the cabin within the boundaries of the walls gets a lot of heat coming through the roof ’cause it’s not insulated,
gets to melting up there and then as it gets closer to
the eve where it’s unheated it turns to ice and then
creates a bit of a dam. With a shingle roof or something
it causes a major issue because then the dam, ice dam, dams the water that’s coming down the roof as it melts from the heat of the house and then that backs up and it
gets underneath the shingles. I don’t have an issue with this roof because it’s solid plank roof
all the way down vertically then under that I have
a waterproof membrane. So any water that does get
underneath these roof boards comes out underneath them. ‘Cause I’ve got some gaps
cut into the strapping so the water can escape but that being said, got a whole bunch of more snow coming in, maybe another six inches, 15 centimeters, tonight and tomorrow. So before that accumulates
into heavier snow I’ll see if I can at least
some of this water and ice off the roof today before
it refreezes again. Hmm. Nope. (ax thudding) (meat sizzling) Go on. Crazy. Brave but crazy. Got me a little nervous but she just goes running when she hears branches breaking but luckily it was just a tree
falling over from the snow. It’s just a good little rolling pin. Unless you want it. (Cali barking) (scratching) Hi Cali, you want in pup? (chuckles) You gonna try
to climb these stairs? (food sizzling) Hungry today. Can you give me five? Good girl. Other hand? Good girl. Now take that out. Oh, heavy. You want to take it outside? Here, no over here. Want to go out or you wanna have it here? You wanna go outside with it? I thought you might. Every morning I get up, especially on a, what is this Thursday morning today. So these frequent upload,
video uploads are interesting because I try to read
as many of your comments if not all of them as possible which means what I typically do, so I’ll put up a video one day, answer questions maybe for the first hour and then when I take a
break with lunch or dinner or like this just before breakfast while I’m having my coffee I
like to read the questions. One of the questions this morning was why don’t you get help? Why don’t you have help? I think the intent of it was why don’t you choose to have help, not why don’t you get
help, or can’t find help. I think what is happening for me is that I tried to do
this when I was younger and it only lasted three months, I ended up finishing the
cabin and had it for 10 years and used it as sort of a hunt
camp and a weekend retreat but my goal, my dream at that point was to live in the woods
like Henry David Thoreau (was my inspiration,
I guess, at the time). So I think what drew me to
this lifestyle back then is the same as it is now and
that’s that I don’t like the.. I think the limitations of the
rat race or typical society, I think the lack of freedom is probably my number one resentment and what wanted me, what drew
me to this lifestyle back then and like I said, and also now.. I don’t like having to
get up at a certain time, go to a job that I don’t
really feel passionate about, I don’t feel like there’s a connection, I don’t feel like it’s something that’s worthwhile of my time. And I think those kind
of jobs are hard to find. They exist and I encourage
everybody to try to find that because if you can it’s a
much more fulfilling life than one where you just
go through the paces and then hope that you get to spend some time on the weekends doing what you really love to do. But I think the alone thing,
the doing the building alone, and doing a lot of stuff
in the outdoors alone. First of all I’ve always felt
a deeper connection to nature when I’m out in the woods alone, or out on the lakes, whatever I’m doing. So I think that’s what
drew me to something, things like bow hunting and
fishing when I was younger is that it allowed me to, or forced me to become much closer to nature, pay more attention to everything because you had to get
close to everything, close to animals in order to have a chance at harvesting one for a meal. So when I was young one of the things I really liked to do with my
time before I became a hunter was to follow animals
around and birds and stuff and try to really get to know as much as I could about
nature and about wildlife. I started off by doing birdwatching, keeping a journal about
birds, learning their sounds, finding their nests to
see what kind of habitat they nested in and looking at their eggs. Getting close to nature just
forced me to really appreciate first of all that being alone allowed me to get closer to these animals and not having somebody else distracting me from my purpose there but also just pulling me off
in a different direction, so let’s say that I heard
a certain bird over here and the person I was with, like my sister I used to go out into the
woods with quite often, or sisters, and a couple friends. They might wanna go over
here and do this thing and you end up compromising
and maybe going there, I wanted to go here. So being alone allowed me to
focus on what I wanted to do and to I think learn a
lot more about myself and a lot more about nature by allowing me to pursue what
I was really interested in and what was worth my attention. So as I grew older and
reading Henry David Thoreau and Emerson talking about self reliance, I was inspired to go out and
try to do that full time. So it’s where I bought the
property up in this area, Central Ontario, very cheaply. I worked hard for it. And built that first cabin but actually before that log cabin I had a little island property, the first one that I bought
actually when I was 17 was a very cheap property, it was two acres on a large island in the middle of a midsize
lake in Central Ontario. And I actually built a
regular 2 x 4 cabin on that, covered it in sheet metal
because my dad was able to get a bunch of pieces of sheet metal, so a hideous looking
thing but very functional and spent two years boating to that island and building a fire pit
and all that kind of stuff and using that as a base camp to go out and hunt and fish and stuff. So that again taught me to be independent and a lot of times the
independence was sort of forced because people didn’t have
the focus or the determination to do that type of thing
with all of their free time. So even though I was heavy
into sports as a teenager, to hockey and soccer in particular and working out, going to the gym, a little bit of kickboxing
and judo and stuff like that. My real passion was the outdoors so every weekend I would
borrow my dad’s truck, amazing that my parents let me have, encouraged me and supported
me getting that property and then providing transportation, so I was able to go up
pretty well every weekend and any other time that I have off and work at that cabin and
spend time in the outdoors. So all of these things naturally I became independent because of it, became more self reliant and I got to the point
where I preferred it. Even though I am a friendly person, I do get along with people and I do have a fair number
of friends and family that I like to spend time with there’s still to me nothing like spending time in the outdoors alone. So I end up, and also
at this stage in my life and throughout my life
it’s rare to find somebody that has the time and again
the dedication or the focus on doing this particular thing when they have either
other responsibilities or other things that they want
to pursue, other passions. So I think that that fact, the fact that not everybody wants to do what I want to do all the time has led me to become independent but at this stage it’s just
become my preference as well. So even though I have friends and family and I spend a lot of time with
them when I’m not filming, that’s the reason that
I’m in Central Ontario instead of further way up north
back further into the woods ’cause actually that would
probably be my preference although I love the
landscape around here as well and the climate but I’d probably
be even much more remote if I didn’t have a family of course. I do spend a lot of time with
them whenever I’m not filming. That’s usually what I’m doing, I’m spending time with family. Now as far as the building’s concerned the same thing applies, not many people have the time to spend doing just this kind
of thing for themselves nevermind coming to help me
although I’ve had lots of offers and I really appreciate that but this place has become sort of a, I don’t know it’s become
my personal challenge, it’s become my legacy I guess, something that I want
to say that I’ve done. Not to brag and not to, not to impress anybody else but to I guess for me. I mean just for my satisfaction, for me to get closer to the end of my life and look back and see that
I did something valuable and that I did something that I loved and I had a fulfilling
and meaningful life, besides family being number one and that’s the most meaningful
thing I’ve done in my life is to raise two daughters
and have a fantastic wife. This would be the next thing
that I’d be most proud of is that I have been able to
build this place on my own without help and I’ve
rised to that challenge. And I think beyond that personal challenge it’s grown now to a point
where being able to share that with such a broad audience
and a large audience has made me realize how many people would inspire to do this kind of thing. To do something, to do
something with their lives that’s meaningful and fulfilling and oftentimes that means
doing something alone. I think for me I’m proud to be able to inspire people to
do something like this and to show that it can be done alone because most people will
find the same thing, it’s hard to find like-minded individuals whether it’s family or
friends or acquaintances that have the time and
effort and focus and passion to do exactly what you want to do. This is my way of showing
also too then to the world that you can put your mind to, you can do anything you put your mind to whether you’re alone or not. And I always think if one man can do, build a cabin and build a
home and build other things, and I’m by no means the
only man that has done this, it’s been done many
times throughout history and many people are doing
it still to this day. And I think anybody who is
showing that that’s possible can show that anything is possible and that there’s things
that then collectively, that you do together and you can create great
things and do great things. I think we have a responsibility if we are strong enough of
mind and body to be productive, to not be productive I think is a real disservice to ourselves, our families, our friends
and our communities. So I would say that beyond what I’m doing here
for myself and my family, that would be the message that I want to leave with this channel, on this channel with my videos is for people just to
be their best selves. Do what you can. Be strong. Be happy. And be caring. And you can be those things if
you’re confident and capable. And you’ve tested you’re limits and know what you are capable of and that you’re doing things
to your full potential. Well, so (laughs) that’s what I’m feeling this morning after reading comments. Tired actually, it was a
little bit warm in the loft, it was only minus four celsius last night so 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Cali. So 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire, I only had one small log on there from like 8 o’clock, 8:30,
went to bed early last night. Still over 60 degrees
Fahrenheit in here this morning so very comfortable. But a little bit too warm in
the loft for what I had on. I had full flannel sleeping bag or no a comforter thing that we use. Little warm. So I’m gonna make some
breakfast now I think and get to work. Little bit of cosmetic
stuff in the kitchen here and then get back out I think, start working on the sauna
while we have this mild weather. See if I can knock off several more courses of the walls on that. Once I dig the logs out of the snow. Anyway, thanks for watching guys, really appreciate it and I’ll
see ya at the cabin next time. Take care. (wolf howling)

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