Poor grandma. She’s just been so ill lately. I don’t know what to do. I’m so busy can’t go see her… Maybe I should send somebody But who? I know! Little Red Riding Hood, that would be perfect. She’s grandma’s favorite granddaughter. She made her the nice red hood and everything I think she would love it if LittleL Red Riding hood came and saw her. I can send some nice bread and stuff. I have some right here in the oven Ready to get out. Now, where is Little Red Riding Hood? Little Red Riding Hood! Little Red Riding Hood! Where are you? Oh, no, maybe she’s outside Little Red Riding Hood. I hear somebody calling me. Mama! I’m coming Mommy, are you calling me? Yes. I am. Come here Little Red Riding Hood. Okay. I have a job for you. Come on, come inside, and I’ll tell you all about it Okay, Little Red Riding Hood. Do you want to go to see Grandma? Yes. Do you know where she lives? Yes. You do? Where does she live? In the forest to live in the cottage. Yep, that’s right, but grandma is not feeling very good She’s feeling sick, so I want you to bring her this nice bread and jam that I made. Okay. Can you do that? Yes. While you’re in the woods you have to be really careful you have to stay on the path You know the path don’t you? Yes. The path that we always go on Yeah? Mmm hmm. Okay, well I want you to stay on the path and don’t talk to any strangers okay? Okay. Good girl Okay, are you ready to go? Laughter Mom – That’s funny! Here’s your basket Now you’re all ready to go Remember stay on the path and be careful. Okay. Bye. Bye… Bye Mama… (singing) I’m going to grandma’s house (singing) and I’m going to pick some pretty flowers… (singing)and I’m going to grandma’s house… I made it to the woods, and I’m going to pick some flowers by those trees… (Singing)Pretty flowers in the woods… Hello, little girl. What’s your name? Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood? And where are you going Little Red Riding Hood? To Grandma’s house. Why you go to Grandma’s house? Because. And where does she live this grandma? In the cottage to the woods. In the cottage? I know where the cottage is. I tell you what, you’re going the long way. Would you like to go the shorter way? Yes. Okay, what if you go around these trees? That is a quicker way, and you’ll get there sooner, okay? Okay safe journey… off you go now Yes Yes my plan worked Little Red Riding Hood will go the long way to Grandma’s house, and I will go the short way and gobble her up in one gulp and when Little Red Riding Hood comes to find her I will gobble her up too. Ha ha ha ha ha Ha I’ve made it to Grandma’s house My belly is rumbling. I can’t wait for my favorite meal of grandmas ha ha What a lovely quaint little cottage this is… look at the green foliage around the outside. It really is a nice little place Grandma, it’s Little Red Riding Hood. I’v brought you some bread. Is it okay if I come in and share it with you Grandma… Where are you? I’m in the bedroom, just go down the hall… Hello Grandma Hello Little Red Riding Hood Wow – You’ve grown… Yes, I’ve been eating very well lately Why don’t you have your red hood on? Well, I tripped over it in the woods and I couldn’t find it. Grandma. Did it blow away in the wind? No, I just tripped over it, but I’m here now Wow – What big ears you have… all the better to hear you with Grandma… Wow – You have big eyes… All the better to see you with Grandma… Wow look at those teeth! All the better to eat you with!! I can hear Little Red Riding Hood coming… oh no! Well, I don’t her to to run away because I’m so fat. I wouldn’t be able to run after her What shall I do? I know what I’ll do Pass me my glasses please. Pass me my glasses please Camera Man (laughter) Lovely – I forgot about these… I see Grandma’s house… I’ve got some flowers for her That will make her feel better Knock knock… Hello Grandma Hello Dear. I’m in the bedroom I’ve got you some nice bread oh, thank you dear. That’s very nice of you. What big ears you have Grandma All the better to hear you with my dear What big eyes you’ve got grandma. All the better to see you with my dear? What a big nose you have Grandma. All the better to smell you with with my dear But big hands you’ve got… all the better to cuddle you with my dear? What big teeth you have… all the better to EAT you with my dear But I chopped down lots of trees – probably going to sell them all tomorrow. Argh! You’re not Grandma, you are the Big Bad Wolf! Yes – I’m going to gobble you up! That sounds like the Big Bad Wolf I’m coming I’m coming I’m coming Chop chop Screaming I’m going to gobble you up! Where’s the wolf? Naughty wolf! Are you Okay? Ooh – My head hurts… Grandma out! Nooooo! No Noooo I’ve got to get a needle, I’ve got to get a needle and sew my belly up. Oh no… what am I going to do. I’m bleeding everywhere? Go away you horrible old wolf and never come back! Grandma, I love you…. My name is Noah, and I was a tree and I am five years old my name is Peter and I was a tree and I’m seven Years old I’m legacy, and I was the mom and a tree and I’m 12 years old My name is Libby, and I was a tree, and I helped behind the scenes and I am 14 years old My name is Joseph. I was a woodsman and the tree and I am 10 years old My name is Lorenzo, and I played the grandma and a tree and I’m 8 years old Say, my name is Zion. Okay. Don’t tell okay? my name is Zion and I am 3 years old and I was Red Riding Hood Hi, my name is John Vickery and I was the Big Bad Wolf and I am 33 years old

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