LION VS TIGER – Who is the real king?

LION VS TIGER – Who is the real king?

LION VS TIGER This is probably the most legendary fight in the animal kingdom! Who is the real king? This ultimate cat fight has happened more times than you might expect. The Romans pitted African lions against Asian tigers in the Colosseum, to the rip-roaring pleasure of the Plebeians. A few fights were also staged in the early decades of the 20th century, and on several modern occasions, accidental cross-species encounters at zoos have quickly developed into gruesome scenes. Lions are imposing cats that exhibit unrivaled teamwork among felines. These magnificent predators are world renowned, and for good reason! The lion is called the King of the Jungle and its majestic mane gives it a regal look. Throughout history, the African lion has represented courage and strength. Tigers are the largest and most powerful felines in the world and as such, many cultures consider the tiger to be a symbol of strength, courage and dignity. They are also among the most recognizable of cats due to their distinct orange coat, black stripes, and white markings. Size and Description The lion is the only cat exhibiting sexual dimorphism, which means that male and females lions look different from each other. Males are larger than females. A lion’s body ranges in length from 6 to 7 feet (1.8 to 2.1 metres), with a 26 to 40 inch tail (0,6 -1 meters). Weight runs between 250 to 450 pounds (120 – 200 kilograms). Adult lions range in color from buff to gray to various shades of brown. Both males and females are powerful, muscular cats with rounded heads and ears. Only adult male lions display a brown, rust, or black mane, which extends down the neck and chest. Only males have dark tail tufts, which conceal tail bone spurs in some specimens. Tigers vary in color, size, and markings according to their subspecies. Bengal tigers, which inhabit the forests of India, have the quintessential tiger appearance, with a dark orange coat, black stripes, and a white underbelly. An average male Bengal tigers weigh around 490 pounds (220kg). The Bengal tiger has a body length of 6 to 7 feet (1.8 to 2.1 metres) and a tail length of 3 feet (1 meter). Siberian tigers, the largest of all the tiger subspecies, are lighter in color and have a thicker coat that enables them to brave the harsh, cold temperatures of the Russian taiga. Males can grow up to more 10.5 feet (3.3 m) from head to tail and weigh up to 660 pounds (300 kilograms). Range and Habitat Lions prefer grassland and savannah habitats in close proximity to water sources, such as rivers. They also prefer hunting in open areas, rather than densely packed forest. Lions are absent from all rainforest habitats in their range. African lions have a number of subspecies separated by large, lion-less expanses. Historically, lions could be found across the vast majority of Africa, but their current range has been restricted to a smattering of locations in Central and Southern Africa. Outside of Africa, lions used to be found from Greece all the way to India. Humans slowly decimated these populations over the centuries. Currently, only a small population of the Asiatic lion subspecies can be found in the Gir Forest National Park in Western India. Tigers historically occupied a range that stretched from the eastern part of Turkey to the Tibetan plateau, Manchuria and the Sea of Okhotsk. Today, tigers occupy only about seven percent of their former range. More than half of the remaining wild tigers live in the forests of India. Smaller populations remain in China, Russia, and parts of Southeast Asia. Tigers inhabit a wide range of habitats such as lowland evergreen forests, taiga, grasslands, tropical forests, and mangrove swamps. They generally require habitat with covers such as forests or grasslands, water resources, and enough territory to support their prey. Diet Lions are hypercarnivores, which means their diet consists of more that 70% meat. African lions prefer to hunt large ungulates, including zebra, African buffalo, gemsbok, giraffe, and wildebeest. They avoid very large and very small prey, but will take domestic livestock. A single lion can take down prey twice its size. In prides, lionesses hunt cooperatively, stalking from more than one direction to capture fleeing animals. Lions kill either by strangling their prey or by enclosing its mouth and nostrils to suffocate it. Tigers hunt using ambush, and will quietly stalk their prey to get close enough to capture it. Successful hunting requires skill and precision. Tigers prefer medium and large prey items, especially ungulates, or hoofed mammals. They normally hunt animals that are 200 lbs. or more. Behavior Lions sleep for 16 to 20 hours a day. They most often hunt at dawn or dusk, but can adapt to their prey to change their schedule. They communicate using vocalizations, head rubbing, licking, facial expressions, chemical marking, and visual marking. Lions are known for their fierce roar, but may also growl, meow, snarl, and purr. Adult tigers are solitary creatures, and rarely interact with other tigers. They maintain territories, but will travel outside of these territories regularly. The territories of females will commonly overlap with males, but the territories of two males will not. Tigers swim frequently, and will bathe in ponds, lakes, rivers, or streams. They also use water sources as an escape from the heat, and thoroughly enjoy swimming. Now, let’s get back to our big question! In a head-to-head fight, who will win? The lion enjoys the title of undisputed king of the jungle. So the answer to “who would win lion vs tiger” is obvious. Lions are the kings right? But I don’t think so! No animal can lay greater claim to being king of any jungle than the tiger. Many tiger species’ natural habitat is, in fact, a jungle. So it already has an unassailable lead over the lion in the race for jungle royalty supremacy. But before we can definitively conclude which of these carnivorous cats would be victorious in a fatal feline fight, we must cast an objective eye over their respective strengths and weaknesses. Keeping in mind that Siberian tigers are significantly bigger than their closest tiger relatives, this may be a fight that even the most fearless lion would not want. Instead, we nominate the brutish Bengal tiger as the ideal adversary for the lion. Larger than most but a little closer to a lion’s overall size, the Bengal will more than hold its own. It’s big enough to brawl, but not so over-sized that the bout is over before it begins. A Bengal tiger vs a lion could be the perfect combination, to make sure that a massacre is avoided and the event goes past the first few rounds. Let’s assume that the combatants in this make-believe battle are male. Naturally constructed to stalk and stride across all terrains for tens of miles at a time, the tiger could probably be fight-ready tomorrow. In complete contrast, the lion’s short supply of stamina means it will have to do everything to make a tiger vs lion fight a quick knock out. Lions sleep or doze for 16-20 hours a day. In comparison to tigers they have small home territories. They don’t needto roam as their territory provides great food to attract grazers. However, lions can withstand the sun, so maybe if lion vs tiger took place in the midday heat they would gain an advantage. The social nature of lions may ultimately be their biggest weakness in a brawl with a tiger. According to the Lion Research Center at the University of Minnesota, coalitions of two to three male lions usually fight as a group against territorial rivals, but tigers always go it alone. This difference affects the two cats’ instincts. Considering what I said before, it’s likely that a tiger would win. Tigers have a higher average bite force than lions, they are bigger, and they have larger brains than lions relative to their body size. Offhand mentions in the historical record imply that tigers usually came out on top in ancient Rome, and modern fights in captivity typically go that way, too, but not every time. Lions and tigers each have their strengths, and “the outcome of a given fight completely depends on the individuals: their history, fighting style and physiology.

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  1. Even though in my investigation the lion seems to win more there is really no right answer which is why the debate still rages it very strongly depends on the individual anyone that says anything else they're lying the tiger seems more unwilling to fight which is really not surprising seeing how he is alone animal and being wounded would mean starvation

  2. That's not exactly true there are some wild lions that weigh more than 500 lbs in the zoo they can really be anyway because the heaviest cat in the zoo is actually a lion

  3. Another interesting fact is that the Bengal tiger is considered the more aggressive of the two tigers and the Siberia for all that size is more timid which is why the Romans pitted African lions against Bengal tigers although it wasn't just African line they also used Cape lions and Barbary lions both of which are bigger than the African Lion and compare quite well with the Tiger according to the Romans the Barbary lion was Victorious against all the other lions as well as tigers they would bet on the fight as they put these beasts against each other

  4. That is a complete fabrication about the Roman said the Tigers always won this lie was fabricated because of the movie which pick the tiger to win despite the fact research indicated that that was not the case and matter fact it was completely the opposite I mean people are going to believe what they want to believe but if you want to know what they actually said then that's it the movie The Gladiator was partial to the Tiger and the entire movie was cast around the tiger being Victorious then when they read the Roman ridings they will realize that the lion particularly the Barbary lion was the dominant cat

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    Kalo mereka merebutkan wilayah percuma mereka gak akan bertemu karena tempat tinggal nya udah beda Harimau raja hutan Singa raja safana udah gak perlu rebutan wilayah kekuasaan mereka punya wilayah sendiri

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  7. While both the tiger and lions are very effective and efficient killers. However, neither would stand much of a chance fighting against the great bears, either the Polar or Grizzly bear.

  8. Tigers are mostly solitary animals whereas Lions live in groups. So one on one the Tiger would win but if a Tiger wandered into a group of Lions trying to fight it's over for the Tiger.

  9. Tiger killer and lion worrier tiger runs when he know his opponent is no joke lion fight he dont give a shit even his own life he will till the end lion is boss and father of tiger

  10. I think that because the tiger is lonely, it would have an advantage against lions adapted to the life of the group, those more solitary type lions have a better chance of facing a tiger … at least the walking bengal tiger! But to the Siberian I think it would have to be luck, and if you mention the mapogos remember they were all because of the group nothing else … the same thing as comparing a cougar and a wolf! that in this case the lion has the most destructive bite to break bones while the tiger is to pierce the flesh more accurately

  11. Tigers are king of the jungle and lions are king of the beast. Tiger have more body fat and lions are more muscular. In battle tiger get more exhausted than lion even if tigers are more agile. Tigers are good hunter than lion but in combat lions are more experienced one, even jaguar have more bitting forces than lion and tiger. So if i have to put bet then i will put on lions.

  12. Big difference between the lion fans and the tiger fans. Not a single insult has been made towards lions, yet, we have lion fans insulting tigers. Says a lot about who is winning this debate. No respect for any animal, clearly not animal lovers.

  13. People are here fighting over who is stronger and better

    Lion and Tiger: Why those dickheads have to fight over everything. We are happy and we are all good

  14. At around 1K lbs, Ligers are bigger than both of these so it would be interesting to put one against a Lion or a Tiger.

  15. U said something about male Lions fighting as a group I agree
    But always remember when it comes to fighting for his pride he fights alone

  16. Had a debate about this with some educated idiot who said the tiger and lion are the same size and weight and I need to educate myself on this ,every bit of footage you watch will tell you the Siberian tiger can weigh up to 100 kg more and twice the biteforce of a lion but I was told I'm not looking at the right information and both species are equal ,bollox

  17. The tiger should be the king of the jungle since they live in jungles while lions live in savanna and grasslands

  18. The Lion has ben declared the king by the only ones who intentionally pitted them for games and that's ancient Rome, yes I am a lion fan but that is irrelevant because I am not speaking my own opinion but historical facts on good sources and not wikipedia or bias big cat trainers without a lick of experience of battle, though trainers that have experienced fights who trained both together side with the lion, even those trainers cannot compare to Roman games because they interfere trying to stop fighting when Roman games freely had them fight to the death, it is Rome whe based on the games declared the lion is the king of beasts (not Savannah or jungle or anything else) but king of the beast, people say fanboys to discredit or avoid arguments, facts are fact and facts dont care about your feelings

  19. It's hard to say fighting wise, as the lionesses hunts in packs but the lions have to fight for pride, on the other hand tigers hunt alone and has the size advantage, and the tiger could stand on hind legs and fight with two paws while the lion needs one paw on the ground, so it's really hard to say. I think that lions may win in a fight due to their experience in fighting, and tigers are probably smarter and would run off because they need to survive on their own and would not want injuries, but this is just my opinion so if any of you guys have different opinions feel free to reply to my comment😊😊

  20. Why Lion is the King of the jungle? Well, he doesn't fear anything towards him, even though he is not the strongest, he fight thill death

  21. That's the point lion is not the biggest,fastest and strongest in the jungle. It's heart and attitude makes him the king 👑

  22. The lion has mane, this means that tiger can't choke the lion. Lion is the perfect fighter ( not the perfect hunter) and wins in the end thanks to it s mane.

  23. You didn't mention an important advantage in male lion, its mane that protects it from finishing blow to the neck (which is how these animals end fights).

  24. Are you African?
    You are a fucking Lion fan. You well described about your beast lion.
    But We know the reality.. remember that ☝️
    Looby beast = lion

  25. Meanwhile the Leopard sits in a Nearby tree Laughing His Spots off😆 ↪️ Brute Strength and Sheer Size are Nothing…. ↪️ Leopards are the True ✨ King ✨ of the Felines They are the Most Cunning Ones the Most Adaptable and Widespread Ones and by far the Most ✨ Graceful Ones ✨

  26. a fair fight the lion will win, 2 or 4 male lion will gang up on a lonely tiger. Commonsense people, in nature there is no rules that’s why lions are the king of the jungle, they feel sorry for the tigers so they gave them the jungle, trust me I was there when they had the meeting🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✌️

  27. Tiger fans in the comment section…
    Lion fans in the reply section trying to convince Tiger fans to think lion is stronger 😂 (shitty die hard lion king fans)

  28. African lions roamed throughout Euro/Asian/ African continent. Some still exist in India. A lot of Tigers & Lions and a lot of natural wildlife have lost habitats and killed off.

  29. Jaguars should also be included in this, they are fearless, agile, their bite force is the most strength among all the big cats.

  30. Discovery channel's Animal face off said the lion would win. Due to the fact that a lion has many evolution advantages for combat. For starters the mane. It was believed they evolved it to protect they're throats and neck bones from vicious encounter's with other lions trying to challenge they're dominance over they're territories and females. Something a male tiger wouldn't have to deal with if he chooses. Most tigers pick they're fights over the scent of it's opponent. Unlike the lion who's roar is heard over miles as a warning to would be challengers. So if you ask me it doesn't matter how heavy a tiger is. It's like saying a big guy can beat a trained fighter just because he's 100 pounds heavier. In my opinion if they're both in they're prime and biggest of they're respected species no matter if it is a siberian tiger. The lion would win hands down due to it's year's of skill in battle.

  31. In ancient times kings of some dynasty's arranges several competition between lion and tiger and the maxim times Tigers wined . those fights were between African lion and begal tiger. So don't try to compare lion with a Siberian 🐅 will get [email protected]#@up

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