Lindsey Graham on calls for witnesses in impeachment trial

Lindsey Graham on calls for witnesses in impeachment trial

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  1. These Republican Senators took an oath on Thursday to uphold "impartial justice". But they keep going on News Outlets giving interviews, saying their minds are already made up. (Same thing with the Democrats) I'm afraid this is going to Hurt Trump in the Senate somehow. The Left will no doubt use it against Trump. I really wish the Senators from both sides would stop giving interviews until after the Trial. Or maybe I'm just losing my mind, over this insane 3 year torture fest on Trump. 🙄

  2. just look at El Chapo's trial transcript , Chapo testifies that he bribe's politician's like Peopsi Schumer and other … don't believe it , do the search

  3. America is being destroyed from the inside out with outright lies and made up stories this is saying Trump is guilty and has to prove himself innocent. All Dems are unelectable I think most Americans will agree.


  5. Chris Wallace let's play the tapes of you during the Clinton impeachment. Play those and let the people see that you are talking out the side of your mouth. Watch those and you will see that you're just a deep stater

  6. Lindsay "deepstate" Graham " for this to be over the sooner the better". Ya Lindsay, so the criminal actions of the "other side" can be buried and you can get on with the Hegelian dialectic and the two party false left/right paradigm. Is that where you are still at mister??

  7. Why is everyone against Wallace? We need his voice to keep us honest. We need opposing views and if we remove him than we will just be like all the other MSM and become
    sycophants. I want to hold ALL politicians accountable.

  8. As long as future president don't behave and do illigal mobster activities there shouldn't be much executive privilege to claim.

  9. Chris Wallace is the  "Liberal Hack" of Fox News, btw Let me tell you Wallace they wanted to Impeach President Trump before he took office & Trump was never charged with any crimes or criminal offences!  but on the other hand DemocRats  have lied to the American People namely one Adam Schiff that made up his own version of a fudged fairy tail BS transcript, The People can see this for what it is , nothing but a Sham Impeachment & railroad Job against Trump! This will be the demise of the DemocRat Party because all their own  dirty laundry is about to be exposed & btw what happen to the real Quid Qro Quo Joe Biden?  the corrupt party of DemocRats & have proven to be a danger  to America… It will be  a Trump Landslide Victory 2020 because Trump Keeps his promises to the American People… now ask yourselves what have the DemocRats done lately?… Nothin but waste Millions Tax Payer funds of The Peoples Monies on fake Impeachment BS & gold plated Nancy Pelosi pens… it's a discussing joke played upon the American People, but We are not going to sand for it anymore, Vote all DemocRat corruption Out of existence.

  10. Correct as to future – “how to convey conduct” by a president. It’s like whenever a president does some act they don’t like – will call for immediate impeachment. Very subjective rules by no-bodies.

  11. Well said Lindsey – I'm in UK so don't know the news readers on Fox as well as Americans, but at least some at Fox speak some truth (controlled opposition I've heard) but this guy always makes my blood boil & comes across as a biased snake & really creeps me out. Just my observation & gut feeling, but I'd love to hear what USA patriots think after these twisted comments – I can't believe that even now, the dems are plotting their next attacks, all over. God bless Trump

  12. Pitiful.. Lindsey know Republican s with integrity will vote for witnesses.
    He blocked process.
    He hired GIULIANI and Parnas….Cohen…etc

  13. if he is being tried as a criminal then the rules don't allow hearsay as evidence so what does the house have to present as evidence that is not hearsay?

  14. This impeachment 3 ring circus should of been
    DEAD ON ARRIVAL. When the Senate knows the house dems did not give President Trump a fair shake in the house. The house dems should be impeached and I hope they are and all of the house dems victims should sue the pants off them.

  15. Wallace is a friendenemy for the Republicans. I don't know how this stupid guy keeps his job at fox news!!! Fire him!!!

  16. look graham put party aside you know trump is a corrupt criminal he is a bad president .get him out thee power is not worth it.

  17. While I don't want any news to be one sided and just want the facts of news not their personal feelings like it used to be, I'm sorry but Wallace seems so out of place on fox. At times I feel like I'm watching reruns of news from decades ago. It's weird. But I just want the info on all news along with both sides if svailable or when available. Thats what news was. Thats why people dont watch anymore, they catch bits and pieces or get the news from other you tubers.

  18. graham is hiding something. he needs to go along with Mosco mitch, can name more but no time, I know REMOVE THEM ALL,,,, GO DEMS 2020

  19. A Partisan Impeachmnt is an unconstitutional impeachment. In other words, the Impeachment needs to be over turned as unconstitutional…

  20. What a lying bs'er. He ignores a previous supreme court decision already stating witnesses are required when congress seeks them.

  21. No actual crime according to the criminal code is cited in the articles. So where is the “high crimes and misdemeanors”? Obstruction of congress is not a thing.

  22. Extremely disturbing maneuvers by Pelosi and gang. Anything like this railroading
    must never happen again to a duly elected President. Term limits necessary now.

  23. Wrist firmly to forehead. Oh, whoa is me and my president. It's all so unfair! Whine whine whine…in the face of real facts they try to deny and sweep under the rug. Saying they must bring in Biden witnesses ignores the corruption and lack of any credibility on the Biden thing EVER. It's fine to look into the possible nepotism of his son to clear it up regardless…later. But it has nothing to do with trump's and his cronies crimes. YOu don't do foreign policy with back door jugheads while canning a real ambassador to get her out of the way.

  24. Oh Mr.Graham seems You also knew some of the corrupt dealings during the act. Like Nuñez You are investigating You're own corrupt actions! You shouldn't even be there as a jury! You have Your tail trapped in the russian garage door! Spineless pricks in office this reps this days! No morals.

  25. I sure hope graham doesn’t go soft on the traitors, while the impeachment hearings move to the senate. (I’m not holding my breath)

  26. Men who would be free or alive today if the courts didn't let witnesses: Bill Cosby, Dennis Hastert, Jeffery Epstein (didn't commit suicide), Tim Murphy, Bill Clinton

  27. Reps do not want to ask any about what trump did. Trump confessed and released transcripts backing it up. It’s a slam dunk . Stop bitching. Trump is guilty

  28. The whole impeachment. Idea is dubious.
    It was a hate crime orchestrated by the. Democrats
    in the first place.
    Detraction of the Presidents. name and character assination,without regard.
    Slandering a President seems to be the order of the day in America.
    I'm addition all and sundry gets to put their two bits worth on how President Trump runs his government.
    No nation mud slings it's President like America
    Why not shut up the ravenous barking dogs I'd democrats.Democrats are unfit to be the opposition.
    We ought to be investigating the Democrat Party on their way out the door.

  29. Republicans don’t want to call witnesses because they know the truth will come out so they will say it’s a witch-hunt and move to Acquit

  30. 5:11 What he is NOT saying is that Nixon faced actual CRIMINAL charges and a CRIMINAL trial. Trump does not. There are zero CRIMINAL charges in these Articles of Impeachment and there is no pending CRIMINAL trial on the charges either. VERY different situations.

  31. The framers of the constitution were afraid of a president being impeached on political lines. One party holds the congress. The democrats are exactly what the framers fear. Remember the democrats perfected projection.

  32. Chris Wallace: spinning for the Dems, mudding up a clear case of President Trump's innocence by Democrat corruption and kangaroo court.

  33. "…uhh..(knows it's not)…(sells it anyway)…It IS a criminal case…(?)..
    .(SMH).."There is no crime alleged here.."
    ".but but but but but .."


  34. If the presidence was that, then the president would be below Congress if they can make him do what they want. The crimes are not listed in the articles.

  35. Dems should have hoped for a dismissal so they could claim the Republicans were covering for Trump. At this point the American people will get to see how much of a sham this impeachment is because the Dems won't be able to deflect as they are not in control. The Senate is. This is an election year, the impeachment is unpopular even with Dems and Republicans are going to come out hard against it.

  36. What's disturbing to me is the Biden's were not on the phone call between Trump and Zelenski. Further, if Donald Trump was concerned about corruption, there would be a videotape, audiotape, memorandum, text message, email or electronic sticky note by Donald Trump on or before September 25, 2019 specifying "CORRUPTION." There is nothing!

  37. Trump has clearly engaged in abuse of power by threatening to withhold appropriated funds unless Ukraine opened (or announced) they would open an investigation into his chief political opponent. This is blatant corruption. Graham and the repubs are trying to stir up as much mud as possible to obfuscate the basic truth. If Obama or the next Democratic president tried any of this the republican would scream to the high heavens. This level of hypocrisy is un-American and un-Patriotic.

  38. High crime and misdemeanor? For what? Something they couldn't figure out so they made up this claim because he tried to invoke an executive priviledge, which is a power granted to him?

    Chris Wallace playing too much beyblades with how much spin he's putting on the situation.

  39. Imagine if you’re an American citizen and one of your loved ones gets murdered and then the judge refuses to hear witnesses. You would wonder if you are in some alternate universe the opposite of the America you know.

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