100 thoughts on “Lightning Jack 1994 (full movie)

  1. If you're deaf you can't hear. If you're blind you can't see. If you're dumb you can't talk. Why can't dumb people whisper? It's just air moving through your mouth over your tongue.

  2. Great movie!!! A barrel 'o laughs!!! I loved Cuba Gooding Jr. and Paaul Hogan in this…best duo western/comedy ever!!!😜🎇💰💵🏇🏇🍺🍺🇺🇸

  3. at 1:26:35 the two of them grinning like cats that are about to eat the Canaries cracked me up! This is a wonderful movie. Very Funny.

  4. I am a Western re-enactor in fort Worth and I love westerns this was a good one wish Paul Hogan did more movies

  5. Just a comment for whoever uploads movies wish someone would upload the movie stroker Ace with Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson featuring gomer Pyle Jim nabors

  6. How, in the name of Heaven, can Cuba Gooding sign up for this dreck?
    He is the strangest actor in history!!
    Jerry Maguire makes his name: And then he goes on to make 30 of the worst movies-OF ALL TIME!!!
    I sat through this because I am a student of film. Don't do it. Don't watch. It is heinous.
    I had really only watched one Paul Hogan film. Wondered about the rest- Why did he drop like a rock?
    This movie answers that. I'm done. Paul Hogan has a sense of humor, but he doesn't know how to tell a story and he really only knows one joke. He is up his own ass.

  7. Just me but I think paper would have been a bit expensive she just be having them to write on it was super funny but I'm just saying I don't think that would happen

  8. Great movie 👍 got a weird broke back mountain feeling though. I think ole crocodile Dundee fucked his asshole out like a tiger tail while the 🐎 watched. Jack Nasty

  9. my first time I watched Paul Hogan in CROCODILE DUNDEE was when I visited Australia, actually Queensland…..and we were on a campground and in the middle was a common center with firepit, tables and a tv………and there he appeared…hypnotizing the bull / wildebeest on the road ….


  10. If you absolutely MUST put English subtitles in a movie which was done in English , the least you could do is have them match the dialogue. They don't. 10 minutes in and I'm out.

  11. I totally agree with many of the comments posted here: this is a great film. Thank you for posting, and great job on the upload.

  12. very good morning my dearest beautiful friends & family . woohoo fantastic this movie video upload so damn funny yepp most enjoyable family entertainment great MUST WATCH THUMBS UP BRAVOOOO XD . WISHING YOU ALL A BLESSED FRUITFUL JOLLY DAY AHEAD . MUCH LOVE THANKYOU MY DEAR LOVELY FRIEND kW ikarus for sharing wonderful I have a good laugh blast from the past . WARM GREETINGS FROM ENGLAND KISSES & BIG HUGS FROM THE HEART . XXXXXXX

  13. please read the subtitles carefully the frigging hilarious. whoever typing the translation must of been having a twix !!!… lmfao.

  14. The subtitles are shit …at 1:09:29 , for example , Lightening Jack says ; '' I'm so good I scare myself '' …the mumbskull who is writing the subtitle writes ; '' I'm so goo I ski myself "…and many other f**k ups …

  15. Hey lighting Jack for this movie have a great birthday Christmas and long life i completely forgot about this movie thankyou very much it has a high level of great memories for me

  16. i really like this movie. as far as i'm concerned, hoges had redeemed himself after that turgid shyte known as almost an angel.

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