Let’s win some Trapdoor prizes!

Let’s win some Trapdoor prizes!

– Hey guys! Today, we’re going to do
a quick Trap Door video. – Yeah! – Let’s see.. If… She’s ever going to stop,
(laughing) oh my gosh! – Oh, 3 cranks! – Alright, so for people who
don’t know what this game is, with this game, what you have to do is press the button and stop the light. You want to stop the light on
the red for an instant win. – Oh! – And if you stop it on instant win, you win the prize that’s
right here instantly. Someone’s been playing and
it’s like about to fall. It’s a troll. I don’t know this troll’s name. – Ooo! – I’m not really good
with the troll names. It’s slowly opening these trap doors. I guess these are the trap doors, and slowly opening it. Oh my gosh. Yeah, so three, it opens three, it opens two, and then it opens one. If it lands in the green, that’s like the worst. – Yeah. – The yellow is the
second best, of course, it’s right beside instant win. Oh my gosh, Cris. I think you’re going to win it
by getting it opened slowly. You’re going to slowly open it, Cris. – Yeah. Good think she’s small. – Yeah, if the prizes are smaller it’s easier for them to fall down. – 3 cranks! – Come on, is that going to do it? Ooo! It almost wants to, look at this! It’s barely hanging on in there. Okay, this has to be
it, this has to be it. This has to be it! (both) Yes! You got it! – I got it! – Okay, so I don’t know this troll’s name, but it has the biggest cone
head of all the trolls. And now the claw actually
has to grab a prize. This usually takes a very long time. Because, sometimes it’ll go down and it won’t pick anything up. Let’s see, will it actually get this? Yes, hold on! Ugh see, it does that all the time. It will grab it, then it will slip out. And sometimes we’re
like, please slip out! Because we don’t want the
prize that it picks up. I really don’t want this Batman. I think I’d rather have Flash. Or Crystal wants this, what is it? Powerpuff Girl. Ooo, it’s going for Flash! It has his hand. Yes! It’s got it by a tag. Come on, yes! So, I’m going to have to go for
this Flash once it drops it. Then it does this whole
little flashy thing. That’s how you know it’s in there. Oh! There’s already a play on it, Cris! She already put her play on it, so let’s see if she can give it a few tries. Oh, man. Sometimes when you land in the green, the machine actually laughs at you. It goes, (maniacal laughter). – Hopefully we don’t have
to experience that today. – Yeah, I was going to say, I don’t think we’re going
to experience that today because we’re not going
to get it in the green. – One more try for me. – Alright, this will be her last try then I get to win it. (both) Aw, man! Hey, you’re really good at
getting the threes at least. – Show us what you got
pork chop, get an instant! Oh, you got three cranks,
that’s a good one. – That’s okay I guess. – We’ll definitely take
three cranks (laughs). – I want an instant. – I want instant. Oh my God! You landed on instant! – Instant, that’s how you do it. – That was awesome! Now
we can watch it fall down. – Oh, it did pick something up. – Oh my gosh, it picked up an ice cream! – Ice cream! – Oh my gosh, yay! Drop it right now so it’ll fall. – I was going to say, if
he drops it right now, that’d be awesome. (Crystal laughs) Let me get the Flash out. – Yeah, get the Flash out. – So, I got my Flash. – Ooo, awesome! – Is this ever going to drop? – I don’t know, maybe it’s making sure. Yeah, it’s making sure
it’s all the way off. – You think I can win
this one in an instant? – I don’t know! Good luck. Oh, two cranks. – I almost got laughed at. – I want that! I want that little cupcake. I think it’s an ice cream
because it’s in a waffle cone. – Did you say it was a cupcake? – Yeah (laughs). – It could be a cupcake. – No, it has a cherry on top,
it’s totally an ice cream. – Have you ever seen
a waffle cone cupcake? – No! – Okay, there’s your answer. – I’m sure they’re out there though. Oh no, Angel we got to
get them three cranks or an instant. – I’m losing it after that instant. – I know! Oh, three cranks! – I’m going to give it
a few more tries Cris, then I’m going to let you give it a go. – Oh my gosh. – I think I’m only one instant at a time. – And the bad thing about this plush, it’s really big and ball-y. Big and ball-y. So, you have to open it all the way. – How many cranks do
you think it would take to actually open this? – 16 three cranks. – 16 threes? – Yes! – Holy moly. So, I believe I got about three or four of those 16 three cranks that we need. – It’s skipping! – Yeah, right now it’s currently skipping. If you see, it does this
weird little jump right there. And that’s when you don’t want to play it. – Oh my gosh! – There it goes! It’s laughing at you! (Angel mimics mechanical laugh) – Ugh, the guy laughed at me Angel. (Angel laughing) – Oh man, we might have
to walk away for a second and then come back. – I know. – Maybe someone will play it by then. – Oh, you got another three! Only need like, 14 more! (Crystal laughs) 14 more three cranks. – It barely opened! – Yeah, it’s barely even opening at all. Come on. Oh! You got a two. That’s okay, just don’t get
the one and we’ll be good. There’s nothing else in here on top, the prizes in the back,
that I really want. So, I think after we get this one we might just leave the machine. Except for that little guy. I don’t know what he is, the red thing? I’m not sure what that is. Oh, man! – Oh my gosh! – Another one, Cris? Maybe I need to come back over there. – I know, I’m going to
play a few more times. – Alright, let’s see if she can get it. Okay, you got a three again. All we need is 13 more now. It really will take about 13 more if you just go for the threes. – Oh my gosh! – How many times are you
going to let it go around? Okay, whew. That was close! – It skipped me! – Aw, it didn’t skip you Cris. – It totally did! – No, it didn’t skip. Oh, you’re getting better though! You’re not getting the ones and the twos. I mean, you’re doing better than I did. I got lucky and got the
instant on my third try. Oh, another three! Okay, so you probably
need about 10 more threes, which is a total of 30 cranks. – Oh my God. – Come on instant. Oh my gosh! It’s so funny when I watch
Crystal play this game, because you can see when
she’s going to go for it. She goes back a little
bit, then goes forward. Just watch her. – Ah! – Alright, so I need to take over. – Thank goodness Angel’s taking over because I started to do really awful. But it is going down little by little. – No, it shook too did you see it? – Yeah, I did see it. Oh, two cranks. – Let me get in my position. – Yeah, just focus Angel. It’s okay, two cranks is
way better than one crank that I was getting. – Then we have to walk
away after we win this. – I know, that’s still
going to be a while. Unless we can get an instant, which I really hope Angel does. – At this point, it doesn’t
even matter, we paid for it. – I know. Oh my gosh, instant! – Yes, finally . – Thank goodness, Angel we
needed that instant win. The ice cream cone is coming. – Don’t get something lame. Oh, it got a minion, no way. – A minion! – Never going to go for the minion. (Crystal laughs) Alright so now, we
finally got the ice cream. Look at the eyes though! They’re really glittery. – They are. – Moved on over to the giant, and Crystal’s going for a pillow? No, okay she’s going for
the Indominus Rex right here from Jurassic World. – It’s so small though. – It is small compared to
everything else in the giant. And it’s pretty buried
in there but hopefully. Ooo, you got behind it! – I’m really hoping I can get this because it’s amazing! – Come on, close, pick up it’s butt. – Pick up it’s butt please. Oh man, I think it’s going to stay there. – I think it’s because
that pink whatever it is, dog or bear? – Yeah I think it’s a dog. – I’m not sure what it is. It might be the gorilla that’s back there, but it has a different colored stomach. Anyways, that thing is on top of it. – Yeah, I’m going to see if I
can go for that pink pillow. – The big one over there,
the shaggy looking one? Okay, I don’t know, I think you should actually
try that again though. – You think I could try for the dinosaur? – Yeah, I think you
should try for the pillow. Because, I think you
might be able to get it. It looked like it wanted
to pull the leg out. Oh, you know what I just thought about? – What? – How long is it’s tail? – Oh yeah. – That’s what’s holding it in there. Probably has a two foot long
tail that’s stuck under those. Okay, good luck. – Come on, pillow! – Don’t forget, you can push
the button if you want to. – Yeah. – Okay, she pushed the button, here it is. Oh, you went too far to the back of it. I don’t know, I don’t know, you might be able to get that still. – I don’t know, I hope I can. – Which one would you
rather have? The pillow? – That dinosaur for sure! – She definitely want the, I’m pretty sure that’s the Indominus Rex. I’m pretty sure, I’m not 100% sure. – It’s a good sized pillow though. – Alright, yeah. The pillow’s probably
the safer bet of the two because it’s higher up and
there’s nothing on top of it. What about the Angry
Birds pillow over there. – It’s so far away. – This one over here’s
an Angry Birds pillow. Yeah, but it could pick it up on one try. Even that dog, you might get lucky and pick up with one
try if you tried for it. – Yeah. – But there’s no guarantee so… Do you want to go check
your side over here? – Yeah. – Alright, I’m in your way sorry. Uh oh, you don’t have much time! You have two seconds! Oh man (laughing). That was my fault, I
made you run out of time. – It’s okay though! – I don’t know, I feel
like it’s still going to slide off the back like it did last time because you’re not going enough forward, so it doesn’t have it. You want to try to get to that? – Yeah. – Okay, one more try for that. I think you should try for that dog too. – Right? Maybe I should try for that instead. – Alright, let’s try
for the dog this time. We’ve never actually won that dog before. We’ve won a lot of pillows out of here. – It’s hot pink! – It is, everything on
camera looks really pink because it is really pink. All the other colors on camera
aren’t looking that great, but that is super pink. This is actually super yellow, this duck. I’m going to get out of the
way so you can come check over here if you need to. You don’t have much time left. You have 10 seconds! With all the running you’ve got to do, that’s not much time. Let me back up some so she
can run back and forth. Alright, looks good. She doesn’t want to stab that pillow. Oh no, it did exactly that. Don’t fall down! Oh my gosh, this just went terrible. Oh wait, but it could, okay, no, nokay. No, okay, oh my gosh that was terrible. Oh my gosh, that was the worst! – You want to give it a try Angel? – No, no! There’s nothing
you could’ve done there, it’s not your fault it was
bad, it was just terrible. – Oh man, I don’t think I’m going
to win anything out of this. – Just try one more time
for the Indominus Rex before we give up. Because I’m thinking you might be able to pick it up a little bit. – I hope so. – Hopefully one small arm
will get behind that hind leg right there and pull it up a little bit. – If it could just pull it up. – Yeah, it’s stuck, that’s the thing. It’s tail is stuck under the
pillow and this pink thing, I don’t know what it is. Do you need to check the other side? – No. – Alright, she’s not
going to check the side, so I don’t have to back up too much. Spin, spin, spin. Yes, that’s where you want it. That’s exactly where you want it, but I don’t know if it’s going to do it. See, it want’s to pick it up but it’s just stuck in there. So, we just could not end
this video with a loss. – No way. – So, Crystal’s going to try
to win something very easy out of these claw machines. At least we hope it’s really easy. – I hope. You say that and then you jinx me. – We’ve never actually won one of these. – Ooo, that was easy! – Oh okay, like we said, an easy win. – She ends it with a win! – That’s awesome! So, she just got a Tampa Bay Rays. We’ve actually never won one of these, a Tampa Bay Rays actually. Then we got the Flash from earlier. – Yeah, we got the Flash. – I don’t know the name
of the Troll right there. – I don’t know either but
this one is my favorite. – I never remember the name of the trolls. For some reason, I just
never remember the name. – Look at this! (laughing) – What are we looking at? That you have a big head? – No! And this ice cream. – Yeah, I like the glitter eyes on those. – Me too. – Those are really cool. Alright guys, be sure to let us know which prize is your favorite. Thanks for watching everyone. – Bye!

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