Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf – Ep 4 Pt 2

Legend of Black White Dragon Wolf – Ep 4 Pt 2

Then why do you need to care what others think? That’s… Ginyan, are you willing to save Xiukong and sacrifice yourself for your father? I do… If you’re not even scared of death, what else do you need to be afraid of? Huh?! Now the only thing you must do is to remember and remind yourself that you must fight with all might to save Xiukong and search for your father That’d be the right way, shouldn’t it? Ah… Therefore, you shouldn’t be scared and waste your time pondering over this What’s really important is that… you’re not alone anymore Ah… Ginyan, consider this as your last cry From now on, you must stand up stronger Thank you… Alright, we should go to the second Earth Domain to meet up with Hun Shihong and the rest Yes One more thing… For the fight between us, we’ll continue that after you manage to recover your old self Yes, it’s time (chant) “View Gate Refination”! “Open”! I didn’t expect this body would be able get refined by “View Gate” successfully Time to hurry and bring this body back to the Great Palace Huh? “Sword with No Limit” technique? How… How can this be? Isn’t “Sword with No Limit” technique already lost together with the first class West Sword Clan swordsman, Miyamoto Shoushi? How’s it possible this invincible sword technique reappear in Tiongwan? That’s the mystery we need to solve now Could this young man possibly be Miyamoto Shoushi War Counselor, is it really him? I hope so too However, the man who uses “Sword with No Limit” technique isn’t him I remember when I was a standard 4th student, I kept hoping that I’d get to meet him one day Unfortunately, I never get to see him once even after his disappearance Me too When I was a kid, I heard a lot about his achievements from my big brother but I never get to see him either He’s my most respected and closest friend I’ve ever met I remember the time when 3 of us, Shoushi, Namita and I, went all ways to fight against the East Sword Alliance It was the most memorable time of my life War Counselor and my brother…? On the contrary..! On the contrary, Miyamoto Shoushi betrayed us Betray? That’s…? 3 of us had clearly kept the promise to make West Sword Clan become the world conqueror and to create a brand new world as what we had desired However,… he left without saying goodbye and he didn’t even care how goddess felt Goddess? Ah, I talked too much This is none of your concern and I won’t allow you to mention about this again Yes! Gatsuya Arashi Yes! I order you to quickly go and wait at Whirlwind Valley War Counselor, this is for which mission? It’s to give you the chance to expiate your crime by good deeds, understand? Yes! Go now Yes! Sanada Ryuzo Yes, War Counselor! I order you to go and investigate the identity of this young swordsman who uses “Sword with No Limit” technique and what his relationship with Miyamoto Shoushi is Furthermore, go and investigate too, what secrets hold for the mysterious chakra-formed carriage are Yes, War Counselor! Shoushi… Have you really betrayed West Sword Clan?… Really betrayed our friendship?! War Counselor and big brother… and also Miyamoto Shoushi… What’s the relationship between them? Why haven’t I heard anything about this from big brother before? And who’s this goddess? Why is it that after joining the West Sword Clan, I still don’t know anything about it? And I don’t even know a thing about its past either? For the things that I’ve done, am I really doing it right? Ah, who cares… As long as I do my assignments well, I don’t have to bother thinking about the rest

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