Lahren: Debate was like a nursing home cafeteria that ran out of Jell-O

Lahren: Debate was like a nursing home cafeteria that ran out of Jell-O

100 thoughts on “Lahren: Debate was like a nursing home cafeteria that ran out of Jell-O

  1. Really wish they would stop calling Sanders a "democratic" socialist 😠 there is no such thing !!!! Call that guy what he is- a Commie!


  3. Housing is so high in CA coastal areas cause the Chinese are paying whatever needed in cash to get their money out of China. This is true for most west coast cities. Vancouver has become so expensive that long time residents are forced to move because the tax assessments have risen beyond the ability of long time residents to pay.

  4. What the hell happened to Tomi??? What is up with that nose ring??? It also looks like she is gaining a few pounds. I liked the former version of her better.

  5. Yeah how about we all stop working just waiting for government hands outs , if no body works where is the government get the money from ?

  6. akifornia is a state that is set aside to be judged by god. so all rge good people shoud be very aware of these circumstances and should try to hole a klow profile so they are not removed with all the trash. i try to do my utmost not to need to correct my mistakes but this really is a little difficult in some circumstances.god bless you anyway. GOD

  7. A bunch of feverish,out of touch politicians.And some people see these leading lights as the future of the U.S.? Good luck on that.

  8. This bunch of liberals is an embarrassment to our beloved country. They are defeating their party before ballots are ever cast. Lime jello or orange?

  9. If you disbelieve the impact of free needles and drugs has on the homeless here in CA, all you need to do is drive Telegraph St in Oakland, and three miles of I880 from the 980 intersection to the Oakland Airport exits. Count the tent cities on that drive and I bet the count will exceed 1000.

    Free clean needles and turning a blind eye to drug use has destroyed people . CA politicians need to be outed as well the the so Newsom.

  10. When Giulianni was Mayor of NYC he said the street is no place to live. If you care about people you don't allow them to live on the street, you bring them to shelters. He told his police to bring everyone they see to a shelter even if it's the same person regularly they were to regularly take them to a shelter. The State of California simply doesn't care about their own citizens. Shameful.

  11. Egad. A commie who looks like your bedridden grandfather, an irate elementary school principal, a gun grabbing billionaire who harasses women, a 38 year old kid who doesn't "like" women… most of this rogue's gallery makes Hillary Clinton look good!

  12. the average collage student will vote for slanders ! why ? so they won't have to pay for there student loans ! you sign the contract so live up to it ! pay for what you got !

  13. We could all laugh about those morons on stage but we seriously ALL need to vote. There are Millions of undocumented people here preparing to vote. All those states that are rushing to let them get a Drivers License for that reason.

  14. If that is the Democrats "cream of the crop", it's time to stop watering and fertilizing. Just turn it under. It is a lost cause.

  15. God forbid if Tomi Lahren lives to be old, in a nursing home, and hear some snotty know it all axehole comparing her to lunatic politicians! Most people are in nursing homes are there because they have physical disabilities, NOT because they lost their minds. And, the ones who have dementia deserve RESPECT!!!

  16. The gloves come off in this go round. Even Joe’ patience seemed to be tested here.
    A little mud slinging to add spice to the bland vanilla pudding the Dems are cooking up.
    Steyer seemed to indicate he didn’t want his fingerprints on this train wreck and faded into the background.

  17. Just realized T L is a stand up comedian, not a leader or someone to look to for answers or any sort of leadership.

  18. Bloomberg was the Republican mayor of New York and a staunch conservative billionaire. What do you buy a billionaire who has everything? Power in politics, so Mike is buying his way into the White House and switching to become a Democrat because the party doesn't matter to people like him, it's all about ultimate power and control. Just like Trump switched from Democrat to Republican, changing parties like changing suits to whatever fits. This is Trump 2.O and the wealthy staying in control and in power. plu·toc·ra·cy a country or society governed by the wealthy.

  19. this is directed to Tomi Lahren….What do you call a brunette standing between two blondes?…….answer…..interpreter!

  20. The geriatrics vrs the mean girls and the billionaire ..giggity tag in ..? Steyer?? Anyone ?? It's the finest clown show on television . This crew couldn't beat Trump if all of their votes were collected together .

  21. I was born and raised in California . But After 30 years I finally gave up on California . It has been taken over by eligals and drug addicts and the the government in California supports both the eligals and drug addicts . California puts eligals before vets and citizens so we moved to NC this year . But sadly NC is not far behind California . The United States has an eligal problem and we need to stomp it out literally if needed . All eligals must be removed if our children are to have a future.

  22. Its just the Dirt bag Democratic establishments way to turn Red States Blue. Texas hope you, all don't think that's a good thing. Democrats know what their doing
    California keeps all their Rich folk that American citizens are stupid enough to make Rich by paying to see their awful movies, and follow their pathetic lives on social media, making them Rich from endorsements from corporations we're enslaved to.

  23. The only real policy the Democrats have is to hate President Trump in every way, shape, and form, including outright lying and slandering the President's family and friends.

  24. The dems feel SO cursed like black victims of the republiKKKans, as they call it, and other assfaced usernames below, and on other videos. That's just SOL. Keeps our good people with something to do. Pick on them.

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