Koragg vs Wolf Warrior Fight | Power Rangers Mystic Force

Koragg vs Wolf Warrior Fight | Power Rangers Mystic Force

(menacingly) Like father like son. You guys missed the show. (yells) (zaps) Run! Run to safety! (zaps) Bowen, is this true? Yeah! And I’m just gettin’ started! (yells) (zaps) (laughs maliciously) The Master’s dark magic
has given me more power than I ever dreamed. I can’t believe you gave it up! Bowen, you have to fight this. I’m here to fight you! (zaps) (yells) [Bowen] The Mystic Force
will fall by my sword! Starting with the mighty Leanbow. [Udonna] No! [Bowen] Training time’s over. This is the real thing. (yells) (laughs) (yells) I’m through with you! (zaps) (yells) Stop! [Bowen] You can’t run from me! Feeling the rage? Get up! You’re retired! I harness the power of the Master! Attack! (yells) (shouts in pain) There he is! (yells) I’ll deal with you after. [Madison] Nick, please! [Charlie] Stop! [Xander] No, don’t! [Vida] Don’t do it! This is the end. [Daggeron] Nick, no! You’re right. We’ve battled enough. Pick up your sword! I won’t fight you anymore. Or perish. (sad music) I know you’re in there, son. I love you. Dad! (laughs maliciously) (screams) (gasps) I’m sorry, Dad! I meant what I was doing. Now I understand what you went through. I’m just glad you’re back.

100 thoughts on “Koragg vs Wolf Warrior Fight | Power Rangers Mystic Force

  1. octomus wanting to kill leanbow using leanbow's son so nick in a way would be responsible for the death of his father.

  2. Koragg certainly is strong, I wonder how Power Rangers would have ended if Bowen (Nick) was corrupted for good and his memory got erased as the Master did with Leanbow.

  3. I know Koragg was originally Leanbow and Nick's rival, but I never imagined he’d be anyone, including Nick, it’s creepy.

  4. Anyone else think that nick should’ve inherited both udonnas and leanbows magic since they’re both his parents?

  5. Is it strange that I randomly had a dream a few times where Koragg (having Leanbow's voice) and Leanbow is there as Wolf Warrior, both of them co-exisiting together like in this clip?? Though they were supposed to be one person, it seemed like they're two separate people.

  6. I like to think the Wolf Warrior form is like the purified verion of Koragg after Leanbow got free of the dark control he had on himself.

  7. I Don't like red ranger as korrag😝😒

    Korrag is always korrag 😘

    Who love korrag more than all rangers in mystic Force💙

  8. Comparing this to back when Vida became a vampire, I say Firass Dirani is a better actor than Angie Diaz, atleast in playing a convincing bad guy

  9. I would love to Hasbro make Lightning Collection figures of Koragg and Wolf Warrior. Maybe it could be a two-pack of both figures since they look pretty much the same other than the different colors (One is red and one is purple). They could also come with alternate heads of Leanbow and a possessed Nick in reference to this fight.

  10. The evil Mystic Wolf Ranger versus the good Mystic Force Ranger I thought I'll never see this they have the same sword same Shield same costume just one is purple and red

  11. Now this was a real fight scene. Intense,brutal,emotional and almost kill or be killed type deal. This what we need to see more of. Not all that fake kiddy karate BS power rangers is now.

  12. This fight has always been odd to me, seeing the Koragg armour do jumps, spins and kicks is kinda like watching Darth Vader do backflips and kick ups. It's still a great fight but it feels wrong for that armour to be so quick XD

  13. pro tip: if someone is in control of evil,
    just say " i know you're in there, and i love you"
    poof evil gone!
    begoneeeeeeeeeee evil!!!!

  14. Am I the only one who really enjoys it when one of the rangers or ninja are not themselves such as mind controlled or possessed? They are so much stronger and would do just about anything including probably killing their teammates until they finally snap out of it. Happens a lot in most shows I watch not to mention not PR related as well

  15. I completely forgot that Nick gave in to the Dark Side… Seriously?! How does HE NOT have any form of Character Development?!

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