Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix

Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix

(Dramatic music) – (clears throat) Hello. Jasper Johannson, Postman. (cracking) – Ah Mr. Clause. You have a gift. You were meant for making toys. So I figured, if you donate your old toys, I’ll deliver them for free. (wind blowing) – Tonight. I go with you. – There’s no need for you
to come with me, really. (door slams) – Tonight then. (festive music) – Oh! (laughs) Our cousin told us, if we write a letter to Mr. Clause, he’ll make us a toy. (gasps) – Dear Mr. Clause. – Dear Mr. Clause. – Shall we, then? – Yep! (gasps) – Mr. Clause is the coolest! – Clause? What about me? Ow! What the – ? – Loser! – Oh, yeah, well if I’m a loser, then you – you’re a – you’re a uh – oh, you’re too far, you’re gone. – Hey, what do you guys
think you’re doing?! This is Smearinsberg, the
unhappiest place on Earth. And you two can’t change that. – The Postman and Toymaker
are brainwashing everyone! – We need to show people
that a true selfless act always sparks another. – Hi! What’s happening right now? Oh no… Holy mother – ! (crashing) – What happened? – Not a word! You just sit there. Be all magical and awesome. ♪ Had to have high, high
hopes for a living ♪ ♪ Shooting for the stars when
I couldn’t make a killing ♪ ♪ Didn’t have a dime but
I always had a vision ♪ – Jasper! We’re doing it! Let’s go! Ho, ho, ho! – Wait, wait, wait, time out. Really? That’s how you laugh? ♪ High, high hopes for a living ♪ ♪ Didn’t know how but I
always had a feeling ♪ ♪ I was gonna be that one in a million ♪ – Come on, we’re running out of time! Those kids are counting on us! – If we don’t stop them tonight, this town will never be the same! – Destroy those toys! – No, no, no, no, no! No! (screams) Ha! Eat our snow, you – ! They’re not attached,
why aren’t they attached? I thought they were attached. I would never in a million years have done what I just did if I didn’t
think these were attached. ♪ Always had high, high hopes ♪

100 thoughts on “Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Jesus Christ. I mean Klaus. Just watched the movie. It was way beyond what I was expecting. Trully loved it. I’ve started to beleive in Klaus, even. Spread the word people, this is the best Christmas movie ever!

  2. Netflix nailed it.
    10/10 captured the essence of christmas and not trying so hard to produce the most advanced animation graphics.

  3. This type of movie, no matter how old you are, will always make you cry. It reminds you of christmas in our childhood, that of once were full of joy and love. It reminds you of how things used to be, and how things were so light back in the days. A christmas with the whole fam, delicious food, little presents that makes us happy, our friends that we go out with and sing christmas carols. That warm christmas years ago…

  4. This movie has literally become my favorite Christmas movie ever. it all makes sense to the Santa Klaus tradition.. again this movie is flawlessa

  5. The trailer doesn’t do it justice. The movie is a masterpiece! It’s full of heart and humour. Simply loved it. It’s movies like this which keeps me from regretting spending on Netflix.

  6. I normally don't care for Christmas films but this was absolutely breathtaking and is by far my favorite Christmas movie now. It was beautiful in every way and I love it so much. Totally would recommend everyone watch it!

  7. This movie is perfection. Superb story, voice acting, visuals and animation. The plot is very simple but sometimes simple things conveys the most.
    One of the best movies of 2019.

  8. They should make more movies of all the guardians like how they made Santa Clause but what named Klaus
    Like a movie of the Easter bunny
    But named something else
    Or a movie above Jack Frost but named like Frost
    How they were all made into the guardians that they are like
    Cupid, Mother Nature, tooth fairy!!🥺😊

  9. This is my new favorite Christmas movie. It avoids the common trope in so many Christmas movies and has a really good message about bonding with people and doing meaningful good things for one another. I also really appreciated the minority representation of the Saami people, it felt very natural in that environment unlike in other movies where they shoehorn in diversity for the sake of it. Well done to everyone involved.

  10. Okay okay i know i said it before but this movie is great! I suggest everyone no matter what the age to watch it. Its 4 days since i watched it and i cant even forget it. Master piece 10/10

  11. I have a hard time finding movies I fully enjoy, but this one had me smiling and tearing up so many times. It is truly beautiful. It is filled with so much love, you do feel it.

  12. I wish the postman's voice was been given by Ryan Reynolds or Chris pratt and Santa's Samuel L Jackson or will smith

  13. Haven't Cried After Watching An Animated Movie In So Long.

    One of the sweetest, emotional and the best animated film of the year.

  14. This trailer doesn't give justice to the movie.. I'm literally crying on this movie.. so beautiful, innocent, unconditional love, humane and selfless..💕

  15. Today we watched the movie while taking our Christmas tree down…TOTALLY LOVED IT!!! I cried at the end and my hubby and kids loved it too!! Automatically added to my holidays movie list

  16. The movie definitely DID NOT disappoint; not one bit. Only thing is I was hoping they’d feature High Hopes in the movie too. Still an amazing, magical, awesome film

  17. I watched the film 2 times it's really nice, it's beautiful I almost cried at the part when the little Finnish girl got her mini boat… it's really beautiful… It sent me goosebumps, and I really felt the happiness of Klaus and Jasper while watching the little Finnish girl. I LOVE IT!

  18. Sebastían Yatra hizo ese doblaje excelente.
    Suscríbete a mi canal para llegar a muchos suscriptores sin subir contenido.

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