Kinzinger: Iran is acting as predicted, trying to get a response

Kinzinger: Iran is acting as predicted, trying to get a response

100 thoughts on “Kinzinger: Iran is acting as predicted, trying to get a response

  1. Soon the US will realise that it was Iraqi people who don't want them in their country. Threatening Iran won't help you when the Iraqi people start fighting you.

  2. USA missles can swarm and over run Iran's "state of the art" Russian defenses.
    I see smoking craters and fused sand-glass in Iran's future.

  3. Good old Barry Huessein.

    We need another 40 years of Trump descendants in the White House to 100% erase two terms of Barry's horrific presidency.

  4. And the liberals start the … blame America… hate speech. Dont know why they dont move somewhere else..wait …they bleed America for corrupt money and thats why they stay. Hi maxine

  5. Aren't the iraqi people protesting the US presence in Iraq 🤔 didn't the Iraq government condemn the US airstrikes.

  6. How about bringing our children in uniform home to their families and let Iraqis worry about the security of their country??

  7. How about bringing our children in uniform home to their families and let Iraqis worry about the security of their country??

  8. Aren’t the Dems and Kerry advising Iran on what they should do! Be careful of your Dems and some of the deep State Republicans.👀😳

  9. this is why John Kerry just couldn't stay can stay home and mind his own business but he had to go to Iran and take him talk to all them bad people of their has blonde all of them because that there was part of what him and Obama put together they are all buddies

  10. Just the deep state globalists trying to draw America into a useless war. That way the left can call Trump a war monger, and of course let in all kinds of Iranian "refugees"

  11. If you harm americans? Really kinzinger what about the thousands of illegal gangmembers oh yeah they dont count. Only if they threaten our 'allies' in the middle east does the USA govt care. Term limits no dual citizens in government at all and no lobbying thats what will save the country.

  12. Happy New Years Everyone please on January 20th 8am to 1pm come to the Virginia National Assembly, 201 N. 9th Street, Richmond, VA 23219 join the Patriots in support of the 2nd Amendment

  13. All this as consequence of Carter admin progressive dems active part in the ouster of the Shah of Iran, friend of U. S. In the 70s.

  14. ​​katib hezb shaytan and asaib al batil got roasted toasted by the americans and sent to hell fire islamic state is luving it 😂lol Americans showed them what fighting daesh looks like lol 😂

  15. Dont understand Iran ,most of the protesters are bad people trying to start crap again. Their country is a mess. I dont understand what we are doing there? Protecting the oil? This will be on going forever. I am glad Trump brought troops home and now Troops going back? Enough we have big troubles here in USA. KILLING AFTER KILLINGS. EVEN SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, PUT TROOPS WHERE SUCH BIG CRIME ARE GOING ON. LOOK AT THE STREETS ALMOST EVERY STATE ARE LIVING IN TENTS. LETS TAKE CARE OF USA FIRST.

  16. because america is trying to provoke a war with iran.
    republicans broke the can anyone trust america
    america left their allies to die on the battlefield, cowards and dishonorable
    america lied to the world about sadam, the dictator they installed, and then invaded stealing its resources

  17. The dems love this. They pray for anything that will hurt Trump…and war is one of those things.
    No matter that lives will be lost…they just waa waa want Bad Orange Man gone…at any cost.

  18. He will hit targets of high value with stand weapons, arm/finance the internal Iranians that want to overthrow the oppressive government

  19. Iranians have the IRS out of California after me too . The US Army this is one of there tactics sense they infiltrated them .

  20. The people of Iraq need to handle these militia soldiers in their country. Otherwise their compliance should be considered a threat.

  21. Vietnam became a success when the US changed it's policy and pulled it's troops out.
    The war engaged by the US so far away home was an absolute disaster.
    The USA should leave the Middle East to themselves .
    Stop spending Billions of Dollars on them and take care of America instead.
    Bring your troops back home.

  22. Ok. Mr President. Take that tweet and take care of Virginia first. “Harming Americans”
    Not really feeling that threat bub.

  23. Just gtfo no one cares about this. We are being subverted by our own government we have bigger fish to fry enough of this.

  24. Thank GOD TRUMP is PRESIDENT. A true leader and defender of the USA. Take out the trash out in the middle East. 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  25. Iranian senior leadership only understands threats. " this is not a warning it is a threat " if the Iranians will call the bluff then America will have to respond.

  26. Mr. POTUS must learn to fire the SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE (SES) criminals! see @8qBk even Rand Paul is supporting SES Fraud!! The SES 10000 members with TS clearences of the permanent bureaucracy created by the Brzezinski Trilateral Commission controlled CIA in 1978 to initially shift 4000 CIA agents into domestic and corporate domestic operations that would otherwise be illegal to be the "interagency" animal that LTC Vindman spoke of in service of the MIC bureaucracy for the globalist corporatist state that is unhappy with the nationalist DJT who is getting rid of the FRB and reestablishing a Constitutional government by establishing the basis to revoke the 86 year emergency military government of Proclamation 2040 is at work here. see @t @t

  27. US propaganda, actual protesters were fedup with Zionist illegal sanction towards their countries that against Western system. After failed attempt to bring plots on Islamic Rep, new chapter to provoke bombing the Ira

  28. Iran really has nothing to lose here.
    The United States economic sanctions leave them no other choice then to push back.
    I think there will be many proxy attacks against the United States in 2020.

  29. After reading all these comments, I see we really haven't evolved much since we began contaminating this greatest of gifts. Had we never stepped foot here, the animals would rule and it would still be the proverbial Garden of Eden. Just saying. I'm having trouble with the whole "man is basically good" thing.

  30. North Korea should take Note that the US is not going to take your Crap either. Enough is Enough, its time to deal with the Evil that all the other presidents were afraid of. Good Job President Trump

  31. Iranian citizens should be comforted by that fact US has 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories and half of them near by Iran.

  32. If you want your citizens not to be harmed, leave middle east, Leave asia, leave europe, leave australia, leave canada, leave wherever in south america, leave Africa. JUST Stay in United States America. What you guys did just now will just make Iranians hate Iraqi and Americans more or which ever country you are partnering with in middle east. Painting them as the bad guys while they are mourning is really disgusting. While these Americans keep saying that they are helping to end war or bloodshed by dropping missiles everywhere in the middle east. Who are you fooling? Call me racist or xenophobic but I really find it disgusting that you guys are cheering while your country just murdered a government official in the middle east. I think it is time to use their bomb to your country instead of using them to their neighboring countries.


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