Kickstarter 27: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition

Kickstarter 27: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition

MEGHAN: There was always something you were
missing. Something everybody got that you didn’t, some
metaphorical party to which everyone was invited but you. Someone offered you a glimpse of it, of that
thing that would make you whole. So, you followed them. But you were deceived. The wider world you had just a glimpse of
was only a sliver of a vast landscape of madness and horror. For a while you kept going, yes. But eventually, you had to get out. So, you did. You braved pain and isolation, and you changed
your life again. You ran back over the line, rushing toward
the place you came from, the memory of all that was good in it lighting your way. And now you’re back. Turns out your life kept going without you. In your absence, the familiar became strange. You’re out of place again. But you won’t take it this time. You will make your place and you will defend
it when your deceiver comes knocking. And if something is still missing — and there
always seems to be — you will find it and you will make it part of you. There will be dragons and there will be sirens
and there will be all the armies of the otherworld sent to bring you back. But you will slay them and you will shun them
and you will stand on the battlements of your fortress as they break against your walls
of thorn and iron. You will be free. And none of that was a metaphor. ROSE: In Changeling: The Lost, you take on
the role of an ordinary person who has seen the extraordinary. Lured or abducted by the alien Gentry, you
have passed the gates and Hedges between our world and the vast fantastic. In Arcadia, the Gentry changed you. They forged your flesh and sewed your bones,
and they gave you a role to play. But it was never your story. Having run from your Keeper and climbed your
way back through the Hedge, you’re back in the world of pizza and Facebook and nuclear
anxiety. Your eyes are open now. You can see that magic is not the sole province
of Faerie. The world is alive with wonders most people
never see… and rife with horrors that count on that unwariness. This is all part of your life now. You take the good with the bad, the magic
with the monstrosity, the beauty with the madness. It’s not always an easy story, not always
a happy story. But now it’s your story. MEGHAN: We’ve kicked off this campaign to
fund a prestige physical print run for Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition. We’ll also be adding new projects to the game
line, including a Companion book, all-new fiction, and a collection of new, specialized
roles for changelings. Join us, and tell your story.

5 thoughts on “Kickstarter 27: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition

  1. Woop woop, stoked!
    Also, this was a very nice rundown of the game's premise, and I could see it used as a tool when introducing new players to Changeling. Would it be possible for you guys to do similar videos to your other gamelines, even when there's no Kickstarter involved?

  2. Ok so first off who ever wrote the script for this. I'm not kidding give them a rise. I was not a fan of changeling for new world of darkness. I never really used them and when I tried to read the book I would get bored. Now O now I need this second edition so I can take it into my world. I need you to hurry and get this book out so I can pour over every line and picture and tilt my world view.

  3. I'm going yes I loved changeling back in the day. I also loved the the dreaming and the couple of novels that I read.

  4. Couldn't down vote this video fast enough. The problem with Changeling the dreaming was you couldn't play a full on fae. Vampire you play a vampire, werewolf you play a werewolf, Changeling the lost moved further away from that. I didn't want to play a victim of the fae, I want to be a a fae.

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