Kickstarter 22 – Scion 2nd Edition

Kickstarter 22 – Scion 2nd Edition

PRICE: The ancient powers never fully went
away. They wander our roads and cities, mingling
with the teeming masses of humanity. You are one of their children, born to the
magic of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow. The Titans, ancient enemies of your parents,
are stirring. Their spawn issue forth from lands of myth,
and the spectre of war falls across the heavens. Into this age of turmoil, you seize your birthrights
and feel the call of your blood. Family has brought you here, and heroism will
take you to your end, whatever that may be. Hi, I’m Neall Raemonn Price, developer of
Scion Second Edition. Scion’s First Edition was published in 2007
by White Wolf, and it quickly gained an enthusiastic following, winning the ENnies Game of the
Year award. Originally slated as a three-book series allowing
players to ascend from heroes to divinity itself, the game’s fervent following merited
expansion beyond those limits, resulting in a series of books and PDFs released over the
next several years. Onyx Path Publishing, made up of many of the
creators of First Edition, are thrilled to present an entirely new edition of the game. Scion is a game about gods and humanity and
everything in between. It’s a game about mythic deeds and the reasons
why people talk about those mythic deeds. It’s also about modernity: the world today
is a very different place from anything our ancestors could have conceived . Your characters
are the children of gods, born into Pantheons, and inhabiting a world much like our own,
with a key difference: all myths are true. In order to roleplay in this amazing setting,
Scion: Origins presents the Storypath System, a brand-new system purpose-built for scaling,
high-octane action-adventure, and player-focused narrative storytelling. Scion: Origins includes a new setting that
presents the World, a place of myth and legend under the surface of our modern existence,
inhabited by legendary creatures, and watched over by Gods. And we delve into the nature of epic stories,
the elements that make up origin myths, and how your players and storyguides can feel
like they’re telling stories in the modern day that remain true to the ancient tales. Scion: Hero is the second book in this new
series, and presents what is needed to play the Scions themselves. We cover ten Pantheons to create characters
from: Norse, Vedic, Japanese, Algonquian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Chinese, Aztec, Irish,
and Yoruban. Scion: Hero also features divine archetypes
to determine what kind of god you’re growing to become, and the boons and miracles your
characters can wield while they fulfill the tasks assigned to them by their godly parents,
growing into their own legend as demigods. We also cover the relics of myth your parents
grant you, the guides they send to aid you, and the creatures you’ll meet in your epic
sagas. Thanks for watching our Kickstarter video. We’ve got some great things planned ahead
in the upcoming weeks, so keep checking on the Kickstarter for additional news and information. And thanks from everyone at Onyx Path: We
can’t do this without you.

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  1. I have a question about this one…

    Prometheus: Titan, but clearly pro-human… How do you solve it?
    And: Why the strict moral black and white divide between "Gods = good, titans = evil"? It diminishes the potential for interesting storytelling imho…

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