Kellyanne Conway rips Hunter Biden for serving on Chinese firm board

Kellyanne Conway rips Hunter Biden for serving on Chinese firm board

100 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway rips Hunter Biden for serving on Chinese firm board

  1. KELLY ANNE CONWOMAN still talking a load of lies to protect the Criminal Godfather in the Whitehouse. This crawler defies belief as to how far she would go, even to say nothing when Trump calls her husband a ' WACK JOB '. This woman puts herself before her dignity, by talk over and talking down everyone, she is a disgrace to all decent women out there. It's people like her that tells my heart never to vote Republican again, which I never will……shame on her.

  2. The book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer is incredible to learn about how deep the reach of the swamp is. A must read.

  3. Democrats are just so full of Schiff! It's all they can be. It's all about effort, but no accomplishments. Just like College GPA's. It's obvious that college is no longer about education, it's about buying your way in and buying your way out. With minimal effort, you too can buy your success! Don't waste time and effort, ain't nobody got time for dat! Buy your degree today!

  4. What a disgrace. I hope he’s the democrat nominee. Trumps smart enough to have this guy singing like a bird during the debates. Biden’s loose lips will sink the dem ship. Or what’s left of it anyway. What a disgrace

  5. Ya John here from Canada. Joe Biden boasts to interference with Ukraine politics and President Obama just interfered in our election. ( Check that out)! If it were your current President who acted in such a manner it would be worldwide condemnation for sure and minstrel show Justin would play it for all he could get. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Biden is now a laughing stock of the democrats..
    They don't need the rest of us. Every time he gets up he falls on his face…

  7. Someone doesn't Like Joe Biden to be the DEMonRATOR Presidental candidate, (at the same time hurt other potential candidates), and Thrown him under the bus ! Michael or HRC, take a guess?

  8. Advisor Kellyanne Conway is on key, America needs the truth often and straight! North Dakota loves this fine lady, a 'warfighter' for @POTUS and America. PS: Thanks for putting the rabid foreign controlled MSM in a tent city, they must feel 'in touch' with their efforts, on display in every sh8t hole sanctuary city of crime and depravity.

  9. Clinton with her pay for play ClintonFoundation. Now we're learning about the slums selling out US to Ukraine and China. Investigate now!

  10. President Trump cant be bought . It would be a foolish thing to even attempt to say he bribed or that he had taken bribes because this man is a self made billionaire before he became President. This leader only gets paid usd1 in salary . the rest goes to charity. Which leader in any nation is doing this kind of thing currently? None . Thats why the LEFT feels guilty and want to remove him because he will not allow the Leftists to be corrupted and continue their corrupted ways. Let the swamp creatures be exposed by an honest man who cant be bribed by anyone. Trump is the leader who exposed that our biggest threat is China and he dealt with them properly. The only President who can handle China and President Xi . we all know its not easy to deal with the Chinese. Trump is smarter than them.

  11. People you have to do your research on Socialism.
    Socialism is very bad for our capulisum.
    The Criminals Democrats says they want Socialism because they put the taxpayers in control the population. Socialism will not take care of our elderly.
    Socialism will get rid of that Department. When you reach a serten age they get rid of you.

  12. Pray for my favorite Kelly Ann in hope she will leave that immature emotional train wreck of a husband. He is a Demonrat through and through and has been greased by the Pig Soros.

  13. No-one could say this, beleive this and say this with a straight face!!! Unless they are telling the truth or a narcassist!! He's not the latter half. The left tries to make him look that way with racism and anti queer Mexican Putin puppet accusations. While these dirty leftists give uranium take money from russia build 100million dollar homes for their daughter Benghazi, spying, white washing files, white lashing , supporting segragation, slipping falling slipping and falling again blaming everyone for her loss Sydney Blumenthal and Lebanon deals on the side, offing a few along the way

  14. Biden is a criminal in an organized crime ring in pedophilia, human trafficking, transporting drugs with US military planes for the cartel with the Clinton and Bush crime families and Obama with Joe Biden was and is their puppets, and now Joe Biden wants to finish the deals., The media, TV, Radio, crooked politicians and democrat voters are nothing more than their thugs today!!!

  15. They are overtly crazy. Dems have a real lack of American Values. They are the enemies of good and fair values.

  16. Maria is stranger than fiction and Kellyanne is from the Twilight Zone. That this dialogue is even happening in 2019 is enough to puke.

  17. Both of them are sick…and all of you who still have your feeble & mis-informed heads up your own asses are just as sick.

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  19. Pelosi and the Democrats arent a radical left. They itch with trump is one of vanity and that he won them the elections. Enough with this hatred towards the left.

  20. For me it doesn’t look very promising that Trump promises to put Hilary in Jail and she has been shown to have allowed the Chinese to access her emails and steal technical and trade secrets freely.

  21. Schiff is a psycho! You can actually See it in his eyes! He needs to be removed and examined and put somewhere where he can't hurt anyone!

  22. What's the  problem with Joe Biden dealing with the Chinese? Under the Black communist administration of Barack Obama  , China was given permission to purchase real estate in the United States. Why?    For security or sale of our country for our debt?And Chris Stevens was smuggling arms into Syria through Turkey to arm the rebels.

  23. OBummer is too busy hiding because he knows he is going to be PERP WALKED for his crimes while he was a President he should never have been because he was not born in the USA. If you want to talk about someone that considered himself a King…it's Obummer & his man-wife Michael Miclelle!

  24. I bet He Hasn't ..They need too Get the Paper Work too Proof that Hunter isn't Working For Uranium China and all ..Because Obama Had his Hand in it ..We all know Nazis Media Puppets Will lie For the Democrats ..

  25. How did such a highly  intelligent, beautiful lady  like Kellyanne Conway end up married to a DummycRAT like her current husband. There is no other woman ( or man )that I respect more than her. I stand in aw of her command of logic and eloquence. I wish I could find a woman of her amazing  class, she is one in a billion. But unfortunately I am just one of Hitlerly Cuntions deplorables and not worthy of such an angel as Kellyanne. God bless and protect her.

  26. The Biden's are like the Clinton's meaning they feel they are above the law and doing the right thing. They cannot come close to Trump's great record.

  27. I really like Conway who is sharp as razor and she speaks nothing but truth which America wants to hear. She is diamond for Trump.

  28. Awesomeness plus integrity and you would have to say she’s also beautiful “well this is what a dedicated patriot looks like ask like talks like he is dedicated to our nation and loves our country so many up and coming young women it’s great to look forward to seeing positive females in politics I can only hope one day she will run for a high office her Nikki Haley these are top notch girls like Condoleezza Rice another extremely great woman

  29. Know Hunter Biden he has to bye his crank cocaine in USA but has to remember don't leave your crank in your rental car, stay out of strip bars party's.

  30. They are caught and they know it. Biden's, Burisma, and 2016 election were being investigated back in 2018 long before Biden announced his bid for president which completely voids the accusations of personal gain by asking for dirt on an opponent. The dirt is certainly there but the WH and Security Council as well as many others from Ukraine were smelling a large international money laundering scheme long before any political accusations about the president were even possible. I think Biden ran just to set him up for this FARCE.

  31. Hunter Biden is filthy rich now so resigning from the Ukrainian Energy Company or the Chinese Company doesn't hurt him one bit, and I'm sure he can afford buy many years supply of cocaine (crack) or whatever crap he's using with what he's made!

  32. Doesn't Schiff actually swear himself in every time he stands to swear in various witnesses that democrats had the pleasure of calling before Congress?

  33. Kellyanne is in her job because she is blond. She has no knowledge of what is going on in geopolitical multipolar land. Yes, as dumb as a donkey. And my excuses to the donkey for the comparison.

  34. After Trump re-election, we need to pull the plug on the swamp.
    Yes, the day after he is sworn in.

  35. Wow! Kellyanne is exposing the connection that's a decade+ deep.

    In such complot you either sink the ship or just lie low and ride out the storm.
    Poor Biden! Step down like your son.


  37. And hunter taking the money helping China purchase things in america that they have no business getting he is a traitor for money and helps them to spy lock the greedy prick up

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