It’s time for Fan Friday! For those of you that are,
maybe new to this channel… This is Memphis.
That is Oakley.
This is Shelby. My name is Jessica and today is Fan Friday. Today is the day that we answer questions
submitted by you guys. The fans! All you have to do to submit a question
is to leave a comment down below. Use the hashtag #AskGTTSD. Next time around, we just might
select and answer one of your questions. Alright you guys!
Let’s get to this week’s questions! Jeanel Wolf says,
“I often wondered, how your dogs always looks like” Jeanel Wolf says,
“they just been bathed, even thought you said” Jeanel Wolf says,
“you only bathed them once or, twice a year?” Well… Part of the reason for that
is that we do try to groom them quite often. By grooming them, we either brush them
or, we use a high velocity blower to blown out their coats. Blowing up their coats
actually works a lot like bathing. Because not only does it blown out all of the
loose fur. It also blows a lot of the dandruff. It also blows out a lot of dirt that is hidding
close to their fur. Like, you see Shelby laying on the sand
right now? Of course, she’s picking up some of the sand. When we blow out
her coat, it will loosen a lot of that dirt. So yeah! The blower really helps to keep
them looking nice and smooth. It keeps their coats healthy. So, between blowing and brushing
that’s pretty much how they always looks like. I probably blow up all their coats
every two weeks. I usually do it, when they are blowing coat,
like when shedding really bad. I do it every couple of days, until they
aren’t shedding so bad. Then, besides that it’s about once
every two (2) weeks that I probably blow their coats for about ten (10) to fifteen (15)
minutes just to keep it nice and healthy. As for which blower we use, I’ll put a link
to the blower down in the video description below. Ufang says,
“How do you manage to get Oakley’s paw print?” Ufang says,
“She doesn’t like when anybody touches her paws!” For those of you that may not know,
we have a new poster out Is actually signed and paw-tographed
by the dogs. We took their paws and we made prints of them and then, we had
those prints turned into stamps. So, that we can stamp the posters.
You are correct! Oakley is not a fan of having her paws touched.
How did we get her to do it? We actually used…
It was like a… They use it for babies, when they stamp
the hands and feets. Instead of putting ink on it, you just
press on, to it. What we actually did with Oakley
is that we just set two (2) of those on the floor. When she walked into the house,
we tried to guide her to walk over them. It took two (2) tries, but we managed
to get it done. Her paw print is actually just, a good print
of her stepping on one of the ink mats. It made a paw print. The other dogs let us touch
their paws, so we did not have problems with them. Is actually how we did Oakley’s paw print. Then, there’s still some of the posters left,
they are limited in quantities. If you guys wants to get one, again
links down in the video description below. For the limited paw-tographed and signed posters. You are just looking out cute,
aren’t you? Leo Hosner says,
“Has Shelby always not wanted to eat?” Leo Hosner says,
“Or did that, started out of the blue?” Leo Hosner says,
“I have a Husky that turned five (5) and recently” Leo Hosner says,
“started to not wanting to eat.” Leo Hosner says,
“I went to the vet right away and it’s healthcheck” Leo Hosner says,
“came perfect. I think, he may just becoming picky.” I don’t know if that’s picky,
or that is bored… With Shelby, I think one hundred percent (100%)
I think, is a game. Shelby has realized, if she doesn’t eat,
we’re going to put something on her food. Sometimes, Jamie can literally just stick
a spoon in Shelby’s food and stir it around. She will eat it.
So, for Shelby it’s more of a ‘Diva’ thing! It’s more of a trained behaviour,
I think she just learned that we will do something special to her food,
if she doesn’t want to eat. For some dogs, it’s boredom thing.
They get bored with their food. I just actually talked about it on our blogs.
Doing food rotation with your dogs is actually a good idea. If you feed your dog
a high quality dog food, doing food rotation actually is a good thing and is not
going to hurt them. You can usually switch a high quality dog food to similar
high quality dog food without issue. Our dogs right now, are on rotation of
‘Dr Tim’s RPM’ but they also get, ‘Wellness Core Grain Free.’ You… Getting all dirty! The other one they get is,
‘Nature’s Recipe Salmon Grain Free.’ That’s just one more that we put
into rotation every once in a while.
(sneezes) Those are the three (3) foods…
Oh bless you! That… Put a bunch of dirt in your face. Right in your face! (laughter) That’s your tail honey! What are you doing? Aww! Anyway, those are the three (3) foods
that we actually do into rotation. Like, usually we will go through like,
two (2) bags of ‘Dr Tim’s’ then, will do a bag of ‘Wellness Complete’ and then, will go back to ‘Dr. Tim’s’ then, will do a bag of ‘Nature’s recipe’ I’m kind of… (laughter) Aww! Shelby! What are you doing? What are you doing? We kind of, have this food on rotation
that we do with our dogs and helps them to not be bored with the food. Of course, Shelby doesn’t matter. She still wants to be spoiled. That’s OK… Will let her… She’s our dog! We will spoil her! Charlene says,
“I know, this is a very personal question…” Charlene says,
“I want to know, how do you deal with it?” Charlene says,
“Because I lost my dog four (4) years ago.” Charlene says,
“How do you feel when somebody ask you” Charlene says,
“or reminds you about Shiloh? OK, so most of you know,
when we started this channel we had two dogs.
We have Shelby and we had Shiloh. Shiloh passed away in January of 2013. It gets probed of all the time… I read all of you guys comments,
even if I don’t respond to everybody. I always read your comments and
a lot of people that don’t know who Shiloh was, that ask about Shiloh, how do I feel? You know… I go through the emotions
like anybody else. Sometimes, I’m super happy to talk about it.
Sometimes, It just make me sad. It’s just one of those things that I think,
is perfectly normal for people to… Have different emotions when talking about
a pet or love one, anybody that passed away. But… In the grand scheme of things… I’m always really glad that you guys
still ask about her. Because… One, those of you that don’t know
about Shiloh, can learn more about her by watching older videos. Those of you that do know about Shiloh,
are remembering her. By remembering Shiloh, her memory
will live on forever. She still making people happy. Which makes me happy! We miss her… There are days
where Jamie and I, still cry about Shiloh. We miss her a lot. But… In general… When you guys ask about her,
I never get mad. I know some people get mad. I don’t get mad. Sometimes, I get sad
but, that’s OK! Is perfectly normal to feel sad
about things like that. Zylothic says,
“If my puppy is left in a kennel for nine (9)” Zylothic says,
“hours a day, by itself on weekdays,” Zylothic says,
“What is the best way to potty train him?” For one, nine (9) hours a day for five (5) days
a week, is way too long for a puppy to be left in a kennel. I would definitively
see what you can do to stop that from happening. Maybe being able to go home on your
lunch break? Maybe having a family member going home
during the middle of the day and let your puppy out? Maybe hiring
a puppy sitter to do that? Because that is a long time for a young
puppy to be in a kennel. As for potty training, I would put a link
up in the cards to the playlist of our potty trainining and crate training videos. Hopefully those will help you out. We got some mail! We got some mail! Let’s open it uuuuuup! Did you liked that?
Uuuuuuup! (laughter) I can sing too Memphis! This one says,
“I’m super late, but this is a birthday present” This one says,
“for Miss Oakley!” Look at that giant raccoon! Oh, you got it too! That’s a life size raccoon for you there! They are life size? OK!
There she goes! You can fit it in there… Life size raccoon for Oakley! (laughter) Aww! Then, there’s some treats… This cute birthday present thing… Oakley look! (birthday theme music) It sings! You like singing toys, don’t you? You like anything that makes noise! She’s like,
“I got two (2) presents guys!” She’s like,
“Now, I’m hidding both of these!” There’s another raccoon for Oakley,
from Claudia. (laughter) She does love her raccoon toys! This one was also sent from Claudia
for Oakley’s birthday. These are Oakley’s favorite treats ever! The ‘Vita Essentials raw freeze minnows.’ Those are her favorite! Another late ‘Happy Birthday’ to Oakley!
From Erika. This was for Oakley,
from Fiona. We got a letter from Sage. Sage want’s to know,
“Why Shelby doesn’t like green beans?” I don’t know, but Shelby has never
liked green beans. We got this postcard from Katie.
She wanted us to tell… Ellie? I think it says?
“Happy birthday” Ellie wanted to know,
“Which one of our dogs we think we are most liked?” Gosh… I have no idea! I really don’t know the answer to that! Our dogs has their unique personality and is kind of like Jamie and I do. I think, we’re different in our own ways. Here’s a ‘Happy Birthday’ to Oakley
from Christine. The card moves, so it won’t focus
on camera. This letter is from Alex, Daisy and Dennis. Thank you ‘CoolKi D1D1’ for your letter. Maybe is just me, but I don’t see
anywhere, where did they sent this from… But is awesome! These drawings are from… Lilly! We got a letter with some bracelets,
the letter is from Victoria. Alright you guys! That’s all we have for Fan Friday today! Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! If you missed on Monday,
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We will see you again on Monday! Monday should be a treat video,
not sure what we’re making as of yet. Thanks for laying on the sand to
fall dirty Shelby! Will have to blow your coat out before
we go inside. Alright you guys! Have a good day!
See you later! Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive!
Dream big! We will see you again soon!
Good bye! ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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  23. We do the rotation but even randomizing the rotation did not seem to be the full answer for our picky eaters. I actually thought she was like you think Shelby is doing, a learned behavior, because we did get her eating well for a while using Blue Buffalo Toppers and so we tried other toppers too but found ones she would not touch, although you could give her a Blue Buffalo one and she would immediately eat and then one food we put in her rotation on the suggestion of our vet was a food she would eat without a topper. We finally hit on a solution that works for her at least – letting her chose the food she wants. Some days she picks the same things 2-4 days in a row and sometime she switches every day. Since we started letting her tell us what she wanted to eat she has started to eat when we feed her and she eats it all. I guess you could still say she is being picky since she is picking the food but now we are not doing a bunch of things and still having her reject a meal. We think letting her pick her meal has made her feel more 'in charge' of her dinner and so she is willing to eat what she said she would, or else maybe dogs are like us and are just in different moods at mealtimes. It does make meal time a bit more complicated cause we always have to have very small samples available at each meal of things she can pick from and then have to fix the meal she picks – although it sounds like it takes longer it does not really because we are not sitting around for 30 minutes trying to cajole her into taking a bite or finding a topper or addon that will get her to eat.

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