Judge Jeanine: When the US gets through the crisis, we will be stronger

Judge Jeanine: When the US gets through the crisis, we will be stronger

100 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: When the US gets through the crisis, we will be stronger

  1. "Fight is in our DNA", says this Trumpist woman. Perhaps, but ignorance is also in the DNA of Trump's America. Get ready, Trumpian trash, you will be leading the world in infections in just a few days.

  2. We will win BIGGLY – I can't believe how Stupid and how Evil the Democrat party has become.

    Stop All Democrats Now!  Is it time for a civil war? Is it?  You are either with us or you are against us… And the "Right" has all the guns and ammo too.


  4. Enough of this Rah Rah crap. We, the, people, are ALREADY weaker. The fleecing has ALREADY happened. The elites are ALREADY stronger. Wake up, citizens. Even the Fox talking heads are lying to you.

  5. Wait!!! Weren’t you just saying SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Ok are we going to allow this woman to gaslight her way out of accountability? She gave advice to her audience that was contrary to their collective well being, in regards to the outbreak. No “sorry, I was wrong”. No accountability. No “fake news” decries, just business as usual. No!!! Both her and Candace Owens has done harm by misleading the public. Which has been documented. YOU WILL RETRACT AND APOLOGIZE. What you did on your huge platform was harmful. No, no, not business as usual.

  6. China is probably lying. The worse they make it sound, the worse they look. If they claim they're doing fine, but capitalistic America is not, then obviously communism is better than capitalism. I wouldn't trust China if it said the sun will come up tomorrow morning.

  7. A lot of people will need to pay their debts. Because of shorter working hours. Stronger for what to work overtime to catch up on paying their bills ?

  8. I love this woman I always have a date with her at 6:00 PM in oh boy this woman makes a lot of sense God bless you Judge Jeanine and God bless America

  9. Getting through the TrumpVirus crisis will make us stronger, eh?

    Because we will have millions less old people to pay for, maybe, but that's a cold equation.

  10. sources say that POTUS is considering the hanging executions of Obama, Clinton, Comey Schiff, and a democratic band of traitors on a custom built multiple gallows erected on the White House lawn for July 4th for what the president is calling; "The real Independence Day" followed by a gala fireworks display. (available in HD)

  11. Yes, lady, very good but you forgot to mention God and pray. Love comes from God. and I realize many people are not Christians. In God, we trust still stand strong today.

  12. is she crazy? she said we should isolate and then she says the kids that were at the beach to go help others

  13. I am guessing that the time our president gets this virus under control..There just might be someone in jail.. Just a guess..!!

  14. Judge Jeanine, is China in violation of the Geneva Protocol?
    This does not seem like an accident and China needs to face judgement for this horrible mess. And also why isnt anyone saying anything about the harmful 5g networks that is being rolled out while the citizens are locked down? Studies have shown that the small cell towers of the 5g networks are very hazardous to wildlife and humans. Why is no one mentioning that?

  15. It will be much better when the crooked, evil people are locked up. Crooked Hillary first then follow with the rest of the crooked politicians then the crooked evil people in Hollywood!!!

    Thank you Judge Jeanine for your wonderful input. I have a lot of respect for you!!

  16. Judge, in N.Z the, people are paid $580pw by the government to be off work, for four weeks, as from wednesday

  17. Surely the Clinton Foundation can help us during this trying time! Since the government protected them now they can return the favor. NOT!

  18. If this thing is a bio weapon it's the most effective ever devised. If it is just nature showing us who's boss I think Mother Nature has made her point.

  19. I agree with you Jeanine. But the #1 thing I pray we will ponder and reflect on during this time of difficulty is: God is in full control. He knew this virus was coming. I don't believe he caused it, however, I do believe that he is using it for something good. He definitely has my attention, b/c it's not just a small population, or a city…..it is the whole world. He's speaking to the world. It's up to us to receive it.

  20. This virus shows the real China and what's going on behind closed doors. They've never been trust worthy and don't believe this was an accident. President Trump made China pay for imports which should have been corrected 50 years ago.

  21. U can have all the vents. Beds but if you don't have skilled nurses, resp therapy. Lab staff and Docs it would be useless. Take a look at nursing ed they know a lot but have no idea how to assess and intervein libs don't allow promotion of the talented just bodies in schools. We will survive and when we do and be stronger and the libitards will feel our displeasure at the voting box. Enough of Ram Immanuelsnever let a crisis go to waste. Even the politicians boldly state to use this crisis to forward the Lefty Democrat family a plan. No the will of the people. Time to clean out the swamp and their minions.

  22. 1 oclock eastern time and no deal, they will keep playing thier stupid games GET REAL,STOP THEIR PAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. what happened judge, what changed your tune? last week it was all a hoax. my, my, how the blind have all of a sudden gained 20/20 vision so quickly. amazing how fast a real crisis will open your blind snake eyes and shut your babbling mouth.LOSER.

  24. "Easter is not the celebration of the cost of sin, but of its end. If you see glimpses of the face of Christ behind the veil, looking between the snow-white petals of the lilies you have received and given as your gift, you will behold your brother's face and recognize it. I was a stranger and you took me in, not knowing who I was. Yet for your gift of lilies you will know. In your forgiveness of this stranger, alien to you and yet your ancient Friend, lies his release and your redemption with him. The time of Easter is a time of joy, and not of mourning. Look on your risen Friend, and celebrate his holiness along with me. For Easter is the time of your salvation, along with mine."~ A Course In Miracles/Chapter 20, section 4

  25. I can't believe Jeanine is so brainwashed? Where are the 12000 patients ? That is garbage Jeanine and you know it. Jason Goodman has done maybe 5 walkabouts in the city and there are ZERO patients at any of the 3 biggest hospitals. Staff are eating snadwhiches and ambulances parked up?? WHERE IS THIS VIRUS YOU TALK ABOUT JEANINE? IT DOESN'T EXIST THAT'S WHERE. STOP SCAREMONGERING.

  26. Judge Jeanine, doesn't the President have the right to move forward for the good of the country? The Constitution is clear for the people , Domestic tranquility,, establish justice,, promote general welfare. The Presedent I think can go on for the welfare of the people and do it without these evil people who don't care who lives or dies.

  27. Judge Jennine is a leader!! I love listening to her …
    She would make a powerful first female president!!!

  28. Yes Jeanine, It is part of the enemy's sick plans that people do not noemally get much time to just think. This has led to all sorts of intolerable evils being tolerated.

  29. If conservatives had any humanity they wouldn’t have elected an incestuous racist rapist to the most important office in the world. I mean, if they had any intelligence they would have prioritized facts and science over ideology and feelings.

  30. "When the US gets through the crisis, we will be stronger." Thanks for that, Judge. Nothing like a platitude to perk up a dull day. Leave it to a former black robed quisling to spew hackneyed, cloying BS at the behest of her statist overlords. Okay to puke now?

  31. I honestly don't care if the virus kills me. We all have to go some time. I'm only self-isolating for the sake of others.

  32. 500,000 people die world-wide of the flu or flu like symptoms which at times is misdiagnosed. another 46,000 die in the US and there is never any pandemic or Medical Martial Law

  33. Coronavirus: the definition of “cases” is producing a new level of illusion
    Public health agencies and the press are casting out a blizzard of confusing terms:
    presumptive cases, infected persons, asymptomatic persons, confirmed cases, containment measures, persons connected to persons who are infected…
    It is my understanding that, now, the CDC is lumping together presumptive cases and confirmed cases, and calling them: CASES.
    Certainly, that strategy would immediately multiply the total number of CASES and also multiply fear among the uninformed population.
    A presumptive case would be a person who has not been tested for the coronavirus; or he has been tested, but the results are not yet in.
    Why is he a presumptive case in the first place? There could be several reasons. He has ordinary flu-like symptoms, and his doctor suspects he might be infected by the coronavirus, for no particular reason. He might have come in contact with a person who has been diagnosed as an epidemic case. He might have recently traveled to China—and has or doesn’t have flu-like symptoms. Maybe he has a slight cough…
    You can see that “presumptive” is a quite shaky status. It means next to nothing. Nevertheless, in order to “contain the spread of the virus,” he is pinned with that label—and added to the total of CASES.
    The press, looking for the next piece of click-bait, sees that, in a particular state or city, there are “25 CASES.” A reporter writes an article. The public is led to sense that, in that locale, a “spread” is occurring. No distinction is made between confirmed case and presumptive case.
    Suppose, in a nursing home, where a hundred residents have all sorts of long-term health problems—including flu-like symptoms and respiratory difficulties—two people have been labeled “presumptive cases,” because they were visited by a person who recently returned from China. Now, there is an opportunity to label more residents of the nursing home “presumptive,” because they’re in daily contact with the two “presumptive residents.” Result? There are 13 “presumptive cases,” and when the press discovers this, they characterize the 13 as CASES.
    But it gets a lot worse than that. As I’ve been detailing in these pages, the basic test for the coronavirus is called the PCR. A positive result is taken to mean the patient “has the virus.” He is now a confirmed case. However, the PCR has many problems.
    The procedure itself is tricky, and unless done perfectly, with great care to avoid contamination, the result is useless. But even when the test is perfect, it says nothing about whether the patient is ill or will ever become ill. Why? Because the PCR never comes to a valid conclusion about how much virus is in the patient’s body actively replicating. And in order to start talking about illness and disease, millions and millions of virus must be at work replicating inside the patient.
    Going even further down the rabbit hole, how was the PCR test for the coronavirus developed in the first place? We seem to have an answer from the CDC, offered up to reporters in a February 28 press briefing. A Dr. Messonnier, representing the CDC, said this in reply to a question:
    “…please remember that our laboratories developed this [PCR] test kit before there were US cases. We developed it based on the posted genetic sequencing, and it was this test kit that allowed us, to identify the first cases in the United States.”
    What does this mean? It seems to means that the CDC accepted the genetic sequence of the “new virus” without having an actual isolated specimen of the virus itself. Is that a problem?
    If the police receive a description of a car wreck on a local highway (the sequence), should they travel to the scene and actually look at the wreck (obtain an isolated specimen of the virus)? Should they decide who was at fault (diagnose the first US cases) without investigating (having the actual virus itself in their possession)?
    Researchers claiming they’ve laid out the genetic sequence of a virus, and passing the information along to colleagues, is not what you would call proof of anything. Those original researchers could have sequenced another virus. They could have made mistakes. Did THEY ever have an isolated specimen of the virus?
    Developing and using a diagnostic PCR test on humans, and then telling them whether they are “victims of the epidemic,” based on received genetic sequences alone, is more than irresponsible. It’s entirely reckless.
    If you’ve come this far in the article, and you’re beginning to feel that the whole system of diagnosing people with THE VIRUS is madness, I would agree with you.
    Categories of cases are being deceptively juggled and merged, in order to inflate numbers.
    The “gold standard” diagnostic test is fraught with difficulties, and is inherently useless.
    And lurking behind all this is the question: who discovered the coronavirus in the first place, and did they ever have an actual specimen of it, a biological reality; or, working from indirect “markers,” were THEY the PRESUMPTIVES, blithely assuming their genetic sequences pointed to an entity that actually exists?

  34. 3:33 This is not true as it is being based on 2018 tax returns. So new Adults (18 & 19 year olds) who didn't work in 2017 won't qualify. Also those on SSI who only receive $783 a month will also not qualify.

  35. America will get through this because we are at our best when we are tested, she says. She mentions faith, but she never said anything about God. That's how we get through times when we are tested: We get down on our knees and pray to God. But we are too proud to pray to God. We trust in our science. We trust in our own power.
    When we get through this crisis, we will be stronger, she says. Only if we turn to God. Then we will receive His blessings and His wisdom.

  36. The United States of America should stop giving other countries financial aid. They never pay it back or even attempt to!!

  37. Pay China's debt, lets build stuff at home, and cut all ties with 3rd world countries to sustain our economy…. We have all the resources to take care of our own and not feed the rest of the world. That's how america was built… Greed destroyed AMERICA and our politicians self agenda destroyed AMERICA… Have you meet a poor or mid income politician??? Think about it… Most of them are all millionaires… But thats none of my business!!!

  38. JEANINE PIRRO: "Now, they say the mortality rate for coronavirus is higher than a flu. But consider though, that we have a flu vaccine, and yet in 2019, 16,000 Americans died from the flu."
    " when the us gets through this crisis we will be stronger" yeah ok but will the opinion news anchors be smarter is my question. I'm a stupid bricklayer and I could tell by what was happening in Wuhan china this is worse then the flu and warned everyone i know by mid january. you stupid sons of bitches at FOX convinced my 75 yr old mother i was wrong and she went to florida 2 weeks ago on an airplane to go shopping with her girlfriends because you assholes at FOX told her this was not as bad as the flu.

  39. Don't give into the fear! You need to help people stay calm and not give into the leftists agenda to control people through fear! It's no worse than H1N1 when 1600 were killed! It's been planted, you know it!

  40. Why can’t we as the people of the USA sue the lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for refusing they need of people of the USA? And if the answer is No why not?

  41. Americans are so gullible, they believe anything the Mainstream Media says. We are under a form of Marital law. We aren't coming back. Welcome to the Democratic version of socialism. The great toilet paper Virus 2020

  42. Wait, you mean the "crisis" you first described as the media "hitting the panic button" back on the 8th? You mean that one? Or do you mean the people dead from taking chloroquine after you and Trump said it was "approved?" Is that what you mean? Or do you mean after you tell people to pack themselves into churches come Easter – after THAT is when "we will be stronger?" Just trying to understand which of your lies I'm supposed to believe today.

  43. social distancing is quite effective , unfortunately not against a airborne virus , their is really only one true answer and it is not letting people die in the homes after infecting their families , a family in NJ died in the home this week from the corona virus , afraid to leave and by the time they would have gone as sick as they were , they would have most likely died anyway , there is a answer ,its not a easy one , but it takes away the fear from the sick and the ones treating the sick , People with the corona virus should have corona hospitals set up , they should not have to be going to normal hospitals and possibly contaminating them , the infected should be able to be moved to special hospitals made to treat the virus with all the procedure in place to stop and quarantine this virus , instead of every hospital worker needing everything , it would mean only certain hospitals that deal in corona now have the over ability to treat the virus , it doesn't make sense to have ever medical worker at risk when we can have the people trained to this response to handle it with great efficiency , stop making people and medical workers live in fear of being infected , stop making sick people stuck at home to contaminate families ,when the solution is right in front of them and yet they still tell us to stay home and die , till they realize the truth of combating a bio-virus ,this wont end , wouldn't it be better if you knew when you got sick you could go and be admitted for treatment , not pray to god to survive without medicine or supplies , cause if I get sick I will die at home before risking others and that is a very inhumane choice

  44. Bring back made in the USA. Vote Trump 2020 and give use more judge Jeanine. 👍✌💕🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  45. But without the Democrats helping and working together with the President it'd be a hard ride for all of us!

  46. The Corona (halo/head) virus is just what? The zeka virus in disguise, repackaged under a different name. It's odd isn't it, how many different flus have come and gone since Y2K? But this one, one hundred years after the early 1907 influenza outbreak is become the weapon of mass destruction. How stupid are we here in America. It's terror that's being used to cow the people (Mad Chao [ cow]) 20 years after the attack on the World Trade Center. People you better get your "heads" in order because this is beginning to look like a good cop/bad cop routine to cause the passing of secret bills that are trying to protect the Democrats from being brought to Justice over the impeachment fiasco. I don't know why it cannot be comprehended. Pelosi let the cat out of the bag with her attempted introduction of her radical policies. People are sitting homeless in her district and she won't even help the poor people who lost everything in those fires out there. Besides them, there are over 3,000,000 million people now signed up for Unemployment. And that's not including the few million on welfare and the other millions who cannot get the unemployment and such. Then you have millions of nurses, coming home from hospitals wearing clothing that's been around influenza all day walking into their homes without cleaning up having hungry children staring at them. Most of the things you buy at wall Mart and Lowe's is from China and not one dummy can put two and two together! And her was Pelosi and her mob trying to control the EM "Stimulus" after the Nation shut down… Does history really repeat itself? If it does well then, next will come severe depression more worse than anyone can imagine. After that,. WAR! Just like World War 1. History will repeat. God help this nation!

  47. The West should stop interfering in other countries affairs, this is what is creating the virus we are facing today, for instance, look at how human beings are dying in the Mediterranean Sea like animals, the West doesn't care after destroying Libya, Sea fishes are eating human beings like their normal food, and the same Sea fishes that we also eat, why won't there be diseases? This is the punishment of the West

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