Judge Jeanine: Thank you Democrats for guaranteeing Trump’s reelection

Judge Jeanine: Thank you Democrats for guaranteeing Trump’s reelection

100 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: Thank you Democrats for guaranteeing Trump’s reelection

  1. History is full of people who under estimated their opponents….. We only need to go back three years and Hillary Clinton comes to mind. Keep counting your chickens before the eggs hatch.

  2. Independent and your welcome. Fake judge we like how you treat and call your own people liars and expell them when they have a different opinion. Let's see how many of our votes you can steal. We intrusted senators to do their jobs a mistake. We will be at the polls believe it.

  3. this so called "crosseyed judge" has no morals, no dignity….remember, what goes around comes around….be careful, IT will bite you in the butt.

  4. Are those more pretend hired actors ? People , don't do that. And cops would be there Actors bought and paid for again. This was nuts. All news is acting. They "are", one, corpse-oration. Two parties, of a corpse. Can the explain this bc, bill of lading to we 'a people', yet. The straw-bond, lost at sea. Commercial, and this middle, given name-sake, aka, grace, name, bara. Please explain how to land this estate, endorse, etc. As executor, ad-ministering, etc…and Admiralty meritime courts, and no land courts, re: Supreme law of the land. Explain sheriffs and the gun infringement along with contracting without Juris prudence. Conscious of the law. Thanks

  5. I love you Judge Jeanine! I love how you tell it like it is, hanging these morons out to dry. They are so ridiculous. And I loved your comment regarding Romney!!

  6. Mrs. Pelosi, time and place and above all political affiliation, you have shown lack of class/finesse and respect toward your President to rip apart, in public, the annual speech of the Country President. Especially considering that you did that in the Congress Assembly Hall full of Americans Citizen: your brothers and sisters, indeed no tact. You have given in to your personal jealousy/envy in a USA “sacred” place and demonstrated the personal incapacity to recognize and enjoy the freedom of Democracy of which you are so lucky to live in your Country. We have always the time to rectify our positions if we like to be a sport woman or man. Respectfully, Paul Candiago ([email protected])

  7. Democrats are liers, democrats accuse the others to be liers. Democrats are corrupt, they accuse the others to be corrupt…and so on…

  8. COnservative complacency such as " Trump has this in the bag" can hand it all to the radical Left. Redouble your efforts to help reelect Trump

  9. I'm a hard core Mormon. I pick Trump over Romney. Romney is a bozo. He needs to support Trump. My church supports Trump.

  10. Thank you, for fighting for our Republic, and free, sovereign nation with individual liberties, President Trump! I voted independent constitutionalist in 2016, but you got my vote in 2020!!!

  11. You deserve it, Judge! You are an amazing Patriot, and American Hero! You were right on with your evaluation of Omar- the traitor!

  12. As a way to bring our gov. back to our level and understanding — they should never be allowed to earn more than the minimum wage. I bet they would be more for the people than (still,against their will)

  13. I want all the taxpayer money they have wasted paid back to the american people and tell the democrates them they are fired. Our money should be put to better use.


  15. Actually the Democratic Party isn’t responsible, the voters, always looking for utopia are still mad at the Democrats, in four years they will be mad enough at the republicans for not providing utopia, will vote a democrat president again.

  16. Privet Judge! I have a lot of love and respect for you because I could see righteousness IN you…but now, you are compromised! You KNOW between right and wrong so let's not dance around with Legal Technicalities! If President Trump were eg Leader of Namibia, I KNOW your Judgment would be different! Don't tell me you find ZERO fault in your President and his behaviour Internationally as well as "niceties" and manners Politicians afford each other, NOT belittle them. If you TRULY believe in your heart Trump is BEST President US EVER had, I lost ALL respect for you, but more importantly, GOD my Father and His Son has, and YOU are then also guilty for supporting one that sins instead of snatching him out of FIRE! It is amazing how many people I noticed changed in character and morals since 2016, don't you agree? Our Heavenly Empire is watching patiently!

    до свидания!

    Mikhail Rimsky-Korsakov

  17. Think you JUDGE JEANINE .for Doing the Right thing
    And support ing the president .these people have put him through hell.Just not right!! Iam not Nancy Pelosi s Judge. But to claim she is Religious. And then to make stuff up lie and enstagate .Boy I Just can't say what Gods got in store for her.But I don't think it will be good.and some time s when people get power and money. They let satin in .I feel she and family are infor a great down fall!

  18. You're right they guaranteed Trump's reelection. The DemonRats if they survive at all will have to come back to fight another day far far in the distant future, if anyone remembers any of this circus.

  19. Perro should be ashamed that none of the republican senators, with the exception of Romney, has any integrity or respect for the oath they took to uphold the Constitution. they are now the party of party over country !

  20. what justice? Democracy does no exist in USA. Your president got away with bribery. You are saying the american voter is stupid enough to vote back in a corrupt president.

  21. I'm more inclined with liberal ideas, not all but the majority, but I just can't understand how after all this time, people still can't accept that he's the president. I feel that the Ukrainian situation was impeachable but I think it failed mostly because of the feeling of witch-hunt against him. People are so desperate that when a real reason came to light, it lost importance because it was one good reason among several bad reasons. He's not doing a bad job if the statistics are correct and the world didn't collapse so you can survive. But the same childish complains are getting annoying.

  22. The dems are just extremely afraid that their endless bribe money from big pharma is going to be gone since Trump is going after them for the opaite epidemic they caused and the dems let happen so they could fatten their pockets

  23. Nancy Pelosi says she is Catholic and prays for Trump. However the bible says " you shall know them by their fruits". So what fruits is she showing? Hatred, anger & disdain for DJT. Moreover, she/they dispise his supporters and our faith. What she did by tearing up the State of the Union speech was hatred at its highest level. What she doesn't realize is that she cannot curse what God Almighty has blessed! No weapon forced against him will prosper. For those that believe that he will go down as the worst president. Think again.

  24. In the future, if there was an empty seat for the Supreme Court and I would be the first to vote Judge Jeanine Pirro and beyond, she was both a beauty and a personality. She will be the right man for that position. I will be the first to write to President Trump to offer her this honorary seat at the supreme court of the United States.God bless you, Judge and I love you this much***

  25. Judge Jeanine Pirro is a judge whom I greatly admire and love…
    In the future, if there was an empty seat for the Supreme Court and I would be the first to vote Judge Jeannine Pirro and beyond, she was both a beauty and a personality. She will be the right person for that position. I will be the first to write to President Trump to offer her this honorary seat at the supreme court of the United States.

  26. Why do African Americans have to stand for the anthem? Because you force them to be American citizens? They certainly didn't have a choice. Your position on this is pro-slavery and racist. I can' t forgive you, Judge. You are wrong.

  27. love President Trump from all the way over here in Boris's Britain,lets make our countries communist free once again!

  28. They care more about hurting trump then helping America,they hate him more then they love America by far,The dems need to be abolished.The fact they refuse to work with the president means they cant do their job so why are we funding them if they refuse to work with our president?They have done 0 to do anything for America yet everything they want hurts America.We the people are their employers and its time to fire them from the job

  29. just look at these events,the leftist are a cult and they will turn on their own people is someone doesn't follow EVERYTHING they follow,for instance if your a women at women's march but don't agree with abortion they will shun and treat you like the enemy.The video evidence shown the right side to be mature and normal while the left is completely unhinged violent and childish.Everytime we see the two sides you se good vs evil

  30. guaranteeing means i can't wait till election day to watch the democratic meltdown of all those people who were so determined to take HIM down when the announcement says donald trump has one reelection the stunned expression i remember the night 11/7/16 all those crybabies screaming NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!! NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!! REALLY !! …………………………………………………. GET A LIFE…………………………………………. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID

  31. Judge you are on good Common on your part as for Pelosi and the other guy I don’t know what happened what happened knowing the difference between right and wrong I mean they didn’t give the president to process and voided this entire thing

  32. Judge, your comments just tells us how little you are familiar with the contents of the US Constitution. Do yourself and America a favor, go to the library to pick up a copy to read or go take a college course. Our Country needs to defend the rules better against the profiteer administration in the WH.

  33. It just scares me that the democrats will rig the fall election !! Just an example, leaving poll booths open long in key democrat communities to make sure enough democrats show up to change the outcome !!!

  34. I think you're wonderful as usual, and that's not a creepy comment, it's sincere and completely about what you do for us every time you go 'on air'. Interpreting the latest crap and land-mines that the Democrats put in front of our president on a daily basis. Thanks Jeanine

  35. So when do we stoop so low to have to fight up against each other for one person. Calling a person stupid on live TV. I definitely don't agree with the other side but now look your acting like kids have to get the last word in does that change anything. when you start acting your age then I will listen to your station. You look like a person who listen to one side of a story anyway and would not care if that said to jump off a bridge and I think you would do.

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