Judge Jeanine calls out ‘Trump-hating’ Democrats

Judge Jeanine calls out ‘Trump-hating’ Democrats

100 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine calls out ‘Trump-hating’ Democrats

  1. in his defense, it's a lot of work pulling your pants up that far. and it's a lot of work getting that diaper just right so nobody can see you're wearing one


  3. Judge jabberwoky barking to the kennel of idiots
    Is she really that stupid- maybe
    Is her audience that stupid- probably
    Can someone get her a muzzle

  4. This is far more than an attack upon a man who happens to be the President of these less than United States…. this is an attack upon the Constitution and the Rule of Law by the lawless radical Left …. Period…

  5. Yaw, Nadlers complexion looked green yaw. I watched some of this. He didn’t look to good. He looked gray & green. He’s under pressure.

  6. Can’t wait for lyin Joe Biden…gettin unhinged when and if he debates Trump….no softball verbiage …during that he’s gonna crack…like mad…probably challenge Trump to a fencing dual…he’s cracked

  7. Judge you are the woman the AMERICAN PEOPLE wants the DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC party are Haters and Scamers, they all needs to be TAR and FEATHERED

  8. Judge. Lol. Were does fox find these angry, ignorant skanks . She looks inbread, fox entertainment, the real fake news.

  9. When the reaction to the damning allegations against the president "consists primarily of name-calling and tweeting and denouncing and deflecting, it's hard to avoid concluding that Trump has no substantive defense to offer. And its no wonder that Trump refuses to participate in hearings.

  10. OK, how about 100% Republican win across the board, and let the dems meditate on their crimes and corruption, and perhaps repent of their treason… if they are still around when the HAMMER comes down!!!.

  11. ~something spiritually must be happening in this world to have many "hypocrats" hating Trump~they are hiding something that they do not wish the rest of the world to know about~you can feel the frequency of negativity coming from these "hypocrats"~I see a revelation coming forth in this world soon~and those that wish not to expose what has happened as it will happen~Lord Shiva knows of this truth that all of the world is being filtered not to see it~and so does the Universal Law of Attraction~but that is OK~God made this thing called the Akashic Records that upload all of humanities bad tidings and good~he did want mankind to run a muck if he wishes to be awakened or enlightened in his own revealed truth~does one believe that KARMA does not exist as it does~

  12. Nancy Pelosis mafia father organised the assasination of President Kennedy. Nancy attended the Ball and was photographed with Kennedy in Dallas the night before. She was 17. Fact !

  13. Nadler's doing us a favor. If the entire Left would all go to sleep, we could help the President fix this country! Let them sleep!

  14. 4:25 – Tucker's response to Jeanine will go past everyone who is not fully awake. Tucker said "They want to be" in answer to Jeanine's statement which I will NOT repeat. Tucker knows something and is not at liberty to tell. I heard from another channel that Tucker has a secret past of having horrible crimes committed against him when he was younger. Tucker is awake more than most know. Keep an eye on this guy …don't let his little quips he tosses out fool you. They're not just metaphor or jokes ….it's literal.

  15. Lets not forget that if this charade goes to trial, and Schiff and his criminal crowd are called as Republican witnesses , and spew their lies under oath, then that is Perjury. Lets face it, Schiff couldn't tell the truth if he tried.

  16. NO more old people in Congress, they just sleep on the job and collect a paycheck.they have plenty of time to create false narratives, fake dossiers, pick fake witnesses, and spy on candidates who look promising.

  17. "Judge Jeanine Pirro reacts to impeachment witnesses failing to produce evidence against Trump"…

    I think I will stick with Judge Napolitano statement. He is a more credible than JJP and the rest of the Fox News hacks

  18. This idiot Pirro is married to a gangster.. Hey Pirro, we are getting Trump's Tax returns.. They will be filled with many felonies. Let's see how you spin that Fool! She pushes conspiracy theories for Trump.. All lies! She is a 70 Buffoon who needs the money to continue filling her face with Fillers..

  19. Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi along with CNN have been wrong the past 3yrs not being honest. CNN with Demos spend all there time hatingTrump. No-one cares anymore what demos have to say. Like many others I'm no-longer a democrat. Demos dishonest extremely bad leadership no-longer working for Americans its all about them. Americans are voting for President Trump 2020.

  20. He doze off often. Remember when he accused Candace Owens of calling someone stupid, tho she hadn't. And she call him out on it. Telling him he didn't' listen to what she said.

  21. The 63 million Trump voters bought enough guns on black Friday to arm the Marine Corps. That just happens to be the world's largest standing army⚖️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Trump does not hate democrats only what they stand for. They are working towards brining in a new world order which will make Sodom and Gomorrah look like child’s play. A dictatorship with no morals no rights and no God.

  23. Chairman Nadler is bored with the Impeachment proceedings it’s putting him to sleep!!
    Night, night, wake me when this is over.

  24. Judge Jeanine reminds me of an old cat lady. But not like a friendly one who gives out candy, but one that hordes old newspapers and smells like cabbage. Do you think she watches tennis 24 hours a day?

  25. Sadly many Americans cannot speak English very well and they speak at probably a third grade level. Critical thinking is almost non-existent as is reading comprehension. People don't even know about the cumulative nature literature today.

  26. Hello judge Jeanie glad to hear from you! Like your spunk. Women should be more like this . Speack your mind. My wife. Tells it like she sees it. If you ask her a question. Be sure you realy do . Want to hear her honest answere. Don't ask if not. That's my India of a good honest woman. Love women who stand up for them selfs .demands her rightful respect. A woman who respects her self . Is very mutch most beautiful. 🇺🇸🌟👍💯%🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟🌎🌏🌍✌️🤗

  27. Yeah!! That’s why Trump has a backup team of… Crooked Religious Pimps!! that claims to speak to God! In the Oval Office, taking Publicity Stunt Photos!! (a lousy President, but…. King of the BS)

  28. Consider this. Only a socialist globalist would think of global warming anithative to rip off the people around the world in every country where the only thing that didn't change was the weather and they could meet back at global headquarters for more planning and zoning and click champagne glasses served by slaves. Oust socialism send it back to hell thank God for Christians love the Lord this Christmas maybe we shouldn't be so tolerant and forgiving no then we would be just like you know who. We're going to have the best Christmas ever till next year love you all were so blessed don't get spoiled. sword of the Lord

  29. Go f'— yourself msnbc no one believes your fake news go eat poop the only news america has any interest in is real news like fox news judge jeanine my favorite and one last note you should be ashamed of yourself whoopie for having the demonic audacity to speak to americas beloved judge jeanine like you did how dare you. You satanic mess go f yourself

  30. The demonic satanic cabal dems are outraged Trump is putting an end to their andrenochrome fueled orgies and baby sacrifice thats what this is all about. GO TRUMP AMERICA LOVES YOU.CHRISTIANS UNITE TIME TO MAKE THE ARREST OF OBOMINABAL .PIGLOSI

  31. It's time to drain the swamp! Starting with Nasty Piglosi, get that Botox, plastic face out of Congress, please.

  32. A baron is not royalty, they are persons who are loyalists to the monarchy
    That professor is so stupid, and she teaches college classes, no wonder AOC is so ignorant.

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