JIGSAW & Ultimate Elevator Prank (IbraTV)

JIGSAW  & Ultimate Elevator Prank (IbraTV)

The best are always… What are you doing?! Camera! It’s hidden there…! Sorry dude. – Are you okay?
– Yeah. No thanks.

100 thoughts on “JIGSAW & Ultimate Elevator Prank (IbraTV)

  1. Jajaja no mames lo que mas me dio risa fue cuando la morra lo empezó a patear en el elevador ajajajajajajaj

  2. The prank is good but don’t do it with girls or old people…

    1. Cause you don’t know if the girls are pregenant

    2. Old people are gentle and can break really easily

  3. It used to be fun to do pranks… But in today's society, this is cruel. Someone will be carrying a weapon n kill the jokester!

  4. You are going too get shot one day if the person is a off Duty police officer and you pull that knife on him you will be dead.

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