Jack Black Dishes on Working with Jack White on a Tenacious D Song

Jack Black Dishes on Working with Jack White on a Tenacious D Song

-Hey, you just — Tenacious D.
I’m a huge fan of “The D.” And you’re going on tour
to Europe. A lot of fans of The D
in Europe? -Yeah, we do have
some love in Europe. We played in England. We played two nights at
Wembley — not the stadium, in the smaller one —
Arena. Still.
-Okay. -Pretty good.
-Yeah. -And, yeah, we’re
getting ready to go back to Europe in February. -You did — Jack White just
produced a “D” song. -Yes!
-How was that? -That was exciting, because
we were going across America, and we had a show coming up
in Nashville, which happens to be
Jack White headquarters now. -Yep. -And he sent us
a message saying, “Hey, if you’re coming
through Nashville, do you want to come to record
a song at my studio?” And we we’re like, “Hell yeah. We want to party with
Jack White.” And we were freaking out,
though, ’cause we were like, “What are we going to play? Let’s write a song about
how freaked out we are about rockin’ with
Jack White.” So it’s, like,
a song about anxiety called “Don’t Blow It, Kage.” It’s available on iTunes.
We’re very proud of it. -And did you feel good once
you got in the room? It was a good vibe
being there with Jack? -It was surreal. I highly recommend it,
if you get a chance to party with Jack white. -Yeah, in Nashville, no less.
-Yeah. -Do you remember the first song
you ever wrote when you were a youngin’? -God. Yeah. You know, the first song
was a song — Well, we were trying to write
the best song in the world. It was me and Kyle. We were sitting down
and just thinking, “What can be the —
We want to –” There was something about the
greatest and the best. It was very — -I think it’s really amazing, the way you guys
decided to start was by writing
the best song in the world. -Well, we — And we tried.
We’ve tried for months. There were lots of
stoney sessions on the stoney-stone couch. And then we realized, “We can’t.
It’s impossible. Let’s just — Let’s write
a tribute to the greatest song in the world, and that’s what
–” -Yeah, make it very clear.
-Yeah. -You made it very clear, “This is not the best song
in the world.” -And, weirdly, it’s still the
best song we’ve ever written. Right out of the gate.
We hit it so hard. It was hard to top. -Yeah, that’s —
I mean, that’s, like, a blessing and a curse —
right? — that you had your best one ever,
and then you just chase it. I hear heroin is very similar
to that, yeah. Yeah.
-No comment. -Well, we were talking
backstage. One of the times
you hosted “SNL,” you were in the film
“King Kong, the Peter Jackson film
“King Kong.” And your monologue at “SNL” was
a rock song about “King Kong,” the premise being that you
had wanted it to be the theme song of the film. And now my son —
His grandfather told him about “King Kong”
and Empire State Building, and now, my son —
I played him that song, and so now he actually thinks
that’s genuinely a “King Kong” song,
which is basically… ♪ King Kong ♪ ♪ Where did we go wrong? ♪ That’s all. -♪ Fightin’ the Vietcong ♪ ♪ King Kong ♪ Yeah, I had a blast.
“SNL,” man. -Yeah, we had some good times.
-Good times. -We had some very good
times there. You —
-Steve Higgins. -Steve Higgins wrote that, yeah.
He helped you iron that out. -Yes.
-Jeff Richmond. There was some good people
involved in that song. -Yeah. -I know that you’re a
little bit of a — You like to stay informed
on the news, but, like a lot of people, maybe it’s a little bit
too much right now. -It’s so much. I mean, yeah, like most people,
I tuned into NBC. My watching of
that channel, like, went up significantly when the new administration
took over, And it felt like the end of
the world was happening, and I wanted to watch
the collapse… -Yeah. -…with Rachel Maddow
and everybody on the channel. And then it started to get
longer and longer, and I started watching from
noon until literally 8:00 p.m., this power block of NBC. And now when I turn it on,
with these impeachment hearings, I get so depressed with
these, like — these ferocious Republican,
like, lap dogs just defending the president. They’re so good at it. They’re, like, you know,
these lawyers with knives, and our guys are, like, trying
to play by the rules still. I’m like, “Get your knives out!”
Let’s fight dirty! They’re fighting dirty!” -And, so,
you found peace, though. -Now I just turn the channel
and I just watch “The Price is Right.” -Yeah. -And you find that,
like, that Zens you out? -Because — But you —
It’s so essential to let the steam out
and find the humor in the situation, ’cause,
sometimes, I’m starring at it
and I just feel, like, this doomsday scenario. It’s like a
post-apocalyptic universe. we’re hurtling towards. And then I’ll turn into
Seth Meyers and I’ll be like, “Yes.” Find that kernel,
that nugget of comic wisdom. -I feel the same way about
when I sit down with my family to watch
“Jumanji.” I know I’ll be safe. The worst thing that
will happen is a snake will eat my friend Jack Black, but then he will be spit out
and he will be fine. -Come, take me, snake.
-Thank you so much. -I love you.
-Thank you so much. Love you, too.
Thanks for being here. Jack Black.

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  1. The zombie apocalypse will start under the trump administration. The zombies will be played by poor people. You know who will be hunting these poor people, Republicans with guns.

  2. Of course he won't answer. He knows he is a criminal. The Founding Fathers you worship for no good reason (they were racist cunts) started a revolutionary war over being butthurt over tax. This regime is openly evil, and all you can do is weakly impeach him over bullshit something lke or even JFK would not even consider wrong.

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  5. When I rollerbladed to "The Beaches" (I did that a lot)  & ran into Jack Black, without provocation,  he was so rude, as were the people associated with him,.

  6. get your knives out. made me laugh, but makes me wonder, is there an option where honesty and decency can still compete? thanks Jack

  7. He's just a no talent, loser lefty, just like the rest of Hollywood….er, oh wait. No, I don't mean that at all.

    LOVE how every single actor, artist, musician, author, thinker, professor, actually patriotic American etc. who speaks the truth about the GOP right now ALWAYS gets smeared as a washed up loser. No matter how widely loved and respect their body of work is, always, always smeared by Trump Crime Syndicate enablers as a washed up loser. It's breathtaking. Folks will even call Robert Anthony De Niro a washed up loser because he's honest about what is going on with the GOP right now.

  8. That is a very 70s shirt! Except for the collar. I used to wear shirts like that back then, same patterns, but long points on the collar.

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    Trump is going after Social Security​​​​​​​

    I rely on Social Security, it pays my bills.
    I have no way to get a job because of where I live,
    and it's the only place I can afford to live.
    I'll likely become homeless.

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  11. Worst title for a vid ever, he spends all of one sentence talking about working with Jack White, I'll save you some time, it was surreal, doesnt say why or tell an anecdote or any information about working with White whatsoever, but is immediately steered by this hack meyers into shitting on conservatives, PDT etc. He is qualified to talk about music, and he doesn't do that. He is supremely UNqualified to talk about issues or politics and he pontificates on that for quite a while. I used to like the guy. I still likehis work, but he's a tool like most of so-called rock stars, who used to actually be rebels instead of government worshiping socialists.

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    Me: "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."

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