It’s odd Dems are playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Lev Parnas: Nunes

It’s odd Dems are playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Lev Parnas: Nunes

100 thoughts on “It’s odd Dems are playing ‘cat and mouse’ with Lev Parnas: Nunes

  1. Seems now that Nunes' aids were in constant contact with Parnas and Nunes knows Parnas is going to rat him out, yet Nunes keeps lying…

  2. If dumpster trump wasn't involved with so much criminal activity it would not be impeachment proceedings against him, something wrong if he is surrounded with these accusations


  4. Nunez you are in this up to the longest hair in your head. You are no the right person to even say a word about this. Time and voters will take care of you since the law definitely needs a rewrite so actions like your do not go unpunished. This applies to democrats and republicans the same. Ever should be held accountable and pay the price of wanting power more than defending the constitution and rule of law. Period.

  5. Wow, this guy is so deep in his own sh!t he’s a classic case of dissociation (look it up under psychiatric conditions]. He sat on the intelligence committee for the impeachment hearings but can’t remember one of two simple articles? He needs to resign and join Duncan’s bridge club for indicted or soon to be indicted disgraced Trump sycophants. They’ll have to buy a large table as the list keeps growing.

  6. He says that because Parnas was indicted he can’t be trusted. Yet, the man he is defending has been indicted by Congress.

  7. Have you ever called a senator? I have dozens of times but somehow I was never directed straight to the senators cell phone.

  8. I don't think Nunes should even be involved since he's involved in the corruption as well as most of Rumps cohorts.

  9. Nunes is now having a moment of clarity now and suddenly remembers he has a 8 min phone conversation. Nunes is as crooked as they come. Drain the swamp and start with this piece of garbage.

  10. Oh they don't make sense because they are getting paid by billionaires to get Trump. They are going to try and get him don't fall for nothing don't let bring wittness. Don't let the house do anything in the house.because they will to go after trump

  11. Nunes is the mouse and Lev Parnas is the cat. Nunes life is a house of cards. When his secrets come out everything will come tumbling down.
    GOP – Goons Of Putin

  12. Did you see your phone number on those records,hahaha don't remember parnas number was on the phone when he bought it,hahaha

  13. And will be the first one to be re-elected in the process. What will that say about this whole sham? Republicans and conservatives if we are being absolutely honest are being too weak in getting people indicted and fighting back on corruption, conflict of interest and people needing to recuse themselves even though yall control the Senate. Act on it don't over talk or over think things too much. Block out all news media including fox news and act. Yall have bend over backwards to dems over 3 years from the con Mueller special counsel, Sessions, impeachment, indictments of Republicans and none at all on the known corrupt Democrats that we already know for a fact. Let's be absolutely real here.

  14. Devin Nunes …knee deep in his own COW PIES !
    Hey Devin, Lev Parnas is one of your pals in the Trump Ukraine Bribery Scandal.
    By the way how many phone calls did you and your staff have with Lev Parnas , hmmm?

  15. Parnas is looking for a stay out of jail card. He will say just about anything to save his own skin just like most people would do if they were facing a long term in prison as a consequences for the crimes they have committed.

  16. This people lie, the Democrats have nothing. They didn't follow the constitution. Nader changed the rule that the constitution says you have to vote for impeachment and need the majority. Both Republicans and Democrats are in the house. Nancy had 16 votes. You can't change the constitution to make it say what you want. This people need to give down for not following the constitution. Everything they are doing or accused Trump of doing. They did it. The Democrats needled in the election. This countries have Hillary foriegn money. Thousands.
    1. Ukraine
    2. Italy
    3. Britain
    4. Australia
    5. Mexico
    This countries meddles in the election on behalf of Hillary. Notice Russia is not on the list.
    Hillary rigged the election. They let all the illegal aliens vote. Obama told them to go vote. There is video Obama telling illegal people to vote!
    They had this countries meddle in the election. The election was rigged. She paid for electoral votes.
    After all that she still lost. Everyone thought she was going to win. She barely campaigned. Hillary was sure she was going to win. She was not supposed to loose. When is she going to be arrested? She sold the USA uranium to Russia. They lie, cheat, steal. She was kicked out of the Nixon trial as a manager..everything she does is fail. She is a failure.

  17. Why there are call records of Nunes calling Lev Parnas and Rudy? Why a senator call Parnas long before public knows about Parnas getting involved in the aid or even before Parnas name in the news? Why?

  18. He s a lying traitor. Hes going to jail an hes sweating like a french callgirl. Get ready for buba. Hes going to make you his girl.

  19. Nunes is as dirty as they come. Slime ball of the highest degree. Remember his got your personal number & you took lots of pictures with him. Do these cunts think the american people are morons???

  20. The question is; what was your involvement with Lev Parnas? While I’m at it, Devin, take your opinion and SHOVE IT! HAHAHAHAHA

  21. If Democrats ever went to your house Devin, it's because unlike Lev Parnas, they don't have your cell phone number.

  22. Love that Series "House of Cards" its actually like the series almost exact And that's why Trump finna get impeached because in due time the smart Americans will win. And what wht the movie will always remind you; that politicians are all professional liers.

  23. Sounds legit Devin, nothing to see here. Come on man, if youre going to lie on national television, at least have the decency to be good at it.

  24. The dirtier gop reps are proven to be, the more likely fox "news" viewers are to vote for them. And devil nunes is as dirty as human filth can be. You only need to look at or listen to him to know. Hope he is dumb enough to sue lieu in court so that he can be completely exposed.

  25. Devil nunes seems to "remember" at long last who lev parnas is. A guy who can't remember people he spends 8+ minutes on the phone with regularly, clearly is unfit for any office, except maybe at trump university or fox news.

  26. Trump has been accused of quid-pro-quo by deranged Democrats. This is the first time an innocent Republican has been tried in the court of public opinion by the mainstream media for a crime that was committed by a Democrat. who has already confessed. Go figure!!

  27. I appreciate Martha asking tough questions. Why is Nunes turning red and looks very nervous? Can't answer simple questions without fumbling.

  28. Wow, that was a huge leap to assumption, that the reps were spying on the ambassador.. it sure seems the dems had a lot more invested that she stick to the script. This is why MSM sucks. Cant believe I listened

  29. CHANGE, CHANGE IS GOOD time to change all the names who were elected and are corrupt….. vote out all the people with a letter (D) after their names………..(CHANGE) get em out period…….###################################################

  30. Why is Martha so hostile & dismissive of Devin Nunes? She jabbers baloney, intruding on his answers to her questions defenfing himself from her tainted implications. I don't respect Martha!

  31. Martha Maddow…give it a break. There is PROOF of it happening on one side, and only innuendo (lies) of it happening on the other.

  32. That video of “dims” walking with articles look like they are walking TO THEIR OWN FUNERAL! And so they are… appropriate.

  33. Oh man, Nunes throws some real humdingers out there! I really like at 5:30 when he denies even having heard the former ambassador's name until the impeachment. He truly had no clue those message records were gonna get released. Jail is really gonna suck for him! 😂

  34. Trump starting a war with Iran to distract from Impeachment. Trump bribed Ukraine with Military aid to cheat in the election.

  35. This unhinged behavior by the suicidal dims must be brought to an end so that all attention can be focused on exposing and bringing the coup cabal to justice. The trail leads to Obama and John Kerry, through Kerry's aide, Jonathan Winer, who was used to get the discredited Steele dossier to the FBI who new it was a fraud and used it to get the FISA warrent to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign.

  36. Nunes you sir are a sack of poop, for taking part in the Drug Deal with Rudy. Just keep telling lies, the Base love them.

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