100 thoughts on “Iran launches missiles into US military base in Iraq

  1. All Iran did was waist 12 missiles. They intentionally missed any target of consequence so as to NOT anger Trump. Iran blew up nothing but sand fleas and I don't hear anything from the ASPCA about the cruelty to the sand fleas.

  2. Ehat a bunch of idiots. Russia will be selling there new weapons. Everyone has nukes. Nukes are old. They sold them the dam recipe. Really!!!!!!

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  4. enough of this meaningless war love one another our planet is slowly dying!! – just a regular dude here from country of Philippines 🇵🇭

  5. trump should leave isreal to fight their wars, instead
    Better get out of Iraq and save peoples life n do not pollute the nature

  6. Do not let your soldiers be in the hands of 🇮🇶🛑🇮🇶🛑🇮🇶🛑🇮🇶🛑🇮🇶🛑🇮🇶⭕️Trump, remove your soldiers from Iraq .. The Iraqi popular crowd and the Islamic resistance are waiting for Mr. Sistani's order to eliminate your soldiers with their martyrdom projects. # Get out your soldiers

  7. Watch the movie "They Live" with Roddy Piper. You will never watch or read the so-called "news" the same way again. Down with the Mockingbird Media!

  8. Well US is itching for war! Why not better spend that money on health care and other things. What a waste of taxpayers money 💰

  9. To all Iraqui men and military forces . its better to as friendly with dreams and hopes to equality.between nations .

  10. Gosh, can you imagine the nerve of them? retaliating after their general was lured into peace talks and killed by the US?

  11. Personally. I don't see how a fight between USA and Iran will be enough to be warranted being called a World War

  12. It was an Iraq base housing US troops your description title is wrong which is basically corrected in the 1st few seconds of these video the reporter says that houses US troops.

  13. USA killed the general and bomb iraq in doing so to get him. Iran retaliated by bombing Iraq to hit a US base. So all in all Iraq continues to get bombed at the expense of others.


  15. australia: burns
    Donald trump: hold up why does every care about you
    australia because over 200 animals have died and people are losing their homes and family's
    Donald trump: not bad kid but we are starting a war
    (no hate I'm just trying to make a joke ik im not that funny)

  16. Take off your american hat for a second and read this unbiasedly : None of Iranian Missiles were intercepted by US air defence system, it means there is a flaw in US air defence system which make US base vulnerable to Iranian ballistic missiles . Iran clearly sent out a practical message to US that I can target any military base in middle east without being intercepted by any air defence system, the warning was clearly received and understood by white house and no wonder there was no retaliation from US afterwards… PEACE

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