Iran admits its military shot down Ukrainian jetliner

Iran admits its military shot down Ukrainian jetliner

100 thoughts on “Iran admits its military shot down Ukrainian jetliner

  1. But, when the US shoots down an Iranian passenger jet all is well and the crew of the ship went home for tea and medals. 300 civilians died. Should not the operators of that aegis system have been able to distinguish between a passenger jet and a military plane? Hypocrisy.

  2. This is karma because he put a hit on are president many people Loves are president trump God bless him 🙏❤️🙏❤️🇺🇸🙏❤️🇺🇸🙏❤️🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸


  4. Can you imaging what kind of mistakes Iran regimen can do with nuclear misiles? Thanks God presidente Trump has this point very clear.

  5. It will be a mistake for Iran to have nuke with this kind of incompitent. 100+ inocent lives have perish because of mistaken identity .they are not matured enough to have a nuke as a deterent arsenal.

  6. I think Iran left the sky's open for civilian planes so the US wouldn't attack because they knew the the US did not want any civilian casualties or mishaps so in other words Iran used civilian planes as a cover to not get attacked. Just my opinion

  7. Has anyone noticed that the Iranian's talking points and explanation for this match, word for word, those of the American Democrat Party's?
    Democrats are Domestic Enemies…
    Arrest John Kerry!

  8. everybody in the world that saw this video knew they did it, so after Lying about it, they knew the truth was their only option !

  9. Trump should train these slow thinkers. They are expert of hate and trouble but don’t know the difference between commercial aircraft and fighter jet 💩💀🤮👎🏿😱

  10. Republicans don’t understand that the left can’t comprehend accountability and ownership!
    This is why alcohol not the driver killed someone in a crash!
    The phone not the person texting ran over the old man!
    The gun not the individual shot someone!
    Trump shot down the plane not Iran!

  11. I don't think it necessarily boils down to incompetence, I think that someone within their government said to shoot it down and then tried to cover it up and still is. How is it that they are able to accurately identify a U.S. drone and shoot it down but don't know a missile from a cargo plane. 🤔

  12. Fair is fair and a Democrat who's not a fan of trump is going to defend the president today😣. I heard someone say on MSNBC that it was the president's fault that the plane Iran shot down was shot down. It is not the president's fault it is Iran's fault it's just that simple on that matter.

  13. These people should not be any where near nuclear weapons…I doubt they'd survive the process of making them……Geeez

  14. The Iranian military shot down 172 innocent people….from various nations…..not one American was killed. They seem to be blaming only one person for an error. What are we that naive……only the military has the right to down planes. Most of the people they shot down were Iranians…how horrible.

    Bad, Bad President Trump….and the American people who killed one person, this Soleimani character perceived by everyone as an evil person who killed over 600 people. This is only who we know of. Yet, for Iranians its "oops" we just killed over 172 innocent people…Bad us……

    The Iranian American haters went in the streets for this thug crying and gnashing teeth.

    I am glad to see some sympathy for the passenger plane. Most of them were Iranians…….just minding their business. This has nothing to do with America……

  15. Shamefully, progressive Liberals in the government and the state broadcaster here in Canada are blaming Trump. Don't count on Canada to be a dependable ally my American brothers. Sorry.

  16. I doubt very seriously that this was an unintentional attack. They were just desperate to get a piece of somebody and I'm sure they hoped there were a few Americans on board. I guess they settled for some North Americans

  17. I believe they knew our country was divided and it was an airline so it was intentional all to divide our country more!

  18. Thousands of Iranian students are now protesting against that regime! Not covered of course by CNN, MSNBC, etc…. I hope the protest grows and they overthrow that government! The Iranian people don't like their government but the fear of being killed for speaking out is real… they are good people and don't want to live like they are living… good for those students! I watched Indigo Traveler on YouTube and he toured Iran and all the people welcomed him and don't agree with their governments views towards America.

  19. Obama sent hundreds of billions of dollars to Iran which enabled them to buy Russia's outdated weapons. Obviously Iran is not well trained how to use these weapons. This also afforded Russia to update their armaments. THANKS OBAMA !! WHAT A BUTTHOLE!

  20. If trump not killed the irgc general,, maybe ukraine air still flying, but that all the past,, if you look who's wrong? Everybody is,,

  21. Iran you should be ashamed of yourself, you can't even know the difference between enemy and friend ,how on Earth are you running your country

  22. The level of brazen incompetence that has been displayed by the Iranian military as well as their leadership is absolutely astonishing! How the hell does someone tasked to operate a radar defense platform not know how to differentiate between a potential enemy aircraft that originated from outside their airspace, versus a commercial airliner that had just taken off from the airport in Tehran only two minutes earlier!? How do they not recognize that the aircraft was GAINING altitude versus descending and or maintaining an unusually low altitude? All Airliners use Transponders, so why didn't they see that and recognize that it was a commercial airliner? and if in doubt, why not try making contact before just pressing the "fire" button? there was absolutely no excuse for this inept operation of a radar defense site and no excuse for the complete breakdown of the chain of command within the Iranian military. THIS is why we cannot trust these primitives to have nuclear weapons! How long would it be before some out of control lunatic religious zealot decided to arbitrarily launch at some random target of their choosing regardless of what their chain of command says? Iran is still far too primitive, too under trained, and too irresponsible and reckless.

  23. The pilot was tricked into turning the aircraft towards a sensitive military area knowing that the missile operator was trained to bring down anything that headed towards it. What occurred is remarkably similar to the 1983 incident in which the Soviets shot down a KAL jet approaching secret military installations on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The pilot was flying off course based on false coordinates likely fed from a local transmitter¹ brought aboard the aircraft with its stronger signal over riding the real signal from the satellite.

    Who is the beneficiary? This incident smacks of too much convenience to be dismissed as coincidence. Did the pilot receive a false directive to turn from an extraneous source?


    ¹ Or a chip with a dormant program that activates upon covert command and modifies course while displaying what appears to be a correct reading.

  24. Come on! Talk about the 7 Iranian nuclear scientists on the flight. It was targeted before it was cleared for departure.

  25. Unintentionally? 1. A plane is much bigger than a missile. 2.A plane ascends, a missile goes down. 3. it was going out from Tehran, a missile would go to Tehran from west. 4. How could they let a missile get so close to Tehran? That wasn't an accident. Trump was right.

  26. Strange how no apology was given for accusing the president of slander. Never mind the fact literally everyone figured it out almost immediately.

  27. If you have ears to hear, and eyes to see. This was not an accident. This was classical cleaning house. Someone or many someones where on that plane. guess those who monitor the back channels will ever know

  28. This sad. Prayers to the victims.

    Now we need to know.. who was in that Ukraine plane that was directly related to the Impeachment case…that could be helpful to prove the Bidens corruption? Hmmm..and this happens before the Senate trial?

  29. I wonder what happen to the left defending the Iranian regime and their dead terrorists leader Salami all over the world they like vanished after this news come up.

  30. So none of these fools were questioning why a 747 sized blip on the radar screen just appeared in the middle of Iran, OR why the US would use 1 long range heavy bomber to attack their capitol? Their pathetic leadership is pathetic.

  31. He was squawking I'm sure..would have been civilian squawk Radar was seeing him.
    Inbreds smoking dope fired that missle at the airliner.

  32. No way it was scientifically possible for Iran to have shot the airliner down! Then the film footage was seen by the Iranian people! Oops eh yeah we did it but Trump caused it! I didn’t know the mullahs and Khomeini were Democrats!! 😝😝😝

  33. Wow…the Iranians take responsibility for their mistake….something Trump will never do…
    Looks like trump could learn a few things from the Iranians….
    Dump dumb donald 2020…..

  34. If anyone knows enough about the islamic republic in Iran and its activities around the glob and inside of Iran in the last 40 years, they would know that this was not at all an accident.

  35. Bull crap Iran alone is responsible for this. Russia shares a portion of the blame as well, since they back Iran and were stupid enough to sell systems to these misfit's to begin with. Like little children with a shiny new toy, and they couldn't wait to try it out. They should have know that the plane took off locally and wasn't an "outside," incoming threat. Likewise, they should never of had this thing running active (hot), when commercial flights were taking off from the air terminal!

  36. If Trump hadn't killed Souleimani, this would not have happened. Nothing to be proud of as Americans in the first 12 days of 2020.

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