14 thoughts on “Inside The Family-Run Kalahari Resorts, The Nation’s Largest Indoor Water Parks | Sunday TODAY

  1. Congratulations 🎉 that's what I like to see. A man with a dream and the family to back it up.

  2. A company that make Christmas elements and carousels is owned by a family called Barrango.

  3. When you are in a country where you can't trust anyone around you, you need to keep business in the family.

  4. I went to the one is Pennsylvania and had a great time, I heard it’s expanding. I hope to see a movie theatre, bowling alley, outdoor rides, and maybe an outdoor petting zoo area in nice weather

  5. Smart, hardworking business people. They appear to be a close-knit family as well. Awesome.

    That said, there’s so much about their chosen name and theme that shines a glaring light on our ignorance as Americans. Ignorance of most places beyond our borders. The Kalahari is a desert region in Southern Africa. It encompasses portions of the Republic of South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. Africa is a continent, not a country. Africa is comprised of many individual countries, and a mind-boggling number of ecosystems. There are coastlines that rival the most celebrated beaches in the world, along multiple oceans and seas. Tropical jungles as thick as what you would find along the Amazon River in South America, or throughout Asia. Mountains reminiscent of the Rockies, and even Switzerland in places. Canyons as awe-inspiring as our American Grand. Rolling plains that bring the Midwest – our Heartland – to mind. Bush land and savannah. The continent even has swamp regions much like the Gulf of Mexico bayou.

    Here’s my point: Calling this chain of water park resorts “Kalahari”, (with a gorilla head as a slide feature, and another slide called “Victoria Falls”), is embarrassing. It perpetuates that ignorant mindset. It’s exactly the same as if someone started a New Mexico themed hotel chain in Africa, that included a moose ride and a replica of the Empire State Building. C’mon, man!

    It’s time for us to grow-up.

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