100 thoughts on “Ingraham: The kids cash in

  1. Laura great job shining the light of truth on the wretched corrupt bypoctacy and lies of the left.
    Thsnk you and continue shining the light on truth.

  2. A Department of Justice inquiry into Hillary Clinton that began after conservatives demanded more investigations into the former Democratic presidential candidate is reportedly ending with no actual results.

    Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed U.S. Attorney John Huber in 2018 to look into concerns raised by President Donald Trump and his Republican allies that the FBI did not properly look into Clinton’s involvement in a uranium deal while she was secretary of state in the Obama administration.

  3. Chelsea has a masters and a phd so she is indeed qualified for her job. Are ivanka and jared qualified to work in the white house? Does a carreer in real estate adequetly prepare you to handle foriegn policy or middle east peace?

  4. The trump kids didnt earn their money they were given it by daddy. Can u take the blinders off for like 5 mins to see reality outside of your bubble?

  5. Meghan is bi-racial? What is she: half-human, half-donkey, half-oyster, half-carrot? I couldn't care less about the pseudo-royals and their 1% problems and neither should you, Laura.

  6. Are ivanka and jared qualified to be creating foreign policy? How does a career in real estate qualify as foreign policy experience? The only reason they are in the white house is because of NEPOTISM. At least chelsea has a phd and experience for the job she is in.

  7. The U.S. House of Reps has 21 committees, 20 standing committees, All but 3 committees,
    " Ethics Committee "
    " Budget Committee "
    and " House Administration Committee "

  8. "By some accounts has lost money…upwards of a billion" lol u heard that from trump who is a pathological liar with more than 15000 proven lies so far so i wouldnt take his word as gospel. I guess we will never know cuz he is going to great lengths to keep us from seeing his tax returns! I wonder what he is hiding? Its time to dust off those critical thinking skills people!

  9. I’m not trying to be mean, but does anyone else think that Chelsea Clinton looks like the skeleton from nightmare before Christmas?

  10. How much did ivanka make by using the u.s.govt and her daddy to get all those chinese patents for her personal business while she was supposed to be representing american national interests not her personal financial interests? I love the cherry picking that goes on with fox opinion hosts. Smh

  11. I’ve been a member of a union for 21 years and unions are predominately Democrat because they believe the Democrats backThem up which they do not but that’s another story but you are to see the nepotism in the unions LOL I mean as a 45-year-old man who’s been in for 21 years I’m one of the guys doing the dirty work while somebody’s 20-year-old son who’s been in for five years is the foreman! All because his daddy was somebody or his granddad or his uncle nepotism is the thick in the unions and it makes me want to puke

  12. Colonialism was good. It produced many great Countries. It brought the English language to the globe.
    The British Empire was the EU of its Day.

  13. The Queen should cut the "kids" off completely and let them live as commoners like the rest of the world, see how they like that. The chick he married is ruining him.

  14. Kids made mom as make babies from daddies. Because kids wants equal rights of sufferings of mom as to daddies experiences. Very modern millennials cheered by patriarch religious virtual elite reality liver's.

  15. Who cares, what the British royals do.. glad we are not financially responsible for those idiots, but not happy that we have to pay for the Clintons, Bidens, and Obamas.

  16. Interesting is kids is enormous potential that created a wealth of lowest unemployment % population of more than 5,000,000,000 millennaires. Imagine the numbers they created on earth it's 5billions humanus peoples and what would they have been doing their entire life or day's on real estate housing business and sales force software/hardware SocialMedia variants business platforms with electronic-wire transfer business.

  17. A Hollywood princess dreamed of becoming a real princess, but when she achieved her dream, she found out that it was a lot harder to be a princess than she thought. She assumed that she would be able to order people around and every whim would be granted. The Queen took her aside and told her, politely, don't talk to the staff like that ever again. Now she wants out. Moving to Canada? Any money it's to the west coast, not far from her old stomping grounds. Any money she spends more time back in LA than she does in Canada. Within a year or two, she will sue for divorce and try to take the Royals for everything she can get her claws into. Hopefully, the Royals will remove their titles and cut them off long before she tries for divorce. But try she will, and she will do her level best to bring the Royals down in the process.

  18. Hey Ingcunt, how about you tell all your viewers just how many countless millions of dollars you've cost FOX because of your treasonous lies, propaganda, and hatred of America that drove all of your sponsors away?

  19. Nothing will change
    Divide and Conquer
    "….a nation with a collective, room-temp IQ"
    ( gullible, simple-minded, duped, easily misled, easy controlled….are far too plentiful, and represent far too great a majority. )
    "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public" ~ H.L. Mencken

  20. Too bad the kids that got killed from Canada on the Plane that got shot down, by Trump's wreckless action can not cash in Laura, Trumpers are SCUM

  21. Meghan and Harry are facing Trump karma. In the beginning they were so arrogant, so political and they showed their anti Trump to everybody. And because of that, the queen was so embarrassed, that she decided not to invite the president of the US to their marriage. Can you imagine! Since then, things started to go wrong for them and nothing got better. Finally they decide to leave the kingdom in the hope of attracting the admiration that attracts Kate and William. Kate and William have remained humble, reserved and still hide their political position. Kate has learned to be a great princess and has always succeeded in representing her kingdom with much grace, something that Meghan just doesn't want to do. She still wants to be the star of hollywood, and her political stances have caused many people to hate them. Kate and her husband are really wise.

  22. The prince was paid $2 million a year for being a prince. A Jenner teenager used her name recognition and was a billionaire in 2 years. Megan knows 2 mil is spit compared to what is to be had.But most of all megan is political and that is not allowed in royal circles. She got 100% bashed in brit media for doing that feminist speech and it caused a big fight between her and Kate and william. So Megan needed a royal baby and fast.

  23. I used to quit like Harry.But after watching thing’s progress with him,and his wife,I now see a very different Harry.And don’t really care what he does. 🇬🇧

  24. as soon as harry married outside the royal circle3 that should've been the end of his royalty same as his granduncle

  25. RECOVERING VETERAN— A soldier's tale by Ryan Sipe: "When I was in Afghanistan we drove through their tiny dilapidated villages in what they would consider "Tanks", conducted dismounted patrols during the night heavily armed throughout their land, considering everything a threat! Blocked their roads and ransacked their vehicles, cut off the means of transportation and trampled aggressively throughout their farmland, invaded their property, over watched their every move!
    Took control of any section of land we felt necessary to carry out our “mission”, shot mortars off in their quiet little hamlets as a "show of force" to intimidate and deter any possible "threat"……

    And when In direct contact with the Pashtun people, on a face to face level, for the most part, the majority of them still observed the (Pashtunwali code) of hospitality and respect, to a bunch of foreign invaders and mercenaries! The good far outweighed the bad…. when it came to direct contact with these people.

    Looking back on it now, I couldn't blame anyone of them if they had put a bullet through my head for even the simple reason of just being there and representing that disgraced flag that was so strategically placed on my shoulder.

    People want to live in peace, provide for their families, serve their gods and help their friends and neighbors, this isn't exclusive to "Americans", we're not a different species. It's inclusive to all Humans regardless of where they were born!

    The only exception is its opposition! "Government" the delusional, mythological beast that infects its worshipers with hysteria and deception, a complete unbridled force of destruction, discontent, and coercion! Complete obedience, and unquestionable loyalty is required for this parasitic despotism! Without question and logic it's converts will blindly follow the commandments foisted upon them! Loyalty, and obedience is all it requires and that is financed by your own dissolution of morality.

    Every war is a lie! You're just supporting your own enslavement!"

  26. The press has treated these two as $$$$$. And just as the journalist's rats were to Harries mother and father so they latched their teeth onto these two.
    There is not a day goes by that Main media, papers, celebrity rags don't make money out of derogatory headlines, Headlines the populous believe.
    Megan and Harry should run before the ratpack buries them! And didn't the media cash in from that historical debacle!

  27. A activist will always benefit her self .she is a abuser and will only benefit her self Duties has to come first ..The royal family need to be reminded if why they have the jobs they have .mrs megan needs to be stripped of titles…If she is t then it's another abuse of the system .She is a abuser and she is using the royal family title to benefit her self one word for her a trollop ..

  28. Yes true! They want to say what they want to say. They want spread their crap and not have an adverse affect on the throne. God is greater and they will pay dearly for their corruption.

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