100 thoughts on “Ingraham: See Nancy fade

  1. Mouth a little dry Nancy? Rub a little too much Mexican, cocaine on those flappy gums, Nancy? Well at least your eyes are open and your nostrils are flared! Go Girl! What…..? Don't open your closet or your husband's closet? You might have a lot of embarrassing, skeletons hidden? NO!!

  2. Laura~Your news is always at the top! Thanks for your serious smile! Stay positive & all these debacles will self-destruct! You'll make a great Pres! Happy Holidays!!

  3. These Democrats Cheated for Nancy in California like they Cheat Everytime Election ..Only Nazis Castopos wears Pants Suits like Nancy Hillary ..

  4. Yes Nancy you should pray ! Because we’re not finished digging the dirt and ‘Schiff’ in this swamp. « No one is above the law » and that includes your own people ! 😎

  5. she stutters and stammers she has lost her mind!  she won't leave the house until they carry her out on a gurney!  Why doesn't someone look into the corruption of her son in the Ukraine?  He was there before Hunter Biden got in on the corruption.

  6. The democrats will rig the electronic voting machines….demand Paper Ballots, and Military personal standing guard at each poling station.

  7. Yeah and look at how she'll go out a failure all everyone will remember is the three year attack on Trump then a failed hateful impeachment

  8. I find it ironic that someone who says they are catholic would support abortion. She’s going to have a lot to answer for when she talks to God.

  9. We all can't simply just show up on election day and vote, not this time!! We're at the crossroads!! The socialist dems MUST be SENT PACKING!! It won't be easy:( These maggot dems OWN most media outlets, Hollywood, late night TV etc. We need to get our relatives, our friends and our checkbooks involved!! Losing this election means we've lost our nation:(( FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

  10. She's the epitome of what the world despises about America and the Americans. A loathsome stench cloaked in a good suit.

  11. Dems were just full of madness, lies that people start to see the truth. Like Trump says often.. they are stupid. They think that if you keep up with a lie long enough it will pass as true. That is a theory. But the reality is that a lie even said a tousand time stil is a lie. And more you keep up with a lie more it show. That is when you apply this stupid theory.

  12. You are out of your mind Ingraham. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to the United States. Where has your head been these last three years. Praising Peloci, jesus woman get off the fence.

  13. This is going to be one of the greatest impeachments of all time. Trump will forever be linked to the other impeached presidents in infamy. So well deserved. So well deserved. Impeach. Convict. Remove. ASAP.

  14. Laura your interview with John Solomon tonight was just terrible. You interrupted him so many times. You simply cannot let anyone finish a thought. It becomes infuriating trying to watch knowing your going to be treating your guests with such disrespect.

  15. HELL Rob Reiner is a meathead and always has been. (From the Tombstone Movie) "Trump is not after blood, It's the reckoning he is after." And it's coming soon.

  16. Nancy uses her hands like a traffic policeman in an intersection at rush hour when the electricity has been cut off.

  17. That picture don't tell PELOSI'S story ! The guys were hungry so she was taking everyone's orders for lunch ! And acourse she gave everyone advise on how and what to eat, she said she'd pick up the booze too!

  18. Nancy works for the crown of england. Shes more concerned with keeping citizen-"ships" …shipping the crowns tax hal on time then anything.

  19. UK, I watch this quite a lot in the UK and I always wonder what's up with Laura's lips. I suppose its what lady's here call "Lippy" (lipstick) It looks like a sticky mess to be honest and she certainly doesn't need it

  20. And I almost forgot to include the movie Absence of Malice as a look into how the news media works as well as rule breaking prosecutors.

  21. The "glue" that keeps the Democratic Party together? How bout the Poli Grip that keeps those fools together. Geezus are you kidding me. Looks like the wax museum has been moved from Hollywood to Capital Hill. Keep draining the swamp President Trump!

  22. Nancy Pelosi is a topheavy [falling forward top heavy] Idiot who has taken the United States for a ride she has more money from congress than just about anyone who has ever served if not the most, is that why you serve the people and then treat them like assholes I guess if your Nancy Pelosi that's the way to go, and has anyone noticed she has the worst hand gestures of any Italien in history! I don't hate anyone don't mess with me, what a C yoU Next Tuesday.

  23. You gotta love the arthritic hand gestures, lovely hands Nancy keep waving them around, but learn how to gesture properly you EEFIN goon!!!!

  24. When pelosi said she would heal the nation with music and art, it was obvious she is taking orders from AOC. Even after AOC said she was racist!

  25. The other angle: Dems will vote no on the impeachment by one or two votes… This is the safest way to recover or hurt less from their bad moves. They will tell their constituents that they tried but it just wasn't the right time.

  26. What they did was just change MCMA to still give our sovereignty and immigration control to an unelected foreign unaccountable body, just like TPP was. If Trump signs that, we have all been had.

  27. I suspect the last time NP might have even considered praying was over her scapegrace son who is at least as big of a disgrace as Hunter Biden.

  28. I didn't see Nancy give our Wonderful President Trump anything, She has nothing to give, oh except to her CRIMINAL SON Paul Jr. 😆

  29. I can't believe the Democratic party has fallen this low. Look at Nancy!! So old that she can't even function properly. No way at 80 year's old is she reaching her brains 100% cognitive function. I'm a life long Democrat and and this is EMBARRASSING

    I'm voting for TRUMP in 2020!!!

  30. Yet Pelosi spends our nation's taxes on facials wardrobe personal family vacations all the while taking kick backs from big banks . Pelosi has no power but what the British Banksters gives her. She is knocking on the door of Hell and dementia is setting in along with alcoholism. Worthless career political hacks. The main reason we the citizens require Term limits and accountable actions for every political office. United We Stand We Are The Majority

  31. It was interesting to see her get onto things she sat on for a year after she got those impeachment papers she wanted so badly.

  32. Speaker in name only.. the American public will never forget this travesty you have set upon us. You have failed the people

  33. Until now I thought Pelosi was just a big advert for the new star wars movie… she looks like a woke version of Palpatine.

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