Ingraham: Dismiss the madness

Ingraham: Dismiss the madness

100 thoughts on “Ingraham: Dismiss the madness

  1. The democratic party has become so corrupt, it has become in your face lies, gossip and twisted news stories. Like nancy pelosi it has become a national joke. a embarrassment to the United States of America. They have done nothing for three years and spent millions of dollars investigating nothing of substance. It is time to fire them and hire people who will work for a living. Do so in november 2020.

  2. No one is above the law??? Why is Clinton, ohbummer, schift, shoehorn still not hung for high treason!!!!! High crimes etc

  3. Why are we still addressing this fake impeachment? Why? Because these democrats are crooked to the core and these republicans are gullible.

  4. It’s well obviously ALL the demonrats mommies died all ready so the are grasping for the next basement to live in

  5. Any congressman or women who voted for impeachment needs to look in the mirror. They are not protecting our constitution there destroying it and due process as we know it. This will not be tolerated by my vote. I will never vote democratic again. Im 50 abd they pussed me off so bad the republicans got a 50yr old that has never voted. This though has definately ruined my opinion of all but 2. I dont like the present vote by Tulsi. Week vote because she hates Trump and the dems.

  6. You just have to love those dated videos clips from Clinton impeachment era showing likes of Pelosi, Biden & Schumer espousing views they now unashameably reject, all because Trump exists.. Lying HYPOCRITES, that's what they are.

  7. I think dems are abusing power given to them by constitution, they should be impeached actually because they're obstructing Trump's way to work

  8. Think! Perhaps McConnell is agreeing to hold the trial in the senate in order to expose the crimes of the deep state dems. Seems to me the right (the patriots) have a plan.

  9. The Dems should be made to pay back every cent that this fake investigation cost, and for ronmey he will be voted out in utah, Utah doesn't want him, so he can continually ruin everything he had the people in utah believe he stood for just like the Dems he's nothing but a liar and a theif of the tax payers money.

  10. Dismiss the madness…. dismiss you and your whacky Chrislam! Is Ingraham a trans/? Lot of male attributes on that face. Especially the granite jaw. Should've been a boxer maybe.

  11. I would be more worried about why Mike Pompeo is ditching court. When he was supposed to show the crucial evidence for the new drone strike. I guess he just needs more time to come up with something?

  12. Fck there is some real morons in this comment section. President trump has been very careful not to commit any crimes. Unlike the black man before him

  13. If this farce , due to petty political garbage, is allowed to continue, then you have effectively neutered the executive branch. Having done so, there's NO executive branch that will be protected, be it Republican, nor, Democrat, who will be spared. This is a watershed. And, just where is the third branch of Constitutional authority, the branch supposedly empowered to determine such disputes? Nowhere. Very bad.

  14. I agree. You have 5 Republican senators playing politics and it's obvious. Of course everyone knows who they are and why all of a sudden they want to bring in witnesses…they're up for reelection and they think that by turning coat, they'll attract some Democrats to vote for them. Susan Collins should be primaryed.

  15. I bet u Hillary talked all of them into this!!!! or was it billy boy!!! LEFTY LEFTY has to continue or they will retire in shame for listening to THE Clinton)S AND OBAMA $$$$$ 8 – years of- selling Americans out!! AND THERE HARD EARNED TAX $$$$$$$$$$!! thank GOD for Trump HE HAS MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  16. Solemn was a evil man and good ridden but my concern is this. It is suspect. My fellow Canadians have been murdered along with others from other countries. Why don't American care? Ukraine Flight 952 from Iran. "NO NOT UNINTENTIONAL" IT WAS INTENTIONAL. The question is why spin the lie? The Word Unintentional was first announced by President Trump before Iran even claimed it to be so. WHY? It is a lie fed to the stupid gullible Media by Trump. Why did Trump do this? What is his agenda? He could not have known so early on unless he was in Iran and he wasn't. This is blatantly untrue. My fellow Canadians were victims along with all the passengers children and all. I want to know why Trump is walking this Attack back and propagandizing a unintentional and USA is quiet on this tragedy. Also investigate who did not board that plane. Who were the two people? Could they have known? Were they American, Diplomats, regime supporters or Iranians? Why are none of you asking these important questions? The UN also pushed out UNINTENTIONAL? THIS IS FISHY. Then we have our Prime Ministr Justin Trudeau pushing the UNINTENTIONAL out to the media. This is before they had even investigated. Look at NATO, The Devils in the UN, The politicians deceiving the public. You're not asking the correct questions. WHY?

  17. Thank you Laura oh, my favorite part it's when you said in order for an impeachment to be legitimate it has to be bipartisan or else it's a farce.

  18. Good Lord, we all know that Ingraham is nothing but a cheap propagandist…so I guess this is all about placating Trump’s brainwashed knuckle draggers.

  19. No one is above the law- except those who cross into our country illegally apparently given the democrats opposition to border wall funding. Agreed- this whole impeachment gig is totaly absurd.

  20. These early signs of dementia are (Nancy much?) :
    Memory loss. …
    Difficulty planning or solving problems. …
    Difficulty doing familiar tasks. …
    Being confused about time or place. …
    Challenges understanding visual information. …
    Problems speaking or writing. …
    Misplacing things. …
    Poor judgment or decision-making.

  21. i mean, if you want madness, just watch trump's partisan rally in Milwaukee. Crapped on about the packers, bringing 'light bulbs' back, and improving dishwasher efficiency. really, i dunno why i doubted that he was a 'stable genius' who 'knows the best words'. srsly. trump 2020?

  22. Impeachment of Trump started the Day after he was sworn in as President, the Democrats declared it on record. So we have pre mediated impeachment, it was planned all along. Just as Joe Biden admittance on tape he got the Ukraine prosecutor fired. The evidence is mounting, what happened to the Mueller Report. A damp firecracker.

  23. Drain the sewage from dc that will fix America from socialism and robbery of we the people . They have enriched them selves and greedy and can’t stand with a president that’s not a puppet for lobbyists and Ukraine money whatever else theses turds have done it’s sad a non functioning government a house divided will fall

  24. This is already crazy to impeach a President under those circumstances. This is crazy . Disrespect and .of the law of the people .

  25. I'd like the house dems to give up their salaries back to the american people for 6 months or a year after this gets dismissed

  26. We are not afraid of Bernie. He is a Communist in Democrat Colors. We just aren't Fooled by him. Besides, we are mostly afraid of what would come after him if Communism/Socialism did take over. With the Corrupt Swamp it would only be a matter of time before America became the Second GERMANY with a DICTATOR. We are fighting for Capitalism. That's why we are winning. Trump 2020

  27. I expect Mitt (lost to Mickey Mouse writeins) Romney will be a duncecap and confirm why he will never ever be president.

  28. The slow exercise did worked!!!!!! now everyone knows the dirty trick Mitch is Planning……Moscow Mitch Exposed not only to Americans but to the world !!!!!!! Genius
    But not to worry wonce TRump is removed…All allies will come back…..

  29. Spoiled children, like career politicians, will whine and stomp their feet until they get what they want. Or get a slap!

  30. That is so funny how Democrats say nobody above the law, as they act above the law. They never follow law. HIPOCRITS!!!

  31. Show me an impeachable offense. Show me a 'high crime'. Show me a misdemeanor. Show me anything that would hold up in a court of law. Show me how the House gave a fair proceeding in that chamber. Show me where the Demorats gave the President/Republicans an opportunity to call witnesses of their own.

  32. Hillary is above every law. imagine if Trump let 4 people die, deleted 33,000 emails, smashed phones, sent 400 million cash to Iran, sold 20 % of America's uranium to RUSSIA, got 500,000 from his spouse giving speeches to RUSSIANS, what would the msm be talking about ???

  33. Lol 😂 I like that part when the answer was nothing lol 😂 they have no evidence only fabricated facts lol 😂 trump is about make history with America people!!

  34. The guy at the start of the video almost lost his talking point??? He's obviously able to manage his Oxy consumption… That's not how a government employee should remain clueless to status quo. Ignorance is no longer an excuse to gain public sector employment. Take a picture any North American public sector employee. Ya'll eat from the same trough! Oink!

  35. Thank you so very much we really need informed intelligent people like you give us the truth of the news it’s a very very important God bless you

  36. The real crime committed by the POTUS: he is a Republican, not a Democrat. IF Donald Trump were a Democrat, the liberal news media would try to defend him and depict him in a positive manner. He is a normal man, who likes attractive women. He is not into homosexuality or transvestite life styles. He is not always right but he is righteous. He does not always speak accurately. Sometimes his facts are wrong. Sometimes he is sloppy with his language. Nevertheless, his intentions are benign. He is a plebian, not an aristocrat in his heart and mind. He is not a politician. He is not an elitist. He believes in common sense, not liberal academic theoretical inventions like: political correctness, white guilt, multi-culturalism that labels Western Culture as ethno-centric and racist, and other socio-economic ideas that go against classical liberalism and promotes various shades of socialism by those like Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers. He tweets and speaks his mind bluntly and openly like Harry S. Truman did. He agrees with Michael Savage and others like Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs… that we are a sovereign country and that we need to protect our: "borders, language, and culture." For these reasons, the liberal news media give him an enormously bad time. Every mistake he makes is placed under an electron microscope! In doing this, they hurt his moral authority and reputation and ability to lead at home and abroad. Granted, he could help himself if he had more self discipline over his need to tweet and speak his mind bluntly and openly. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that if he were a Democrat, the liberal news media would treat him far better than they do now! As Keith Olbermann would label him, as far as the liberal Democrats are concerned, Donald Trump is the worst person in the world. He is the center of their negative universe. Ted Koppel, who is a classical liberal, has criticized today's generation of news media because they give too much attention and mind time and commentary trying to bash the POTUS. And, like hitting a pond of water, the harder and faster one smashes ones fists on the surface of the water, the harder that surface of water will react and hurt ones hands. News media today is driven by emotionalism and human bias, not objective analysis and unbiased reporting! All of these factors may well help Donald Trump earn a second term as POTUS.

  37. Suggest POTUS sign into law, effective immediately: Three Year Term Limit for the US Senate and the Congress, Appointees, first 4 years, then require to submit to a ''Performance ''approval'' Review'' renewable to age sixty-five, one extension possib

  38. If there's no crime been committed, then there should be no trial. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, have wasted enough of the taxpayers money in this farce.

  39. "No one is above the Law." EXCEPT for Congress (specifically House, starting with Schiff) while they are in secession. They made themselves Immune from Prosecution years ago…

    Mark My Words ~ A Fair Trial is going to HAPPEN!
    Would DEMOCRATS STOP Insinuating Otherwise!
    I Hear Accusations Over and Over that Senate needs a Fair Trial… hmm!
    The Senate has More Integrity than those led by House Speaker Pelosi.
    "It's The House of Representatives that are Guilty of Abuse of Power!"


  42. You people are being lied to. Please watch other news outlets. Educate yourself. Fox isn't the only news network out there. And no fb, talk shows, and podcasts don't count as news. Those are commentary.

  43. The republican senators like Romney and the other two are traitors to the public. We stood by them and voted for them and now they will not stand with us. We are taking names and making a list because they will come up for re election again.

  44. The US' legal system is an adversarial one with an independent trier of the law and the facts not an inquisitorial one which is what the left are trying to turn it into.

    Why has McCarthy not gone to the Supreme Court for an Injunction? Who has better standing?

  45. The democrats keep saying no one is above the law. What a crock. The democrats get away with everything and then frame people they don't like.

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