97 thoughts on “Ingraham: Dictators in training

  1. I had a man that lived closet to me said he would vote for the devil if he was running on the Demoncrat ticket, that's the mind set that is causing so much unrest in America VOTE REPUBLICAN 2020

  2. It doesn't take a genius to know that none of the Democrats are gonna beat Trump in 2020. So why are none of the Democrats drop out of the race yet? They probably think that the candidate running for president cannot be investigated.

  3. The "Never Trumper" got more to lose than the Bush, Clinton, and Obama left overs. President Trump said "The Never Trumper" are the meanest". Who are the "Never Trumpers"? The Media is one of them, Burisma is another. They paid the Democrats for "special favors/previledges", and they are pissed their orders are not fulfilled and they can't get their money back! This is why the "Never Trumpers" are the "Meanest"

  4. Trump with the stroke of pen signed the N.D pipeline over to the Reservation at Standing Rock . I followed the whole story .
    It could have been put under an all white neighborhood in Bismarck .
    That Prophesied Black Snake ( pipeline ) has already spilled
    over 383,000 gallons of oil in Their Water on Their Land . Plus it was built under Their Sacred Burial grounds . They were not police at Standing Rock , it was a militarized unit ~ Tiger Swan . Who paid for that ? “ We the People “ did . Did we have any say on that ? No we didn’t
    The Indigenous People had no weapons , it was a peaceful protest .
    Don’t get me wrong , I’ve always been a conservative. I am 1/8 Cherokee, got my grandma’s genealogy books dating back to the late 1600’s , all hand written . Passed from generation to generation. I’m 59 . I’ve voted a total of 5 times . I will never vote again , for that one incident . Welcome to the Reservation

  5. One thing these candidates can do is talk a line of S::t over a mile long and then stir the stink up with more lies . These liars never know the facts but they sure hope that the stinking lies permeate and lingers in the heads of our youth. Wake up Grandma and Grandpa and teach these children something.

  6. Perfect example of Democraps rule, here in Washington State the voters voted for, a set price for your car tabs and the Democrap legislature is trying to throw it out, the people wanted it and the Dems did not. Again Socialism at it's best.

  7. you'd have to be foolish to not know what they want they want a taxpayer's money they're going to raise taxes they going to tell you you don't need more than $100 a month to live on what the hell do you think they're going to do give us back tax money hahaha that be taking money out of theirfor lavish yachts and vacations and like Bernie Sanders three or four mansions that he can load up with s*** so you can't even walk through this on bit stop freaking hoarder

  8. If President Kennedy was alive today, he would be considered a conservative. Probably an ultra-conservative…. The dims have lost their way……most Democrats are not going to follow these lefty,commie, idiots. That is okay for the centrist democrats. We have room for them in the Republican party !!!

  9. The last dictator that had limited child policy was Mao. Families were limited to one baby. As boy children were seen as more valuable those children who were female we're often aborted or exposed to the elements to die. As a result there are not enough women to go around in China and the ones that are there aren't necessarily looking for a traditional marriage. The policies fail to try to control what the individual does within the structure of the family unit. Take that and apply to every other Freedom that we have and the erosion just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  10. This is beyond ridiculous. The Democratic Party is through. What a bunch of losers! Of course they’re against us having our own oil supplies! It’s cheaper at the pump! If they had their way, we’d be paying $3.75 per gallon! They’re mad because they’re losing out on all the KICKBACKS!

  11. Bombshell a dictator run into a Democrat and I got talking about racism diversity heard it all sorry sad to bad it's only here site.

  12. We need another William Tecumseh Sherman to make the DemocRATs howl, like he once made Georgia howl. I think maybe Trump is a mix of Patton and Sherman with the ability to burn their playhouse down. They know it, and that's why they're so hell bent on this impeachment BS. The rats are cornered, and that's why they're attacking. Oh, what a joy…

  13. Dems= big govt,Pres Donald J Trump= draining swamp,challenging status quo,and also many govt positions were not filled unnecessarily which saves tax payers.

  14. So he wants to send money to third world countries preferably ones with minorities and fun the killing of minority babies to curb population growth. I don't know about the rest of y'all but that sounds almost fascist to be honest. is he going to do this here for us to do this or how about the European countries are they going to be forced to do this or is it just countries with minorities in it.

  15. FYI: Non beef burgers (fake) usually have twice the sodium (salt) as a regular burger, chemicals to create the flavor, ie it is healthier to eat the real one!

  16. God is responsible for the Climate and there is no climate change that God doesn't approve. When we are terrible to Israel then God will punish those that harm Israel. No body has the right to tell me how to live, eat, drink, sleep, work, etc. They should take care of their own house.

  17. The dems ideology comes from the U.N. agenda 21, their ultimate goal is replace our constitution. If this sounds " wacky" do some research! Then connect the dots!!

  18. Sanders wants America to have less babies, but, sees no problem with UNCONTROLLED illegal immigrants braking through our borders? Sanders is playing us for other surprises🤔


  20. The harsh reality is that ANYONE who supports this coup attempt to remove Trump is a TYRANT. ANYONE. You see, those of us who didn't vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012 accepted the outcome of both of those elections. We didn't cry like babies when he won nor did we support coup attempts to remove Obama. We went to work making our voices heard and we got Trump elected in 2016. WE NOW DEMAND THAT OUR VOTES BE ACCEPTED.

  21. It looks like the Deep state was try to run Joe Biden as their candidate something's in the works I guess the rest of them don't know it 😉 and I had to edit this are they smoking Bernie stash

  22. We need to eat the babies 😂🤣🤣🤣 the earth will end in 12 years even though it's been here over a billion please eat your dirty underwear so we don't wast water.

  23. Kamalia action is a typical culture of India …ie head shaking and nodding…you can take a person and say she is such N such but the genes remain …her mother's gene is stronger than her dad's from Jamaica???…there is MORE truth in her action than the claim od Pocahontas and her Cherokee blood…point for Kamala added point for Pocahontas minus

  24. These leftist are moronic ignoramuses and total simpletons. AS a man , a physician, a science man with 10 years educations, there attorney s dont know JACK about science, There are complete DUMMIES. My GOD complete DUMMIES Ive never seen such SIMPLETONS in my life

  25. lol.."Ban the Straws"… ok, but if we do that, lets ban to-go containers! That means NO Doordash or Grubhub! No drive-through restaurants, either! Yeah…ban the freakin straw

  26. Yes they can change the democrate party to communist party if the name was not so bad, but they are going at the exact same policies.

  27. So, Just how much fossil fuel, coal and the like will have to be burned to produce all this electricity needed to charge up all these 'electric' cars. ? FFS, get a grip people. !

  28. Holy moly America please wake up and fight against this big world government coming to control us we need to fight the hardest than ever

  29. The climate change nutjobs that try to force the Americans to do their bidding are truly out of touch with reality, here's some reality for them between India and China who are way more environment unfriendly than any countries on Earth, if they don't change anything which they have no plans of doing that until at least 2030 which we know they won't even after that it doesn't matter what Americans do. It really comes down to controlling everyones lives.

  30. Crazy bernie….sleepy bernie….1% creepy sleazy crazy job biden……pochahauntas……😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Andrew Yang…..common you are just a salesman of other people products…..get a job and spend more time with your family….please….Trump didn't help lifes of you people better…..?

  32. To Kamala Harris, prohibiting plastic straws is "innovation"(!)…"Yeah, I know it can be hard drinking through a paper straw, but…" Good grief.

  33. I’m willing to bet none of them actually know what Fracking is.
    “Do you ban plastic straws?” The world has a hell of of a lot bigger problems and the Democrats are focused on plastic straws lmao !!

  34. Isn’t that interesting 🤔 I heard from some people it the oil industry they’ve been fracking for over one hundred years the only thing different is they can steer the drill head so that they can drill from one spot and don’t have to set up drilling sites so close to each other like before these are the people that think we just switched over from using whale 🐳 oil and if all the people on Okinawa went to one side of the island it would flip over and sink drowning everyone and they in there infinite wisdom are going to tell people who actually do things how they can do there jobs you know so they don’t flip over an island or something stupid

  35. WE can never allow any of these power hungry bastards, and bitches to ever become president if they get into office there will be another civil war millions will die……Freedom is more important then a government lie about global warming……

  36. Get out and vote Trump2020 and spread this info and real truth channels around like Laura Ingals Hannity Levine Rush and fox and friends. 2020 is gonna be the fight for American Capitalism and law and order like not seen since civil war in 1863. God Almighty help America stay safe for at least 4 more years in the name of Jesus. Amen🌷

  37. Unfortunately we have the same sort of idiots in power in New Zealand, both at the central government and local government levels, and that horrific and treasonous rubbish is already playing out here. Australia is not far behind us in that regard. The government is borrowing money like there is no tomorrow and we are already bankrupt. We have been totally sold out and run by a foreign committee. We have always been the guinea pig in this international conspiracy by the UN and Soros etc to take over the world. I support President Trump. Time to get rid of the UN. Unless something changes there is no tomorrow for our democracy, just a communist and racist and islamic hell.

  38. Plastic is a serious problem throughout the world. You can find plastic bottles everywhere. I believe in climate clean up. Removing plastic from the ocean and planting new forests will move our country forward. Recycling infrastructure needs to be a priority because we make too much garbage.

  39. Dictator who been dictated by democrat since their natural shameless talent, since the day Trump got elected! Buf dembs seems the Goner Rheality useful idiots ; )

  40. Nobody's touching my collection of muscle cars and hot rods! Remember, we have the right to bare, and thus use, guns!

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