Induction Cooktop – Top 5 Best Models of 2019

Induction Cooktop – Top 5 Best Models of 2019

Hi this is John at Designer Appliances
New Jersey and New York’s premiere interactive appliance showroom. Here’s our top 5 picks to consider in 2019. So let’s get started at number one we have
the cafe CHP 9530MSS which offers just about everything you could possibly
need in an induction cooktop. It features four elements of various sizes, three of
them high-powered and features powerful touch controls and a gorgeous stainless
steel trim. It even comes with a griddle pan to give you increased cooking
capabilities perfect for cooking on larger rectangular pans. Both their high
heat and low heat capabilities are outstanding. In tests this cooktop was
able to bring a large pot of water to boil as fast or faster than every other
cooktop on the market. Owner satisfaction on the cafe series is extremely high and
we’ve also found them to be incredibly reliable for long term use. Looking for
something with advanced tech features? The Samsung NZ36K7880UG is a stylish
we designed and luxuriously appointed induction cooktop with all the bells and
whistles. The cooktop features five total elements with for high power elements
all controlled by intuitively designed touch controls. The stainless steel trim
surrounding the cooktop is an excellent and stylish choice while powerful
features like Wi-Fi enabled connectivity give you more flexibility and control
over your cooking experience than ever. The flexible cooking zones on this model
allow you to adapt your cooking surface based on the shapes and sizes of your
cookware and the cooktop even includes a magnetic knob that can be used in place
of the touch controls if you prefer a more traditional style of control for
your cooking. Perhaps one of the flashiest features of the Samsung
induction cooktop is its virtual flame feature which projects flame images onto
the bottom of your cookware in order to indicate that it’s being heated by the
induction element below. Its user savvy features like these that earn Samsung a
spot on this list. Looking for a sleek design next on our list is the Bosch 800
series NIT8069UC which features four burners and a distinctive jet-black
design profile. All four elements are high powered while also being capable of
heating at extremely low heat levels and this model also features impressive and
intuitive touch controls. This Bosch cooktop also features auto chef which
allows for programmed and preset cooking settings that allow
for impressive customization of your cooking experience. You’ll also find a
range of other features including auto sizing designed to accommodate pots and
pans of various sizes. With excellent reliability and owner satisfaction
levels this makes Bosch an excellent choice to
invest in. Another luxury choice is the Wolf CI365TS. Wolf has been an industry
leader in high quality and high-end cooktops for some time and their
induction cooktops series is definitely no exception this model features five
elements three of them high-powered and also boasts the intuitive touch controls
of its competitors the stainless steel trim surrounding the cooktops border is
impressively stylish and the subtle element markings result in a minimalist
aesthetic that many decor minded buyers will love. Wolf’s induction cooktop ranks
highly in reliability customer satisfaction and performance both at
high heat and low heat, flexible enough to handle the full range of at home
cooking tasks. It also features the bridge element feature standard in high
end induction cooktops that allows you to cook with larger rectangular pans. And
finally the most advanced induction cooktop on our list is the Thermador CIT30XWBB. Thermador has been a trusted brand in the appliance market for some
time and their cook tops consistently receive high marks across a wide range
of criteria. Unlike other models on this list that have dedicated burners zones,
this cooktop gives you the freedom to place your cookware anywhere on the
large cook surface for up to four pots or pans. The surface will automatically
detect the size and location of your pan and give you control of the temperature
via the integrated touch screen display. The display itself boasts an intuitive
and brightly lit touch screen to make controlling your cooktop easy and
streamlined. The stainless steel trim of the cooktop is neat and minimalist while
also packing a visual punch and the flexible cooking zones are designed to
give you options when it comes to the size of your cookware and general
cooking tasks. Buyers love the incredibly precise and powerful cooking
capabilities of this high-end cooktop whether they’re cooking at high or low
heats for a variety of tasks. Those are top picks for 2019 and we look forward
to helping you select the best appliances for your home when you visit
one of our showroom locations in New Jersey. Thanks for watching please
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4 thoughts on “Induction Cooktop – Top 5 Best Models of 2019

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  2. I have the Samsung and it's really annoying as it doesn't recognize half of the induction cookware on the market. I've had to return so many I almost want to trash it and buy another. While using a pan that works on it, I do really like it. They flame lights are just gimmicky but cool looking. The Samsung app won't connected to it, thus the horrible rating on the app store. Induction is the next best thing to gas cooking and safer. I don't have to worry about putting anything next to the pot.

  3. Would replacing a stove with this be a good idea , I would have no need for a oven just need space under the counter but also need a stove

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