Indian Scimitar Babbler,  (Pomatorhinus horsfieldii)

Dear friends, It is very interesting to learn
about The Indian Scimitar Babbler. Mainly, this bird gets its name for its long
curve yellow Scimitar shaped bill, which is very attractive. secondly, the musical antiphonal duet produced
by pairs. The liud fluty opp-pu-pu-pu followed immediately
by kru- kur. The second note is produced by the female
and the duet is accurately synchronized. This cute Scimitar Babbler is an Old World
Babbler, found in peninsular India, in a range of forest habitats, and secondary growth,
mainly in the hilly regions. They can be detected by their distentive call. They are often hard to see as they forage
through dense vegetation. Like many other babblers, they are noisy birds
and the characteristic bubbling calls are the best indication that these birds are present. The Indian Scimitar Babbler is a resident
breeder and non migratory bird. They feed on insects on ground or on vegitation. Hopping on the ground.

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