Incredible Spiders – National Geographic, Full Documentaries HD

Incredible Spiders – National Geographic, Full Documentaries HD

in a creepy realm beyond our everyday
life eight legged freaks rule they thrive in the tropical jungle the
desert wastelands and even underwater some deliverance giants that rise from
the path others are equipped with an awesome of
weapons there are accomplished pepper plants website- some walk on water and even
feeling and deep in the Amazon lives a Goliath that overshadows them all the biggest spider on the face of the
planet these are nature’s incredible spiders
Iraq needs across the globe have evolved unique ways of surviving the most
extreme environments the Kalahari Desert is one such place only the toughest creatures make it here the son of huge for some spider is like
nothing you’ve seen before it’s a hunter a tracker and a killer all
rolled into one long sensitive has detect the slightest
movement in the air from potential prey while strange sensory cups on its
underside press against the ground like 10 years to pick up my new vibrations its enormous chainsaw like mandibles can
crash an armor-plated scorpion yeah but it’s the sticky finger tips and make
it really impressive the tip of each front appendage is
unique this has suction device uses pressure to
catch and hold on to pray once it snatches with these suckers little
escapes the sony futures seldom seen out in the
day but it’s the dry season and this predator must risk the heat to find food
it can be a highly mobile hunter but it can also set the ultimate ambush yeah yeah its legs stick like glue the Sun huge needs to make the most of
this grasshopper buffet yeah yeah ok yeah it’s a brutal technique not pretty but it works the prey is doomed time for its enormous
jaws to kick into action like a hydraulic mincer telling the prey into
digestible mush yeah with its belly now full the Sun huge
must escape the blistering heat now it reveals another use for its monstrous
jaws it lifts 50 times its body weight in
sand to excavate tomorrow finally out of the heat the soul fuge
will hide from the sun until nightfall when the hunting begins again for every
price species that exists as a spider that specially built acted was so future
sticky feet to snatches pray out of the air another incredible spider uses a
wildly different technique deep in this forest it’s a small but deadly hunter the
jumping spider is an agile predator most species been a web to catch prey but
this predator has a more direct approach it’s jumping ability and its eyesight
sets it apart it’s capable of jumping 30 times its own
body length that’s the equivalent of a human jumping over half the length of a
football field it’s so powerful that like a bungee
jumper it needs to lay a safety line to stop it from overshooting its mind by
contracting muscles fluid is pushed into the spiders legs like hydraulic piston
the change in pressure causes the next to extend rapidly clicking the spider
into the this hungry female is on the prowl to keep track of her fast-moving
prey the jumping spiders eight eyes are optimized finding her enormous
forward-facing paired judge distance while his side and rear eyes see
movement giving her 360-degree vision the dead gecko is attracting flies yeah the drones try to scare her off she’s
not budging sometimes things just don’t go according
to plan she’s so small the breeze is blowing her
of course she was recalculate wind direction and distance a dagger like
fangs look into the fly while a quick-acting venom gets to work yeah spiders specialized hunters filling
every neesh in almost all environments some may pounce on their prey like the
person the next one uses a throw net to snack pray this strange-looking spider
is a sight to behold its enormous forward-facing eyes and
skin limbs make it look like a living breathing skeleton it has eyes like an
owl for good reason this predator will only hunt in the dead of night this female find a low-hanging twig come
from should use a web to catch prey but not the traditional gtc strands of silk
into a bully texture and weaves a net of highly elastic non sticky silk she
station herself 10 centimeters above the ground above passing insects she’ll use the web as a net to sling
over victims that scuttle below its pitch dark so she taps her legs on
the forest floor to measure the exact distance to the prey then she stretches the web to three
times its relaxed sighs the wide as she pulls the elastic threads the more
entangled to pray for the come the elastic silk tightens around the
cricket the more it struggles more entangled
becomes venomous strikes finally paralyzed it this cricket is taken care of so the net
caster leaves to continue light of hunting yeah thanks to drifting landmasses and oceans
wins spiders have dominated every continent except Antarctica but they don’t only live in forests and
deserts the incredible fishing spider thrives on
water yeah this spiky legged spider is the resident
predator terror of fish ponds around the globe its many eyes Harry mouthparts and
huge fans may be impressive but it’s the legs that are truly amazing this Iraq
mid not only walked on water it can read the underwater world with its legs tiny
spikes detect vibrations on the water’s surface it can accurately judge where
the movement is coming from and even what prey item is causing it a male lives in this section of the pond and it’s full of food his back legs
anger him to the shore while his super sensory feet get to work every little vibration is assessed the fish was just out of reach walking on water is one thing but this
incredible spider can also breathe underwater the heads around the spiders
abdomen created their bubble its lines would like the stack pages of a book and
draw oxygen from the bubble this incredible temptation allows the fishing
spider to breathe underwater the fish have been scared off and now
they’re in the shadows ok the fishing spider injects paralyzing
venom into the fish which slowly times its insides into a nutritious soup this prize catch we’ll keep him
satisfied for a day spiders are not only efficient predators they’re also among nature’s most
talented architects whether it’s burrows webs or nets constructing high-tech
hunting devices is the name of the game and few can rival the phenomenal we’re
building abilities of the golden or a common resident in tropical areas across
the globe the golden orb leaving spider has spent over 160 million years
affecting its architectural skills it’s long legs with inward pointing tips
responsible for weaving gigantic silk traps the gram for gram is stronger than
steel they’re so strong that even small birds
and bats have been caught in them the glittering golden silk is what attracts
prey it’s one of the natural world’s most
impressive structures and its maker is not equipped with just one still
producing gland but seven each gland produces its own unique silk they make tough silk protect the eggs a
soft silk to wrap out their prey and they can even reduce the cabling silk
for structural support however was truly fascinating is how this silk is produced
it stored as a liquid in each gland as the spider contracts muscles it forces
the liquid silk out through hundreds of tanks tubes the muscular force turns to
liquid into a solid silk strand these individual strands twist and
packed together to produce one super strong Claude the female builds the
entire web on her own while a potential mate hangs around to
take advantage of any leftovers caught in a trap 30 10 times smaller than half he was
tread very carefully the tips of her legs are connected to the strands that
radiate in eight different directions through vibration she has a 360 degree
radar over her entire web yeah the grasshoppers paralyzed with venom
and wrapped alive and soft preserving silk yeah she has each parcel of the center of the
web with strong cementing silver this mail will stay fresh for hours and
it’s to Mike casing one by one the spider wraps a prior life in their gold
coffins while the male hands on for the ride the golden orbs complex web delivers
every time and an afternoon of feasting await spiders have colonized a diverse
array of ecosystems around the planet with only the sky and sea still out of
their reach one incredible spider has ignored all the rules it spends its
entire life submerged the diving bell spider is the only
arachnid known to live exclusively under water it has no fins or gills it doesn’t need
them it builds its very own submarine a
supply this bubble is its lifeline it’s homemade scuba tank to construct the
bubble this male swims to the surface and pops its abdomen into the like the
fishing spider the air bubble around his abdomen allows him to breathe through
his book songs the spider shuttles several bubbles from the surface to
create a large reservoir it’s an ingenious way to access a whole new
hunting ground which it now has all to itself this is despite a century well feed rest yeah this collection of incredible spiders is
full of surprising characters the diving bell spider lives underwater while the
son of huge has sticky feet but a bigger predator comes from a
secret lair belief the Africa yeah this enormous erected as a leg span of
over 10 centimeters and lives in an underground burrow for most of its life
it’s shy and secretive by nature with the baboon spider has a dark side it gets its name from its enormous size
its hairy body and the boom like pads the end of each leg and its many eyes operate like a
built-in periscope surveying the surroundings of its burrow yeah yeah yeah what prey doesn’t know is that its
secret hideout is wired for surveillance when it’s not hungry spider spins a
sealed the entrance to its land this prevents falling prey from disturbing
her beauty sleep but when it’s time to eat the borough becomes a high-tech
booby trap the entrance is lined with strands of
silk to travel to the boro liked Rick wise we’re moving insect triggers the wires
vibrations are sent down the borough alerting the spider to a possible meal she can distinguish between the
vibrations of a pesky and and a meaty cricket why has been triggered yeah it’s time to feed yeah the baboon spider is a calculating
predator yeah another trip wire has been triggered and
the opportunistic hunter returns to the surface many legs give off many vibrations yeah yeah from straight out of the ground the
centipede meets a greater predator over 30 centimeters below the surface
the baboon returns to its solitary confinement to feast on its prey alive
Rapids come in a variety of shapes and sizes that big and hairy small and
colorful and some completely camouflaged but none look quite as strange as the
web spider flat body allowed to call into dark marks and crannies and its
pincers can grow to twice the length of its body and a tipped with moving like
claws the web spider doesn’t have benim so
when it finds its prey it grabs it with its princes and simply impales it this female doesn’t just have to feed
herself she’s got 60 newly hatched young that hanging on for the bride the mini
whip spiders will live on her back until they develop their very own exoskeletons
and pincers to feed themselves after their first molt the green sprouts
tiny to fully formed arachnids equipped to take on the dark corners of the
insect world some environment so incredibly harsh and spiders one species
is a desert specialists able to make a living in the oldest desert on earth the golden wheel spider looks a lot like
many others but is this one that has a unique acrobatic talent in the ancient Namibian desert it must
deal with total exposure a borrow beneath the boiling sand is its best
chance of survival the silk-lined bunker will extend over
30 centimeters down and protect the spider from the harsh desert sun but
it’s not just the heat the spiders escaping from this pump Inlet wasp is on
the hunt for a golden wheels spider it doesn’t want to pray on it it wants to
lay a single egg inside this way when it’s lava hatches it will
have a fresh dinner to feast on the spider puts the finishing touches on its
head out just in time the wasp since this movement yeah the wasp only needs to sting him the spider makes his getaway reveals his
trump card by folding its legs into spokes the
spider turns into a wheel and rolls down the dune at 20 times a second leaving
the wasp in the dust this cover reputation is given the
golden wheel spider a helping hand in its desert environment but it’s not
going to test its locked out in the open no spider is at the top of the food
chain but even so they are considered one of the most successful predators on
the planet the next incredible hunter is a nighttime specialist all the disappearing during the day deep in the forest lives the
strange-looking bark spider it’s practically invisible only coming alive
in the midnight hours this female looks like just another knob on this branch her mate is a fraction of her size like
the golden orb spider he’s a loyal but wary companion when the Sun dips she
begins spinning a deadly spiral trap like an old lady with a knitting needles
she furiously weaves a web of sticky cables spider silk is the strongest
natural material on the planet and the Darwin’s bark spider in Madagascar is
responsible for building the largest toughest web of any spider on earth the
bark spider stations herself at the center of the web she too sees the world through
vibrations when the hunting’s over the box spider
kids are all traces of her presence the looming summarize quickens her efforts
after her night shift the pair blends seamlessly into the branch we energizing
themselves before the next night of hunting thanks to the scary appearance
and predatory nature spiders are a symbol of evil in danger in almost every
country across the globe in reality very few spiders are a threat to humans and
bites a seldom fatal but one of the few that you may want to get out of the way
for is none other than the Black Widow this infamous spider has conquered
almost every continent it is named after her tendency to kill
and eat her partner after meeting she’s equipped with a lethal Europe
toxic venom and a threatening red hourglass on her abdomen is a trademark
of danger the black widows venom is thought to be
15 times more potent than some rattlesnakes species because she injects
less of it humans can survive her right and it’s no
wonder she had the reputation of a femme fatale towel the female black widow
comes with much larger fangs and venom glands than the male this female hasn’t eaten for weeks she’s had other things on her mind she’s
just late hundreds of eggs inside and incubated silk sack soon hundreds of
miniature spiders will enter the world to continue the Black Widow never see
with her most important job complete it’s time to eat she restrains the cricket with silk
before paralyzing it with venom cells lining her venom glands produce a potent
neurotoxic venom these cells disintegrate to release a toxic
concoction into the planned when the widow’s strikes muscles around the gland
contract to force the venom out through hollow fangs the venom shots down the
crickets nervous system actually doesn’t eat her praise straightaway she stores
it letting the venoms additional digestive enzymes get to work while she
continues to hunt when it comes to females there’s a lot of competition in the
animal kingdom and males have to do something extra special to get noticed
the spider world is no different the Black Widow male may get killed for
doing what he’s supposed to but in Australia another tiny mail is walking
the tightrope with his sundance out of the sandy earth emerges spider so
small that eight of them could fit your thumbnail the peacock spider is a type
of jumping spider with a twist these bachelors are on the search for females
and it leads them into enemy territory there’s only one female here so once
they’ve sized each other up it’s time to fight once the competition’s been scared
off the hard work begins approaching a single lady is a risky
business she’ll attack the intruding mail if
she’s not in the mood to mate so the male peacock spider has had to
take his courtship efforts up a notch he resorts to dance moves electric colors mesmerized the female this is the spider world’s very own bird
of paradise the dance seems to have worked when it
comes to peacock spider romance or it takes to secure a female a good dance
moves the peacock spiders size might betray its feisty character but on the
opposite end of the earth a true giant makes up for it the biggest spider on
the planet is both enormous and deadly the Goliath bird-eating tarantula lives
in Venezuela’s remote Emerson and is as big as your dinner plate this behemoth is the subject of myth and
legend with only a few having ever been seen wild the Goliath is a feared spider for good
reason it has a leg span of almost 30
centimeters and weighs 170 grams it’s so big and feasts on mice and even birds like the jumping spider the Goliath is
an ambush hunter so it lays low in dark corners but out in the jungle even this
giant has enemies the Goliath isn’t going to take a chance with this rodent
and its best form of defense is attack when provoked the Goliath brushes his
abdomen releasing thousands of hair like bristles into the and thousands of many
harpoons flight was the attacker each menacing bristle sharply pointed with
hooked bobs on one end the bristles hook into the enemy’s flesh
causing severe pain and itching with the threat warned off the Goliath
can get back to hunting when the day draws to an end to the jungle comes
alive and almost everything is on the goliaths menu its eyes are small and equipped for
night time hunting so it relies on its most fine-tune sense of touch just ahead is a gecko the reptile seems
unaware that it’s just centimetres away from the world’s biggest spider yeah yeah yeah as the glides enormous fangs sink into
the gecko paralyzing venom is injected into its bloodstream very quickly the geckos organs shut down
and the venoms enzymes start digesting it from the inside out our planet
spiders come with many weird and wonderful adaptations from here shooting
and walking on water to disco dancing and throwing webs from the Giants and
jumpers to the cart wheelers and hunters these eight legged 8 i’d creatures
fulfill a critical role in our ecosystem over means of years they’ve proved
they’re not only able to survive Earth’s buried in extreme environments but
thriving they may have a bad reputation but the planet wouldn’t be the same
without incredible spiderus

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