100 thoughts on “Impeachment showdown ramps up in Senate

  1. She had that same kind of shimmy like hillary and peter struk when they thought they were getting over… Nancy is a disgusting TRAITOR and history WILL show them all for what they truly r???

  2. PELOSI'S biggest problem is incurable.

  3. Democrats walked over to the Senate as if they were in a funeral procession. They all make me sick 😷. Pelosi is such a big liar. She can't even take care of her own State and we want her to make decisions for our country. Trump 20/20 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. sadly republicans have all known about trumps illegal activities …… but they will take a chance of destroying America ( and perhaps the world ) by giving his crimes a pass to be re-elected ….. personally i think it will backfire on them and we can have a democrat run senate as well as a white house …. ( after it is fumigated )

  5. What a disgrace…that’s what they wanted impeach him on anything..impeached forever…special pens…payback will smack these hateful Democrats…

  6. She’s disgraced the constitution. It doesn’t even meet the standards for the constitution you delusional woman. There’s no crime allegations. This is an illegitimate impeachment plain and simple. The senate needs to treat it as such or every president from now on will be impeached for political reasons.

  7. why is loser Pelosi still in the office of the speaker where are the rules of conduct. She walks around like she is lost

    The impeachment trial is going to keep the senators running for president from the campaign trail. HOWEVER; My Prez will STILL BE HAVING HIS RALLIES😁

  9. :15 The facts are you don't even have close to a solid case for many reasons. But one thing for sure is that you LIED about this impeachment has to be Bipartisan, not one Republican and you even had democrats vote against it.. Why are you on God Hating Bill Maher's show anyways. He's the TOOL that wanted the Country to go into a recession so President Trump would lose the next election. Easy for Maher to say as He sits on His millions of dollars. Yet D.A. still watch His show.

  10. Anyone who listens to Rush (like I do) knows that this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Rush does this daily. The Mahjah Rushney has been studying liberalism for decades he knows what they will do before they even have the thought.

  11. Stop the democrats from trying to change the results of the election!!
    They have proven that they hated this President and have tried to take
    out the President from the very beginning! They claimed that they work
    for the people but we believe they have put their own personal political
    interests before the people's and they have gotten out of hand! We, the
    people believe they have no good reason to remove this President
    because we know the President has done nothing wrong and hearsay would
    never make it in any courtroom! Congress should save what dignity that
    they have left to save what our forefathers wanted the process of
    impeachment to be used. They should not allow the democrats to cause
    more damage to what they created! We don't believe the democrats should
    be allowed to add in more witnesses to the impeachment! They wouldn't
    allow any witnesses for the republicans and now they want the senate to
    do what they want too! This is ridiculous! This is garbage! Stop
    allowing more trash into this fake reason to take out our President!
    Most importantly, None of the people running for President should be
    allowed to participate in this impeachment process because that also is
    totally bias!!! BE FAIR! Senators that are running for President cannot
    be managers!! What??!! We the people are not stupid! We see something
    wrong there! Those senators made the decision to run for the seat of
    President and should not be allowed to participate in any part of this
    impeachment process! We have enough corruption in this country and we
    want it to stop!!! It's bad enough that we have to sit and deal with
    Adam Schiff lying to us and to Congress and nothing is being done about
    it! He should recuse himself but we know he won't and we hope justice
    comes for what he has done! The people are sick that justice is not
    being served and we want the democrats and fake media to stop dividing
    this country! All in all, the democrats need to stop putting their own
    interest before the people's and stop wasting the people's money and
    time with this stupid impeachment! They should stop being poor sports
    about the results of the election and wish the best for the President
    that won! Instead, We have watched the democrats obstruct our President
    from trying to serve this country and they should be ashamed of
    themselves! Thank goodness our President is strong because look at all
    the good things he has done for this country! Imagine if our country was
    not divided and had support from the democrats! The results would have
    really been awesome! But what we are watching, Some of what they have
    done should be considered treasonous! We saw our government intelligence
    agencies let us down but we are hoping the senate will not! WE THE

  12. The whole system is corrupt and it’s all manufactured to pit citizen against citizen so the wealthy elites can maintain control in the shadows. Don’t fall for this BS. Every president is a puppet. Every politician is a pawn. Everything you think you stand for has been carefully sold to you subliminally. Turn off your TV and wake up! The real fight is the haves vs the never will haves. The moment we turn the tables on the rich and powerful- we change the quality of life for every person on earth.

  13. :30 What are those IDIOTS clapping about? They are supporting Corruption. President Trump is trying to protect the American people by not letting other Countries or His own Countrymen Steal money from us. Biden won't beat President Trump so why would He want Him out of the Race. Take some time and just think about that.

  14. I laugh whenever I hear a Democrat say anything about upholding justice or following the constitution. That is always the pre cursor to we are going to lie, smear or whatever it takes to get what we want.

  15. I truly believe california is a Genius state.They've literally solved a substantial portion of their financial burden on pensions.They merely allow individuals to stay in Government positions WELL PAST their expiration dates.Feinstein and Pelosi just to name a few.

  16. Another weekend in mar a lago,
    Trump boy lies to his supporters again I’ll hardly ever leave Washington I’ll probably not even visit my resorts.
    Well here we go again big sewer mouth trump boy.

  17. “A solid case”?!?! She is a liar.
    She doesn’t care about the constitution, it’s about the democrats needing to get rid of a President that protects the Constitution. The dems want to get rid of The Constitution, President Trump is in their way.

  18. :45 Just look at the EVIL in that Women's Eyes. She has said this is a somber moment….Stinking Lying Scamming democrat leader. In the real world a person who presses false charges would be sentenced to jail for doing that. You have proven once again how phony you really are and the God I serve knows it. You think you have won something but in the end you will lose everything.

  19. Good lord people we all know Nancy is a nut. I just don't see how you can blindly follow trump. He too is a tyrant who attacks anyone who doesn't agree with his ignorance of military, the world etc.. he only likes the most corrupt evil leaders in the world. He is truly the most intelligible president I've ever heard. He is the poster boy for spoiled rich kid draft dodger and coward. The only reason he got elected is because the nation was sick of the Clinton's. I pray that he is soundly defeated. To bad the Republicans are afraid to speak out against trump for fear of his childish public attacks. They could have put someone on the ballot who could win but instead they will suffer a catastrophic loss because no one deep down likes trump and his worthless policies along with his making all our allies turn against us. We are strong but not strong enough alone.

  20. 1:25 After what She has done to this Country, anybody that would vote for Her has something wrong with themselves. She is acting like a Judge who lets someone go free and then that person goes and Brags about how they fooled the Judge. CRAZY

  21. Nancy u are a liar n u are a sick women n u are a Devil go n have another drink. A very sick women i dont understand how your man lives with u my name Roy Chain from South Afri ca lvu Donald Trump 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Well done Nancy. Impeccable as ever.
    Fox and Friends bear in mind the new revelations about Devin Nunes and Derek Harvey. That's a story you should follow because its going to blow up and you don't want to be caught with your pants down.
    Maybe Dev might remember a little more about his dealings with Lev when you get him on your show.

  23. You know, most people have never been arrested……
    But out of those people who are, and taken to court and found not guilty❓
    I suppose those people are arrested for ever❓
    As they say in Russia, BULLSHITSKY❗‼❗

  24. When they lose impeachment in the Senate.. sue them all. Sue the pants off of every Democrat and media company that pushed these agendas until they can't do their jobs any more.

  25. What a juvenile little witch Nancy Pelosi is. She needs to be prosecuted for treason. She is going to burn in hell. I think the President should use all these clips of her celebrating and making snide remarks on talk shows for his re-election campaign ads.

  26. impeachment might be forever but it is not necessarily a disgrace. Pelosis disgusting ugliness is also a matter of history and very much forever. Draining the swamp is THE epic battle of American history Impeachment arrests disclosure and the uprising of the American people and the unshakable courage and intelligence of the greatest president may also be written in History. Get out of your seats. .

  27. why did chaefetz leave congress? he seems pretty 'credible' and really fits into 'providing' a narrative…

  28. Thanks to Democrax,
    Impeachment is just another weapon in their temper tantrum arsenal.

    ”Impeached is Forever” ha ha !!
    Impeachment now carries as much weight or status as being headlined or endorsed by National Enquirer magazine.

  29. I coach those people and found people that would do that that's the only way that you would get there ratings up cuz someone didn't do that it would look good so they did something

  30. History will remember this as the failed attempt by the coupocrats and their nwo masters to overthrow a duly elected president.

  31. BS Pelosi doesn't care about anything but keeping Power ..Her lack of care for People in her district. Doesn't that matter..Now you have people going to the bathroom in Supermarket..If that shows that she cares about the American People while getting agencies to help lie and show evidence against Nunez, and others so that Dem Rats can't lose… Anything coming from CNN proves this has been choreographed and a setup to win .IT WON'T HELP YOU PELOSI

  32. This is AWESOME!!! There are so many little trolls on here today spreading their Hate! You know what that means fellow Patriots… More Winning! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Americans are behind YOU 100%!!!

  33. When the Senate dumps this dumass fake impeachment. I hope Democrats are ready for 8 more years of Trump. And for those who ask. Since the house impeached him it makes the first 4yrs invalid making so he can run two more times. So nice job Democrats you played yourselves

  34. Liev Parnas has video, text messages, voicemail and pictures…and the repubicans still say t-rump is innocent. SMH. Pelosi out strategized McConnell. She knew t-rump is weak, thin skinned and corrupt. She knew his organized crime syndicate are a bunch of clowns and the whole thing would come crushing down – she just had to be patient. t-rump supporters should listen to more than just t-rump tv and stop drinking that Jim Jones kool-aid

  35. Pelosi, What a piece of work she is, politics, what about a day’s work on the peoples business instead of party games?

  36. Mad Maxine,dumpy Nadler, pin head Shiff all standing behind her. They Look like the league of geriatric super villains hahahaha

  37. How do u know if someone is a republican he answers u " I don't know , I can't remember get oo the pills rush repent

  38. Pelosi is a vicious woman that passed out celebration pens designed to look like bullets!  She also fondled her bullet bracelet when announcing the impeachment vote.

  39. Donald Trump will long be remembered as the greatest president in U.S. history. Nancy will also be remembered, …as a complete buffoon.

  40. So if she tells the lye enough times everyone should beleive.
    Chronic liar and pickled from to much privilage. Time to flush her AMERICA

  41. I assume all of the costs associated with Trump attending his pep rallies are covered by his campaign funding. If not, those costs should be clawed back so we taxpayers aren't paying for his campaign. That would be fraud on his part if any public money was spent for his campaign costs.

  42. Zoo reports Animals have escaped after the oversight of Pest Control Professionals. The leader of the pack, Trump high risk for people.

  43. Ted Lieu to Nunes (grab your popcorn) I received your letter dated December 31, 2019 in which you state your client Congressman Devin Nunes will sue me if I don’t, among other actions, issue a public apology to Devin Nunes. It is true that I stated Congressman Nunes worked with Lev Parnas and conspired to undermine our own government. As you know, truth is a defense. So go read the documents and text messages provided by Lev Parnas to the House of Representatives, and watch his interview on the Rachel Maddow Show, which aired on January 15, 2020, that directly implicates Rep Nunes.

    I welcome any lawsuit from your client and look forward to taking discovery of Congressman Nunes. Or, you can take your letter and shove it.

  44. Well Parnaz is just like shift and Pelosi so it only makes sense that they would call somebody just like them….you know corrupt.

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