Illinois mayor rejects new Amazon warehouse that would add 1,500 jobs

Illinois mayor rejects new Amazon warehouse that would add 1,500 jobs

100 thoughts on “Illinois mayor rejects new Amazon warehouse that would add 1,500 jobs

  1. The mayor is stupid because Amazon is mail order. Won't affect small businesses except to make them better by competition.

  2. If they allow too many jobs then they will lose control of all the people who have allowed themselves to become dependant on Democrat control to live.

  3. Isn’t amazon exempt from tax? Not really fair. He gets rich while communities become slaves. Watch some amazon videos from ex employees. Not good. Just saying. Any job is better than no job.

  4. Amazon sends me things from very far away so location has nothing to do with local business failure ! I support the small businesses in my community as often as possible ! There are things I can only find or afford on Amazon and they ship it to my door for free !?!? Do the math 1,500 15 dollar an hour jobs means economic growth in that area period !

  5. In Nevada tax free Tesla said they would create 5000 jobs, guvna mo fo said the same. They left off, the jobs would be for a 100 or 200 positions at a time. That job is done in 18 months, then the citizens are gone. Back to "staffing solutions" for the next TEMPORARY job. Housing is at an all time low for all the temporary jobs they created, leaving the struggling
    ex- employees to figure out they are going to afford the soaring rents. Not to mention, the homeless citizens who work 3 part time sporadical, jobs through "staffing" or day labor camps and still can't afford rent n all the amenities that come with it. The HUMAN side of Human Resources do not exist anymore, not even in the casinos. When reno is proud to announce the Iconic Harrah's is going broke and giving up, that means more housing and tax free businesses taking over the massive space in the middle of skid "row". Bill must be rolling over in his grave. He said to me once, "Sandy, how much overtime did you work this week." I replied, 16. He said,"why only 16, what is wrong with my bussiness?" Now days 5 minutes late clocking out the corporations are screaming, "YOUR MILKING the CLOCK!!" Even guvment jobs have no future security, being the worst for out sourcing our jobs or eliminating them all together. ONWARD!

  6. My town needs Amazon. My town has lost half its population since I was a teenager 25 yrs ago while all other towns near have prospered. Poor govt in my town.

  7. Short sighted ignorant fools. Some people can only see what is directly in front of them. Its too bad they can not understand that they just caused an accident 5 miles down the road. They will never get it. Always blame someone else when you just do not understand reality.

  8. That woman's not smart enough to realize that IT'S A WAREHOUSE, not a retail outlet. If people order on Amazon…it doesn't matter where the warehouse is. And this is NOT like when Walmart Superstores came into small towns.

  9. Her position is nonsense. Anyone can buy from Amazon no matter where you live, and Amazon is your competition no matter if an Amazon warehouse is nearby or not. More people will not buy from Amazon because of a local warehouse, they’ll only get their packages sooner. And pissing on 1,500 Jobs is typical liberal bull crap. There is literally no downside to creating these jobs, and as the other man said these are the entry level jobs, there will be managers and fork lift drivers, etc, that will make much more than $15/hr. To deny this warehouse is to hurt the public, no one will benefit from not having this warehouse in their area. We are getting one in my county! And everyone is looking forward to it!

  10. The idea that Amazon will cause the shut down of small businesses in the area is ABSURD.
    Amazon is a website sales business, not a walk in retailer.

  11. Amazon is moving "democrats workers" into states they want to control. Small businesses are getting crushed….look at empty store fronts.

  12. A regular person could live off that wage. Once again high society taking jobs away from lower class people. Shame on them

  13. Actually, I sympathize about these big tech based companies moving in, although Amazon is perhaps not as bad as the other globalist companies, because they hire local. I can tell you one thing: San Francisco and the Bay Area are seriously affected in such a negative, anti-American ways and basically began to boot the poor people out to buy cheap real estate (this is why the pooping on the street thing began to happen in San Francisco, because the South of Market area, which was largely old long-term hotels that poor people rented and got knocked down…some of them were charming brick buildings of 4 stories or so that had survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, believe it or not, but were rent controlled but were perfect for poor people, these got bought up by the tech giants, and so the homeless who had had funky tenant hotels they loved knocked down to be replaced by soulless tech companies….well, the homeless started pooping in their entryways. And camping on the sidewalks. So to make themselves feel better, big tech, who produce nothing but convey information and so forth, and so make more easy money than they could dream of, started throwing billions at California to help the homeless, which wound up with 2/3 of the homeless getting dumped in California. Chairman, er, Governor Newsom, he just loves it. Hundreds of thousands of Democratic voters. For FREE! You register and vote for them. That's where Hillary got all her popular votes from….

  14. That is so stupid what she said ….. Amazon is a online retailer if they are 1000 miles away or right next door makes no difference.

  15. The mayor of Chicago should put in jail, just for being exceptionally STUPID, ought hook up with AOC, dumber and dumbest

  16. Also for your information people sell through Amazon small businesses sell through Amazon just sort of like eBay eBay does not sell the stuff people sell through eBay Amazon does sell some of their own products but the majority of their stuff they sell is other peoples stuff.

  17. He probably doesnt want to add 1,500 new local jobs that will increase the food stamp rolls by 1,500. Sorta like Walmart jobs.

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  19. Warehouses like this need to go to towns with 20k or less in population. I live in a town of 9800, and we would love for something like this to come to our town!

  20. Communist socialist Democrat Party at work here. Impeach this idiot of a mayor. Notice they didn’t name the city. A mayor of Illinois? That’s a state, typical communist Democrat trick. Hide the truth, lie to the public.

  21. ** No No No **
    Amazon is not making the necessary payoffs it takes to do business in Illinois.
    That's what is really going on.

  22. Sorry…conservative here having lived through the devastation that places like Amazon, big box stores and big tech companies cause certain areas.
    I don’t know about Illinois. Some areas are more suitable to receive these types of businesses than others.
    Actually, if you like the idea of having no middle class, just millionaires, billionaires and minimum wage earners along with a growing homelessness population, then, by all means…invite these corporations into your areas.

    Edit: actually, if you want to create an environment where people look on the type of life and hardships these corporations would bring and associate this type of life with “capitalism”, then you’ll see how quickly these people will be voting for socialism.

    Do some research. Look at what’s happened to California for starters! If you want your home to become like California, then go ahead and invite those corporations in.

    Also, those super high paying jobs are NOT for the people of the area. They bring in their own people for those positions. A great amount of these higher paying jobs go to H-1B visa workers because, according to these corporations, our people are too stupid to perform these jobs…even though it’s our people that are hired to train these immigrants and are then required to sign a non disclosure agreement to not let the public know what they’re doing.
    The jobs that they offer the citizens of the area are the lowest paid jobs that the company offers. The minimum wage seems like it may be a good wage now, but wait until those higher paid imports come into your area and start buying up the properties at an inflated amount then turn around and rent them out at insanely high prices. The minimum wage won’t even afford a person a bedroom.
    Open your eyes and do your research!!!

    Stop H-1B and split these corporations up. Reduce their power!

  23. If the Illinois mayor doesn't want the jobs that Amazon is providing , then Amazon is more than welcome to build a warehouse and provide jobs here in Canada . We have high unemployment in areas in Atlantic Canada . We would welcome Amazon .

  24. The Trenton, NJ city council rejected a plan to re-use old factory buildings to bring 400 hi-tech jobs to the city last year. Apparently some worried that property values would increase.

  25. 15 dollars is ok but then you double the money supply it then becomes half witch is whats happening about now with the repo markets ie short term loans for the banks the collapse is near 1 trillion in vehicle finance just hit now it cant continue for much longer

  26. Jobs means fewer people on the government dole aka fewer dependent on dem policies for their financial support which translates to fewer votes. It IS all about their corrupt controlling power

  27. These people are living in fantasyland if they think Amazon is beneficial to communities. We simply don’t believe these lies anymore.

  28. Amazon sucks…please stop buying Chinese made stuff from there and making Bezos richer than he already is. Shop small…shop local!

  29. God bless small business killing robot jobs at Bozo’s Amazon. Well done western civilization. Well done Amerika. More Starbucks Now!

  30. Is anyone else fed up with these democrats! I mean they are exposing themselves under Trump. You wondered why their cities are doing crap, he is a prime example !

  31. Amazon is a scary company. I don’t blame some people for not allowing them into their communities. Jeff Besos is trying to take over everything! And he owns the Washington Post! Which doesn’t even report real news! Just news that Jeff Besos wants to report! I wouldn’t trust Amazon in my community!

  32. I love the way they laugh you do a warehouse job at Amazon you wouldn't last a month most people wouldn't last a WK these are not good jobs

  33. Somebody needs to fix the tax code so that Amazon and or Bezos has to pay up but not wanting the jobs they can create is nuts.

  34. Well…let me tell ya… it's not quite what a person would expect from a modern company…working at an Amazon warehouse will cause workers comp injuries to anyone over 30. . I tried so hard to pull it off but they bullied me to keep up with fake numbers and I lost the use of my hands after merely a few weeks there. I was forced to quit because of it. You have no idea how stupid and ignorant the so called leadership is. It's so loud that they will be a lawsuit taken against them for mass loss of hearing. They hire people who are too young to understand that they are losing their hearing. Fulfillment centers DO NOT ATTRACT OTHER BUSINESSES. The warehouse workers are forced to stay inside their entire shifts and the shift are 10-12 hours. There is no extra time to shop or eat lunch and everyone just goes straight home.

  35. Zoomed in on Bolingbrook on Google Earth and the place is filled with structures (companies) that look no different than what Amazon proposed. Must have been a different matter about taxes and city funded improvements. That is a lot of jobs which translates into people and the company spending part of their income in Bolingbrook and adjacent towns. Amazon fufilment jobs are hard. I had a month delay before a start of a good construction management job so I went to work for TechData in the Inland Empire of California. Pick, pack and ship components from chips to large HP printers for architects/engineers. Abusive first line management, permission to go to the toilet only to find it flooded, short or no breaks, short lunch, police state to insure no thefts but stuff still disappeared (empty pick locations). Glad to leave. I have read Amazon is identical to what I experienced.

  36. This what the small town is going to miss. Property taxes on the building and land. The personal property taxes. Those taxes will go to the town. Employees will be paying state and federal income taxes. The surrounding business will benefit as well. The mayor needs to understand how they get revenue.

    Amazon built a fulfillment center in North Haven, CT. The building is valued at $64 million.

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